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  1. Ruthie1974

    Denied because of only 1 WLS per lifetime.....

    I had the exact same problem. I opted to pay out of pocket. Thankfully I had the band removed at the same time an that WAS covered, so my anesthesia and OR time was covered there as well. Also my insurance paid for the hospital stay and tests etc. They did not pay for the surgeon which was about 8,000. I would appeal, I think there is a book out there telling you what to say etc. Oh, and don't assume the surgery scheduler went above and beyond to get you approved. You can get insurance approval after denial it just takes longer and since you had the band and you had to have it removed due to complications you have a legal leg to stand on here. Good luck.
  2. Ruthie1974

    Ugh so upset

    Perhaps we should remind those people who say things like this how rude they are being.
  3. Ruthie1974

    Why you chose the sleeve

    So I had the band and I decided to go with the band because I believed it would be the option with the least complications. While there are those who have had the band and have had great success with it, and no complications that was not me unfortunately. Three months after the placement of the band the port was found to have flipped. After that was surgically fixed the physician put fluid in the band. At that time I found I couldn't eat food and was sliming and vomiting with anything solid. They ended up taking all the fluid out of it because it would take me 4 hours to get through a 240 ml protein shake. I lost weight but I was also severely dehydrated. Then I ended up laying on the bathroom floor vomiting and dry heaving for 12 hours. I went to a new surgeon and after a swallow study found that my band had slipped and I would have to have the band removed. I chose to have a sleeve at the same time. When the surgeon went in he realized the band was placed incorrectly and was causing an erosion. I cannot describe to you the pain I had with every swallow in the weeks running up to having the band removed. I had constant chest pain that was unrelenting. After having the sleeve the difference in the quality of my life is amazing. I wish I would have had the option of the sleeve to begin with as because I had already had a WLS I had to pay for this out of pocket. I hurt too much to fight insurance and I just wanted it out. So bottom line. I would never have had the band had I knew what I had to go through. Do the research, make your own decision and good luck.
  4. TPN is total parental nutrition. It is given by some physicians to help patients who cannot absorb or cannot eat usually due to severe illness or complications of surgery. In my past practice I have noticed it is very rare for usual surgical patients to require TPN, so the chances of you requiring it are slim. In addition TPN is always administered through a very large central line IV and one is usually quite ill when they are needing this type of therapy. Hope that helps.
  5. Ruthie1974

    In serious need

    I am on serious need of motivation anyone want to give me a swift kick in the arse?
  6. Ruthie1974

    Seriously? Does everyone exercise?

    I really don't enjoy the process of exercise but I love the results.
  7. Ruthie1974

    Seriously? Does everyone exercise?

    I really don't enjoy the process of exercise but I love the results.
  8. Ruthie1974

    Seriously? Does everyone exercise?

    I really don't enjoy the process of exercise but I love the results.
  9. Sleeved 4/29, down 40.
  10. You will love the sleeve compared to the band. IMHO there is simply no comparison. Good luck and god bless!
  11. “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr
  12. Ruthie1974

    Quote for the day

    On the plus side I think crawling uses more muscles and therefore should equal greater calorie loss! Laugh or cry right? Lol. I needed this quote for the day as well, I am glad it helped you!
  13. I had a band to sleeve conversion 4/29. I had all the fluid taken out due to issues with the band in November. I had a slip and a partial erosion, luckily the part that was eroded was the part that was removed. Surgery with conversion was done all at once. I felt the surgery and recovery were a breeze. As far as the difference between the two? No comparison. I feel full without the painful sliming and vomiting that were a daily occurrence with the band. I can eat comfortably albeit a much smaller amount. I am satisfied with the portions and unlike the band I am not looking around for food. The band never made me feel hunger satiation, but rather a painful stuck feeling. I love the sleeve and am glad I did it. Good luck to you.
  14. Yes you can take too much MOM and it can cause issues. However, I have never ever heard of a patient complaint regarding hunger because of taking MOM. That is unless because you evacuated your bowels, you felt better and now want to eat. Have you tried miralax? It may be more gentle for you. I suggest you talk to your PCP about this or call your surgeons office. They will point you in the right direction. Oh, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Good luck!
  15. Ruthie1974

    5 months progress

    You are a beautiful lady and the weight loss makes that fact even more prominent. You should be proud I yourself and all the hard work you put into this. (Giving you a standing ovation)
  16. Ruthie1974

    exercise after surgery

    I was back at the gym within a week. I usually do elliptical or treadmill with a incline. I did light weights ( under 8 lbs) with my arms. I didn't do any abdominal exercises because it was too sore and cumbersome with a drain in place. Now I am 6 weeks out and can do anything at the gym. Make sure that you walk like crazy and keep hydrated during that first week as it is the hardest to keep up with fluids in the first week IMHO. Good luck.
  17. Ruthie1974

    3 days post op

    I thought the first week sucked. BUT after that it got better and better. I'm now 6 weeks out and I have lost 36 lbs. This surgery will pay off, all of us have gone through buyers remorse. Just listen to your doc, exercise and follow the food rules to allow your new tummy to heal. You will do great!
  18. Ruthie1974

    3 days post op

    What helps with the gas pains is walking, walking, and walking some more. The gas pains are from the residual gas the doc puts in your belly to inflate it so he can put the instruments in. The gas is not located in your bowels so the gas-x strips are in my humble opinion worthless. They simply cannot target the type of gas pains you are having. Walking helps your body absorb it and eliminate it by way of your lungs during gas exchange. Good luck, the first week sucks but after that it gets better and better!
  19. Ruthie1974

    am I selfish wife?

    This is just simply a difference in cultures (IMHO). I agree with having two baptisms. Think of it like this, he hasn't seen his mother in 8 years. She has missed everything because of distance. If she was in the States I am sure she would have been there. Try to be understanding and grateful for your mother being there all the time. Good luck!
  20. Ruthie1974

    In serious need

    Ha! Love it! Thanks!
  21. Ruthie1974

    In serious need

    I think I like #39 on the top100 list the best. 39. Because you are capable of more than you ever imagined
  22. Ruthie1974

    In serious need

    I am happy to announce that I did go to the gym and did a bit of a Zumba DVD when I got home. Thanks for the inspiration, and the kick in the tail I so desperately needed. You all are great!!!!
  23. Sorry to ask but what is HIIT? I'm thinking high intensity ----training but I can't figure out the other "I ". Is it indurance?
  24. First, congrats on hitting this milestone! And I have to say, I LOVE YOUR CUTE TOES!! Yeah you go girl!!!!

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