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  1. Thanks for posting this question, this morning I woke up feeling discourage. Since my surgery on Octorber 29th 2014, I have lost only 10-12 lbs. I work out when i can and expect to see some changes but nothing. I keeping hoovering around the same weight. I am not going to give up. I have to do somehting to shock my body. I am happy that i have gone from a size 22 to a 18 that feels good. When I fist started the whole ordeal I was at 276 now at 235. We will get there. I will come off. I am open to any suggestion that anyone may have.
  2. My surgeon was Dr. Marc Rickford practicing at Providence Hospital Washington DC. Great team!
  3. carol9077


    I'm not sure but I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. I started chewing gum. I find it helps me out by me not putting other things in my mouth that I should not have.
  4. When you are able to turn yourself over on the bed effortlessly
  5. Im in my second week of pre-op diet and finding my cravings for food is getting strong. I'm doing my liquids, bay foods, and soups ect: I'm getting tired of protein shakes and desiring hot foods. I'm walking and finding myself very hungry afterwards. The most I can find that is satisfying is egg drop soup and staining the eggs to keep me from going off track. Any suggestions
  6. carol9077

    Please Help Food Cravings

    I'm sorry, post correction I'm two weeks post op
  7. carol9077

    Almost cried today

    Correction I was sleeved October 29th
  8. carol9077

    Almost cried today

    I understand how you feel. I hate my arms and always asked where did they come from on my family genes. My arms are so big they do not look normal. I was sleeved November 29. 2 days later I had my husband to take pictures of me from different angles so I can track my progress. That was the first time I took pictures half cloths, so going to doctors to have my blood pressure checked was the same situation. Cuffs to small. Thank God we have a second chance. I understand your feelings.
  9. All these post are so hilarious and true feelings. I'm just 5 days out of post op and can't wait to experience all of this. Thanks for sharing, you made my day!!!so excited
  10. I was very nauseated after surgery. Even during the upper GI i kept the liquid down long enough to complete the exam. When the nurse put the probe under my tongue to check my temp. it triggered vomiting. Only thing that help me was warm liquid. all the gagging made me even sorer in in my cavity area. It's been 4 days now I'm fine.
  11. I was very nauseated after sergury
  12. Three more hours I will be going back to into surgery. I'm hoping to wake up with getting through the procedure this time with no complications. It was truly disappointing and a set back for me the first time due to low heart rate. My whole focus was thrown off and depressing. I'm asking all buddies to please pray that this time around be successful.
  13. carol9077

    Three more hours

    Surgery went well. Not such a bad experience. Just a bit sore but able to move around well. I did stay in hospital little longer than anticipated because my blood pressure would not go down. After a lot of walking up and down the hospital hallway had nurses laughing they knew I wanted To go home. Now trying to get my liquids in.
  14. carol9077

    Surgery delayed 6 months!

    I know that could be devastating after all the work you put into pre-op to be told it's being postpone. The positive side its in your best interest of health. I was put off for one month after getting on the table in surgery because they thought maybe I had a problem with my heart. Now every thing is clear and I'm I'm about 2 hours away from surgery. Keep focus and stay on track during those six month. good luck!
  15. carol9077

    Pre-Op Diet Yay or Nay?

    The day of my surgery I was honest with my surgeon and told him I had cheated on my pre op liquid diet. he did not mimic a word. So I am concern as to why some doctors requires it and some don't. I had other complications and could not proceed with the surgery. I'm back on the table again October 29th.
  16. Yesterday was the big day that I thought I would go into surgery to be sleeved and come back out to start the begging of a new life. When I started this journey in May 2014 I weighed 272 lbs standing 5' 1, type 2 diabetes, AO of left knee, sleep apnea, and arthritis in my feet. The day of my surgery, September 24 I weighed in at 243 lbs. I was so excited. I went into surgery 7:30 am and remembering waking up at in recover around 10:30 am only to be told they could continue to perform the surgery because my heart rate dropped low twice. I came back home with one incision in my stomach. Can you imagine how I felt and what was going through my mind? I did all I was suppose to do and competed all my exams that was required. There was no negative results from my cardiologist. Now I have to go again and have another EKG and praying everything is ok. Do any one else know of any experience like this and how did things turn out for them. Im determined and praying for a new life.
  17. Well I was sent back to my cardiologist to find there is nothing wrong with my heart. I also pass my stress test. I am reschedule for surgery October 29. Let's pray the anesthesiologist knows what he his doing this time.
  18. Thank you for this information, very helpful. I'm feeling hopeful.
  19. Aetna approved me in less than a week.
  20. Keep positive. I was told that it Will take my insurance company about a month to approve. After my papers was submitted I was approved in 6 days. I'm having my surgery tomorrow September 24.
  21. carol9077

    Keeping it a secret

    I kept it a secret for a short while other than my family member. When I started making all my pre-op appointments then I had to let my manager in on on it because of changes into work schedule. She was happy for me.
  22. I will not miss popping buttons off clothing, standing back in a crowd, finding bruises on your body from bumping into things and sweating profusely.
  23. Wow!! You look great. Like two different people. Can you share you thoughts as you was losing weight and seeing the transformation?
  24. carol9077

    who is having surgery in September?

    I'm having my surgery September 24. I'm mentally trying to get through this liquid diet. I have gotten this far so I have to continue to be strong. I'm really excited. I haven't seen myself thin in over 25 years.

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