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  1. Hey, I am getting my surgery done by Dr. Ortiz as well. My mom just had hers done a few days ago and she LOVED it down there. They are super gfreat, very professional, no issues whatsoever! I don't think that just because it is in Mexico, people should assume there is something wrong with it! It is a really great facility and everything will be great! I am going on February 22, so you are a bit ahead of me!
  2. Ok, I have a read a bunch about what you can eat when you are banded but here is my question. I eat a lot of top ramen... yes the cheap stuff for college students lol.. I really love it! Since ti is noodles and liquid, is that not something I should eat when I am banded? I know you aren't supposed to drink while eating so it seems like a bad idea... but I need to know what some veteran bandsters think?? I would hate to lose my top ramen but if I need to I will!
  3. Dr. Ortiz at OCC in TJ, Mexico... $6800, my mom just got it done and I am on my way there in February. Awesome staff and facility!!! And way cheaper than the places here in the USA, Dr. Ortiz has been doing these longer since it wasn't approved in the USA for some time after they were doing it in Mexico. TOP NOTCH!
  4. Well, tomorrow is the 13th so just wanted to wish you all GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  5. janellody

    Hey February 2010 Bandsters!

    Look at this Feb 2010 group... LAP-BAND
  6. janellody

    Any January 2010 Bandsters????

    Ok, don't mind me... I am a February bandster.. but how did you get to that area Just-Ice?? I clicked your link and it went to this cool Social Groups area, but when I am on the main page, I don't know how to navigate to it without your link? HELP PLEASE! :thumbup:
  7. janellody

    Noodle Soups??

    WELL it is good to know that I may get to have it *sometimes* at least... I am trying to get through my top ramen and cup noodles stash before surgery lol! My favorite meal right now is a cup noodles with some hot sauce in it, eat all the noodles, then put a baked potato in the leftover juice and mush it up!! Weird I know but MMMMMM.. very good lol
  8. janellody

    Pre-op overeating?///

    I actually have been doing the opposite. I get my surgery on Feb 22, meaning I don't need to do my pre-op diet until Feb 10. Right now I am eating healthy and losing a little weight on my own. I have only thought of 1 place I want to go before my surgery, other that that I am not worried about eating after the band because I am hoping that for the most part, I can eat normal foods, just smaller quantities. Because of this, I don't feel like I will be missing out on much, so I am not in panic mode!
  9. Awesome!! You are lucky.. I have to wait until February 22, so I am just counting down now!! Have you been on the other forums just for OCC? I go on both but the other one is just for OCC so everyone is on the same diet plans, has the same experiences, etc. My mom just got back from surgery and she absolutely LOVED everyone, said it was the best experience. So, you are gonna have a great time!
  10. I want to look good. I am fairly healthy for my weight, so that has never been an issue for me. I just want to look good when I get dressed in the morning and not be the heaviest girl in my group of friends. Oh yeah and I want to have kids soon, so this will probably be good for that, too. :biggrin:
  11. janellody

    March 15th :)

    Grats! Mine is scheduled for Feb. 22, so you are about a month after me, we are getting close!! Good job on the weight loss, also!
  12. I'm not sure about "most people won't lose 100% of the weight" because I have seen so many people reach their goals. Why would someone opt for a weight loss surgery that wouldn't help them lose all their weight? I think if your attitude is right and you have the right fills you can lose all the weight. Kind of a pessimistic doctor if you ask me! I am paying for mine out of my own pocket since insurance doesn't cover it, but after reading all the insurance stories, I think I prefer this way. I get to go to the awesome Dr. Ortiz in Mexico and pay a fraction of the cost of the American doctors prices.. and from everyone I have talked to, it was the best experience they have had, no complaints about the clinic or the doctors. I also didn't have to wait for months and months to get approval and all that, so all in all I am happy with my self pay option. I feel bad for all you guys using insurance and jumping through so many hoops but I guess that is insurance for you, huh? They are ever easy to deal with..
  13. janellody

    Where is everyone from????

    Salem, Oregon in the hoooouuuse! :tt1:
  14. janellody

    post your before & during/after pictures

    I love looking through all these pictures!! I can't wait to be able to post my own, you guys are doing great!
  15. I was actually wondering about the whole birth control thing. I read on someone's post that they had to stop BC for a month before? I am wondering what my doctor is going to say... :tt1:
  16. janellody

    Hey February 2010 Bandsters!

    #1. Surgery date? February 22, 2010 #2. State you live in? Oregon #3. Doctor/Surgery Center? Dr. Ortiz at OCC in Tijuana! #4. Insurance or self pay? Self Pay.. my insurance doesn't cover it. #5. Age and height 5'7", 27 on January 31.. #6. Current weight and goal weight? 263 and I don't know... gonna talk to Dr. Miranda and see what she thinks.. #7. What was your deciding factor for having this surgery? I need help with this.. can't seem to do it alone. #7. Do you have the support of family and friends? Yes! #8. Concerns and questions? Not currently... I ask and ask and ask when I do, though.
  17. janellody

    I got my date!!!!!

    Yay! Congrats, I go in February 22, right behind you!
  18. Hey Janelle, we have the same name and spell it the same, too. :tt2: My date is February 22!!!! SO Excited!!
  19. GOOD LUCK!! I just now scheduled my surgery date for February 22... now I am stuck waiting all that time!
  20. While I agree research is important, I don't think months and months of research is always necessary. My insurance doesn't cover this surgery so it is all out of pocket. It took me about a month before I scheduled mine and feel fairly comfortable with the research I have done thus far.

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