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  1. HELLO!!!!! Im Cherita I had my surgery 2/23/2010!! wohoooo ok. Down 60lbs new woredrobe and all BUT I still feel very large. Eventhough I know I have lost a good amount of weight I still have issues with the smaller me. I know that is backwards but I was just wondering if anyone else have issues with their new appearance similar to mine. Thanks!
  2. MissCherita

    1 month after surgery

    I was still swolen.. Shouldnt have been racing one of my students!!!
  3. MissCherita

    Okay Okay... bandster hell?!?

    I'm doing a little better today. I'm back at work my gas has gone down a lot I'm soooooooo happy. Now im assuming the bloating will go down in due time.
  4. MissCherita

    Okay Okay... bandster hell?!?

    Im on liquids, Haven't been hungry but I have been drinking protein shakes. I'm doing pretty bad just one a day and alot of water.
  5. I was banded on the 23rd of Feb. I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 AM and was told to give a urine sample to confirm I was not pregnant..guess what.. I was so nervous I couldn't go! It took an hour and a half to finally go. Just in time for my surgery to have the green light. I dont remember much going in because they gave me my "margarita" as I was leaving the pre-op area. I woke up around 10 AM and asked the nurse was it in there..lol she laughed at me and I went back to sleep. I woke up again around 11 AM in my room. I wasn't in any pain but my throat hurt like hell. I started coughing up blood and I was told that was normal because of the breathing tube. Later that day I went downstairs to get an xray with the barium swallow.............YUCK! I stayed in the hospital for a 2 days and now im at home. I have to say listening to most of the negitive stories on here about the pains and what not I was expecting the worst. Its really not that bad I have had a few gas pains but nothing major. I have not been hungry so I basically have been forcing myself to drink the protein shakes. WELL.... thats about it! good luck to everyone!
  6. MissCherita

    Feb. 23rd!

    Helloooooooo Fairylight! I think we all are scared... Our lives will def. be a lot different with in the next week!!
  7. MissCherita

    Feb. 23rd!

    hmmm.. I think you put the code in the wrong box. I did that at first and redid it.. just preview and try again before you post it! Not much help I KNOW.. but hopefully it helps.
  8. MissCherita

    Before. Pre-Op phase!

    I thought I had some newer full bodies on my cam but I guess I didnt!
  9. MissCherita

    No caption

    From the album: Before. Pre-Op phase!

  10. MissCherita

    Cost With Insurance

    OKAY! I have Aetna the Bariatric max is $10,000 for my policy. I ended up paying my doctor's office $1,300. Then I went to the hospital for my pre-op and I was hit with a bill for $11,650.. Yeah I know! That's the cost of a whole new band. BUT apparently thats the hospital fee's..
  11. MissCherita


    Carmen... Its crazy because I'm doing my pre-op tomorrow and my surgery is on the 23rd also... My Dr. wants me to start the Optifast on the 16th but I think Im going to start soon I want to start losing NOW!

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