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    Hey Annemarie! Congrats on the weight loss!! Well I may not be turning 20 today (my birthday is Sunday) but I am 20 in my heart! I would have to say that our stories must be similar..I lost a total of 130 lbs in 10 months. I was banded 11/23/09. I really didn't have any difficulties. I had one month where I had a potassium issue and that set me back but it had nothing to due with the band..it is strickly a medication issue. I am so so happy that have my band I would do it again today if I needed to. Being on this website helped me as well. There are so many motivational people on here. I also felt that having a positive attitude played a huge factor...if I was down and out I either didn't lose or gained weight...if I was happy and had a go gettem attitude i would lose 1-3 lbs no problem! Well I hope that you have a new outlook on school this year! I have a 4 yr old that starts VPK and he is super excited! Please take care and I wish you continued success!!
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    finallyncontrol got a reaction from Wishingtobesmall in 7 Months Out - Can't lose weight!!   
    I am sorry to hear that you are stuck at the same weight loss! I truly believe that every person is different. Sometimes I think those that work out heavily in the gyms do have a harder time losing weight...I know it sounds crazy. In my case I lost 130 lbs in 10 months..the only exercise I did was swim and walk (and not much of that). Yes, you need to have the right fill amount to hit your sweat spot and then it is magic. I never referred to my band as being on a diet. My family and I all ate the same foods. I made a lifestyle change. We ate healthier and I ate smaller portions. I ate protein first and carbs last. I don't eat bread, ice cream or any carbonated items..other than that I eat it..but I eat it in the proper portion or some things I just take a bite of it..to satisfy the craving. Having a positive attitude plays a huge factor in my journey..when I am down I gain a pound..when I am happy..I am spot on (or lost weight). Another thing is we rarely eat out...I cook 98% of our meals. By cooking my own meals I know what I am eating and it tastes better! I use a crockpot a lot..so it is ready whenever I get home.
    As for a suggestion for you..I know you said you are eating what your dr said to eat..but have you ever logged all of your foods? It might help to log your food for a week and see if there is anything you could change.
    Maybe you could cut back on your meals...I never ate til I was full..just until I was satisfied..that might help cut back a few calories?
    Make sure you are waiting 30 minutes before and after your meals for drinking any fluids to ensure you are not flushing out your proteins.
    I hope something I have said helps a little! I wish you the very, very best! Don't ever give up! Take care!

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