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  1. My hardest habit to break & I'm going on 2 years post op.
  2. MaggieB

    Zumba And Lapband

    I hate exercising - Zumba makes exercise fun for me. I actually enjoy it.
  3. Thank you for your post! I am 1.5 years out down 80lbs & no with no regrets.
  4. I also hate exercising! I do enjoy Zumba and other "dance" style of classes offered thru the gym. The dance studio my daughter attends just recently added a mom dance class - so much fun. I am not into running but also like the competitive part of 5k's - I don't "train" for them but will participate whenever there is one locally. This past year we also got into the more adventure type of races - Warrior Dash, Jailbreak run, Spartan Race - they are challenging but so much fun.
  5. MaggieB

    Is Unjury Worth the Cost?

    another vote for Unjury. I tried lots of different brands out there and the only one I actually like is the Unjury brand. I still drink a shake every morning and i was banded June 2010. It is pricey - I order online - about $19 a container. Chocolate is my favorite of all the flavors. Vitamins - I just used kids chewables and would take 2/day. I used them during my postop phase - on a 6 week full liquid diet, I no longer use them since I get plenty of nutrients from veggies & such.
  6. MaggieB

    Lap band diet

    I agree with one of the other posters - I don't think it would be a true assessment. If I had tried this I would've been hungry and unsatisfied - really if I had the control to eat this amount before banding I would not have needed the lap band.
  7. 100% happy and I consider myself successful - I have 20lbs to go but if I didn't lose anymore and stayed at my weight I would be satisfied. I do not have any regrets. I have not had any problems, the few times that I "vomited" were of my own doing - meaning I overate, ate too fast or ate something that just didn't go down well. I will admit that I do miss being able to eat anything/huge amounts/anytime of the day but that is all the mental part of my food addiction that is getting better.
  8. MaggieB

    Anyone tried popcorn??

    No problem here either....I consider it one of my slider foods. I do not buy it or keep in the house - I would eat it all the time.
  9. MaggieB

    5K or more??

    I have done a few and have done some of the mud/obstacle races (Warrior Dash, Jailbreak Run & will do Hell Run next month). Running is not my favorite thing - do not like doing it but like the competitive part of 5k's. I really enjoy the mud/obstacle race - they are alot of fun. Don't worry about being last - go and have some fun.
  10. My diet was similiar. 3 days of clear liquids, then 6 weeks of modified full liquid - I guess you would call it mushie diet. I was allowed strained or well-blended soups, yogurt, cottage cheese, thin oatmeal/grits, jellos, pudding, applesauce, protein shakes. I can tell you now I will never eat jello, pudding or applesauce again. It was a long 6 weeks but I got thru it. Just hang in there - you can do this.
  11. MaggieB

    Your special 'cheat' day

    I don't have a cheat day either. I eat what I want within moderation - I try to stay away/limit the foods I consider dangerous for me - cookies, cheesecake, chips n dip etc - meaning I don't purchase these items but if I am out at a party or there are treats at work - I usually don't deny myself.
  12. This past weekend I participated in a 5k obstacle race - Warrior Dash. I had so much fun. I completed ALL of the obstacles and the course in 52 minutes! I even think I could have done it faster but I had my kids running with me and didn't want to have them running the course alone incase they got hurt. I did the Jailbreak run back in September and thought I was going to die - I didn't complete all of the obstacles back then either. Now I am so ready for my next mud run!
  13. MaggieB

    How to YOU feel about STRAWS?

    I use them all the time - every morning with my protein shake and when we go out to eat. I have never had any problems with gas from them. My doctor advised me to stay away from them during my post op phase but is now ok with the use.
  14. MaggieB

    Inexpensive Jeans

    Kohl's - jeans around $20.
  15. MaggieB

    Would you do the Lap Band Surgery again?

    Absolutely! My husband is scheduled for tomorrow morning - I am hoping it all goes well for him. I have tried to prepare him for all of the "bad" things with the lapband. I had to prepare myself to "take care" of him - he is the biggest baby when he is ill - so my next week is going to be really fun
  16. MaggieB

    How many hours in the hospital?

    "Room charges" are usually done on a 24 hour clock - shouldn't matter if you are discharged at 11am or 8pm - it is the same fee. I would call the hospital and talk to someone in the billing department.
  17. Yep, I have kinda gone alittle nutty with the Victoria Sercret shopping. Just got a coupon in the mail for a free pair of undies, ended up coming home with 6 pairs . It feels so good to be able to shop there again.
  18. MaggieB

    Cruising with the lap band!

    I did a 7 day cruise 8 weeks post op last year with out having a fill. My doctor and I chose not to do the first fill until after I returned - just in case of complications. I did not have any issues with food on the ship. I did bring my protein shake mix just in case I had food issues. I ate in the main dining room 3 times the rest of my meals were in the buffet line. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail at night with my husband but I always felt "full", like I just didn't have room for the drink. I did gain 6lbs on the cruise but I think it was mostly water retention - When I got home those 6lbs were gone in a week. Just listen to your body, try not to overeat, try to make good choices in your food, drink lots of water. Have fun - enjoy your vacation. I can't wait till our next cruise - we have booked a family Christmas cruise for December 2012 - I know crazy, I am already counting down the days
  19. MaggieB

    pizza and or spaghetti and meatballs

    I still eat pizza and pasta and at times I am fine other times my band tells me no way. You just need to figure out what works for you.
  20. MaggieB

    Pain pump

    I had one too. Loved it. I didn't need extra pain meds till after I removed it. It was easy to remove-didn't feel a thing but it totally grossed my husband and daughter out
  21. MaggieB

    Tough Mudder!

    Warrior Dash is 3 miles. The one I did had about 15 obstacles. It is timed but it really doesn't matter. I did it in an hour with my 14 year old daughter. So much fun. We are participating in Run the Jailbreak in September.
  22. It is important to stay hydrated - so drink, drink, drink. It is no unusual to not feel like drinking or have that "full" feeling. I was on clear liquids for 3 days - had to drink 2oz every hour plus water throughout the day. My clears included - decaff coffe, tea, no sugar added juices, crystal lite, sugar free koolaid, sugar free jello, broth. gatorade, sugar free popsicles - loved the italian ice.
  23. MaggieB

    Dr's. in Dallas?

    Dr. Stephen Hamn in Plano, TX.
  24. MaggieB

    Deflated look

    I have been saving money for the last 6 months for surgery. My goal is lose these last 25lbs, maintain for 1 year then have TT and breasts done.
  25. MaggieB

    Band Question

    I have traveled a couple of times this last year and never had any issues with flying. Your 1 cup at each meal will be your "full meal"