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  1. Hi! I got sleeved over 2 years ago and continued breastfeeding easily. I expressed milk while in Mexico and waited (I think) about 1-2 weeks until I finished one of my meds, can't remember exactly. I started back up after that and it was fine! I wouldn't have done it if my son was under a year old, I waited until he was about a year and half and it worked fine for me.

  2. On 3/23/2018 at 3:30 PM, Sparkle&Storm said:

    Fantastic! If my insurance denies this, I’ll probably go the Mexico route as well! How long has that process taken? From first consult to your May surgery day? I kind of wish I would’ve gone that route anyway. It’s going to cost about the same and this has been a long, frustrating 8 months to say the least

    You can schedule within a month or so. I go through OCC and did for my band also (this is revision), and they are excellent. They gave me a pre-op diet I am on now and I spoke to a doctor before I scheduled. I speak with the nutritionist through email all the time for diet help.

  3. 19 minutes ago, krash11 said:

    I got the band in 2008 and lost 101 lbs. I started getting the slippage in 2015/2016. Late 2016 my surgeon told me the band needed to come out and it really wasn't being used anymore and recommended the sleeve. Worst mistake i ever made. During the healing process, i lost about 20 lbs but once that was done, i started gaining and i have now gained back about half of what i lost with the band. It's all fine and well to say "follow the diet" but the sleeve gave me no restriction and i can eat only slightly less that i could with a whole stomach. If all there was to it was dieting, you wouldn't need the help of surgery. I'm going to see a new surgeon at the end of the month to see if a band can be put back on.

    Have you checked to see if the sleeve was done correctly or if there is somethig wrong? From what I can tell you should have way more restriction than that. I am so sorry it hasn't worked out for you! :(

  4. This post is so helpful, I appreciate all you ladies taking time to let us know about your experiences. I am breastfeeding a 19 month old and am terrified of my supply dropping or drying up if I have this done in Mexico and am gone for a while. I am also concerned about the medication afterwards, I am assuming you guys didn't need anything that interfered with breastfeeding and/or would cause harm to baby?

  5. Thinking about a revision from Band to Sleeve at OCC. I was very happy with OCC for my band and although it did well 8 years ago, 2 kids later it isn't working it may have slipped, I am not entirely sure).

    Anyhoo, does anyone have experience with this? Wondering what the costs might be and how long I will have to be out of work. I have a semi-physical job (massage therapist) so I need to factor that into my decision.


  6. 3 minutes ago, NewBeginnings2018 said:

    I converted from the band to the sleeve about 4 weeks ago. I am still too new to give much insight but I can say it already does feel different. I always had a constant pressure and tightness feeling in my chest and that is completely gone. For me, they were able to remove my band (I was 10 years out) and convert in the same surgery. So far, so good!

    That is great to hear. How is eating different? I see that you still can't drink Water while eating (bummer) but is the eating similar? Bigger/smaller portions, etc? Do you end up throwing up at all? I always had issues getting stuck if I was at my proper restriction.

  7. Hello,

    I got my lap band about 9 years ago. I lost some weight at first but after 2 kids, it doesn't seem to work anymore. I am thinking about getting the sleeve and I know a few years ago many people were switching from band to sleeve, so I was curious if anyone had done that and had some insight. Do they remove the band when you switch to sleeve? How different is it? Any info you have will help.


  8. I have also been turned down by BCBS. I was told I had to be more than 1 year out from surgery. I also had a blood clot so that is considered a preexisting condition. When my cobra ends I will have to go join a high risk pool health insurance moderated by the state of New Hampshire. I would look into a similar plan for your state Be prepared to pay through the nose.

    None of the companies asked when I had surgery, they just turned me down for having it. :( I am not regretting doing it, but thought this would HELP my life not hurt it. I am getting ready to have kids and it seems like an impossible thing to do with no health insurance, and I can't seem to find any. I am feeling very depressed about the whole thing.

  9. I self paid for my surgery about a year ago and am now trying to find some health insurance but have been turned down by 3 companies already because I have had gastric banding. Is there any insurance that will accept someone who has gastric banding? I am self-employed and need to find individual insurance and am feeling pretty hopeless at this point. I thought this surgery was a good thing not a bad thing??

  10. I was banded 2-23-10. I have not had my first fill and I am hungry and am worried that I will gain back the 15lbs I have lost. I thought this would be more helps in the will power department.

    Well, until you get filled enough, it is all willpower. Just hang in there, this is all part of the process.

  11. I don't think anyone has ever noticed whether I am drinking or not during the meal. Seems like a weird thing to keep track of when out with friends, doesn't it?

    I got the band so that I could lose weight, so that means following the rules. I wouldn't get the band if I still wanted to continue on with my eating habits as they were pre-band. So, even though this is a hard rule to follow for me, I am still going to do it because my goal is weight loss, not steady weight or weight gain. And since I spent all this money on the band, I am not going to drink while eating and defeat the purpose of the band, seems silly to me.

  12. I asked and was told that they are not a problem. I had the same fear because I read on this website that people couldn't have them anymore, and ibuprofen is my go-to pain reliever for cramps and headaches and everything. She said no it's no problem, there are lots of rumors that float around, but it is not a problem. So, I guess every doctor is different.

  13. I started my diet today. :) ugh!! Is all I can say. I'm supposed to going on a date tonight and he wants to go out to eat!! THE NERVE!! :biggrin: WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?

    I think you should reschedule your date. This is an important diet and an important time in your life and I really don't think you should risk cheating on your diet. Either that or tell him you aren't interested in going out to eat and do somehting else instead...

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