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  1. Thans for the friend request. How is your journey going?

  2. Its cool I wont say anything , a lot of people like to keep it a secret. I added you.

  3. Her it goes I am going to sound like everyone else. How did you do it? I am struggling on flattening my tummy. Although I have had a kid so my tummy has a little pouch thats what it seems like gets bigger when I am losing weight. COngrats on the wedding, I got married last summer so july will be my one yearwith my hubby.

  4. either send me your link or search stevie dan vieth on there. And walking in flipflops stink it starts to hurt your feet if your not wearing the right pair.

  5. Yeah I have lost 25 or more lbs since surgery I had it done on 3/2 so 25+ lbs in 2 months isnt all that bad, I go in for my 3rd fill on 6/3 so thats something to look forward too. I walk everyday about 3 miles with strength training intervals. Im going to start 6 miles everyother day. It is great to get to know people on here. I went to the support group lastnight and everyone looked at me like I wasnt suppose to be there. I was the smallest one there, and everyone looked at my husband like he was a bucket of chicken. I envy him hes one 135 lbs. But he is tone! Do you have a Facebook?

  6. Love your style! Hows being banded. I know it is random to just message ppl on here.. But I find it a good way to get to know other banded

  7. Hey, How long have you been banded for?

  8. Congrats on hitting your goal. I dont want to be rude but how did you do it? Like what was your regiment also how many cc's are in your band?

  9. I was banded 3/2 so I am just at the beginning! Hoping it will go just a little bit faster.

  10. You look great, what did you do besides the band?

  11. Thanks, How are you doing? Since tomorrow will be a week post op I believe I am doing great! Lots of walking, just trying to figure out when i am hungry or not. I am still a little confused!

  12. Thanks, cross my fingers . Procedure is tomorrow morning at 7:30am

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