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    NtvTxn got a reaction from Mrs.RRn in Months 2 & 3   
    You are doing fantabulous!!!!! Good for you!
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    NtvTxn got a reaction from joatsaint in Ultimate Revenge on a Telemarketer or How I Gave It Back to a Telemarketing Sociopath   
    This made me giggle. YOU are brilliant......quick witted and a good story teller. Kudos to you!!! I hate them, I know it's their job, but that's tough!!! There is not a DNC list for businesses, which is too bad. My husband, who is the IT Director for a SW company loves, LOVES messing with them when he gets one.
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    NtvTxn reacted to Ms skinniness in Ultimate Revenge on a Telemarketer or How I Gave It Back to a Telemarketing Sociopath   
    OMG! This is hilarious! I hate telemarketers with a passion and just hang up on them.......
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    NtvTxn reacted to joatsaint in Ultimate Revenge on a Telemarketer or How I Gave It Back to a Telemarketing Sociopath   
    You are right. I was only trying to be sarcastic. I don't want anyone to kill themselves.
    Sometimes it's difficult to convey humor through writing. But I hope that most of the readers are familiar with there rest of my blog and can see that everything I write has a numerous twist to it. And realize, that making people smile is what I'm shooting for in every post.
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    NtvTxn got a reaction from abridgie in Hurt feelings   
    I'm sorry for you, and her.
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    NtvTxn got a reaction from zempress in Not A Magic Cure--Am I Alone?   
    Try lowering your calories. I know everyone is different, but at six weeks out I was only getting in between 400 - 500 calories. What are you eating? I still don't get hungry, I get an empty feeling, I call it my new hunger, but no 'OMG, I'm starving' - not ever.....so eating very little was easy in the beginning, over time I could/would eat more, but during my losing stage, never over 800 and that was the last month and not every day. To maintain I get in 1300 calories a day and the only way I can get that much in, unless I started eating a lot of stuff I shouldn't, is by adding in a few snacks every day......graham crackers, sliced ham, an additional glass of skim milk. I cut out cheese and nuts as snack items, too high in calories! I feel like I've gone back to grazing, but that is the only way I can get in enough calories. I drop back to 1200, and I'll lose. Slowly but surely, but I do lose. There is a fine line and we all have to find where ours is. Good luck!!!
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    NtvTxn reacted to inarakatra in The size of your new stomach   
    Wow ... I didn't know ... I appreciate this post.
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    NtvTxn got a reaction from nygurl in STALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :(   
    I've been weighing EVERY single morning for almost three years. The only time I do NOT weigh is when we are out of town!!! My doctor recommends it! It keeps ME in control. For instance, yesterday I woke up three pounds heavier.....thank you Easter weekend!!! Protein upped to 95 yesterday, cake was out of the house......back to my normal life. I'd much rather know at three lbs and not weigh every ten or fourteen days and be up TEN!!!! That would be overwhelming, this three lbs is NOT. I know I'll go up and down, that is normal. I do not get upset, depressed - but it's part of my life, I go up and down 3 or 4 lbs every week.
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    NtvTxn got a reaction from nygurl in STALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :(   
    During my entire losing period, I would go up a lb or 2, a time or two, 3 lbs, then I'd lose it, up again and then I'd wake up and it would be gone for good. On to the next couple of lbs. I heard from ol' timers, that this was normal for them as well. Not really a plateau as it was and up and down, up and down. One time I did this for 10 days! Just know, if you are doing what you should, you are good.....and this is normal. I did treat these times as a plateau and followed the dietitians instructions. Up protein and liquids. It will give you a kick start. I am 2 months away from being 3 yrs out and I've been playing with this theory the past two weeks. I don't want to lose more, I think my body is comfy where it is, which is still a few lbs below goal....but it was a test. Upped my protein from 60 - 65 to 75 - 95. Lost three lbs last week....BEFORE Easter and carrot cake. Back on track yesterday, 95 grams of protein!! Good luck and relax, it's all good!!!

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