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    Yvette1026 got a reaction from kristikay in Banding, Good Drugs and Turkmas!   
    OMGoodness Tanya that's exactly what I'm going through.. eating the liquids I'm like but I'm still hungry, (i'm SO not) but like right now I think I overate with my 6 oz of 1/2 broth 1/2 cream of chicken soup and then a jello cup with some greek yogurt mixed in for protein.
    I keep looking at the clock like is it time to eat yet? Is it time to eat yet? LOL... but I ended up eating 1/2 of a zone protein bar because I was craving something sweet. I'm feeling "extra" full right about now.. but I'm sitting here like hmmm I could go for another jello..
    NO, No I can't... I need to stop the mental hunger because physically I'm SO not. We'll work it out Tanya.. we'll work it out.. I'll add you as a friend, Keep in touch, we'll figure it out together! lol
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    Yvette1026 got a reaction from kristikay in This is it....   
    Less than 4 hours til I go in... I'm still up, not tired, not anxious, not scared, just have lots to do before I go in since I know I'll be down most of tomorrow and Sat.
    Finishing up cleaning and doing some laundry. More I do now, less I'll have to do after. I should have cleaned my room this week but I didn't was busy with other things.. If I have time I'll get to it before I go.. Well whatever I can do for the next 2 hours.. I gotta shower at 5 or 5:30, then prayer conference call from 6-7.. by the time I'm off the call I'll be at the surgery center. So umm yeah. I keep feeling like there's something I'm forgetting, but there's not.
    CPAP machine that I've never used (Check in box still)
    Medicines (Check)
    Loose fitting clothes (check)
    Lipgloss (Check)
    I should have got a pedicure.. I need a pedicure, I've been putting it off.. UGH.. I could do the paint over, but that's just tacky...sigh
    Ok Kitchen clean, office clean, living room working on it, guest bathroom done, just my room, bathroom and the rest of the living room to finish. WOO HOO..
    Then shower and be ready to go. I wonder why I didn't get any "pre-surgery" don'ts as far as like lotion, etc... I have coconut oil in my hair...it's not going anywhere...
    I've already used a gas x-strip... I think my body doesn't know what to do with itself, gas in my chest, I guess from that "Whey Up" energy drink... If you haven't tried them you should 20gms of protein low sugar no carb. If you can drink a 5 hour energy drink, you can drink this, tastes about the same to me.
    Let's see whatelse... I guess that's all for now.. going in.. see you on the other side. I'll be praying and confessing over myself until it happens. I confess that all goes well, that I come out of surgery without incident. That I experience rapid recovery and healing with no sickness and great success, in Jesus name...
    Ok let me go be productive. I'm sure I'll be back later to fill you all in or document it for myself here in my blog.

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