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    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Hi My wife and I went through a similar experiece. We got back together again. The relationship ended up stronger than it ever was before. Every situation is different so I will not talk about details except for the fact we both ended up with affairs. Her more than me. It was painfull, but if it is ment to be, you will have the same experience. My wife always said " Don't get mad , get even". Sometimes sex is just a form of entertainment not love. Be careful not to throw it away to quickly. My wife passed away 2 years ago and I am very happy she was able to enjoy her life.
  2. green

    True? Divorce after WLS within 3 years? Why?

    Hi. My wife had the lap . She is not here . But I think some people can have very low self esteem issues. A more attractive self can change that. When the self esteem changes people re-evaluate their lives and what their love or need was.
  3. green

    Thread Killers

    speaking for green she would want me to say chow:sad:
  4. Alice passed away june 06 2009.



  5. green

    Miss California and Gay marriage

    The mate and I just got married this week-end, by a Rabbi who performs same-sex marriages. He has been looking after me all through my cancer which is palliative; he has certainly paid his dues and we have been together for over 25 years now - put this down to my fear of committment!
  6. green

    Miss California and Gay marriage

    I am reminded about how that vicious anti-Semite, Mel Gibson, so easily turned away from his Catholic wedding vows when in sight of fresher prey.
  7. green

    Is God real?

    On the other hand, I am comfortable with science.
  8. green

    Is God real?

    Other historic writers who date from that era do not seem to corroborate that Jesus did exist, except Josephus, the Historian and there is evidence that his material was substituted later. The way I see, believers say believe in God; the Bible says He exists but there is ample evidence that the Bible was a collection of documents written by a group of individuals, and writen very much later than after Christ ceased to exist: how accurate are men's memories, then?
  9. green

    Is God real?

    I have done too much reading on this question, I suspect and I can only believe in science.
  10. green

    Is God real?

    I believe that if god exists He, well, I believe that His very own nature would be unknowable, ineffably sublime. That so many Americans seek a strong personal relationship with their god indicate that they would like to turn Him in a Little Buddy and that would be to diminish Him, to take away his extraordinary mystery and power, as it were. It strikes me that by claiming a personal god you have made Him over in your own image and, by doing, this you hav denied him some of the power and the glory that might be properly belonging to Him. How do you do this? By praying for a parking space. By praying for your team to win. These are shallow prayers, it seems to me for there are other folks who are anxious for parking spaces and equally anxious for their teams to win. Making Him into a Little Buddy of course permits one to place words in His mouth, does it not?
  11. This is where the DNA comes into play. The gentic code tells the forming foetus when to build those limbs and in what order. It will also flood the brain with male or female hormones, thus determining its gender.
  12. Ah, I see that I misspelled unbridled - my bad, eh. lol
  13. green

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    The Brits are a gas. My mum was a Brit and, boy, did she have a sense of fun!
  14. Augustine was a notably misogynistic writer who was troubled by his unbriddled lusts for women and, as a consequence, loathed and hated them; he viewed them as temptors; in this light, I would be inclined to discount all that he wrote.
  15. But, North Dakota is real close to Canada. Guess we'll be seeing a lot of pregnant women in distress, eh?
  16. Well, I am relieved that my reproductive days are long gone.
  17. Seems fair to me. I participate in those brawls. I am always admired as the fair and, well, well-spoken Canadian. I don't give into my Judge Judy fantasies. lol
  18. green

    Is God real?

    Does it not strike you as odd, PG, that so many women here have characterized you as judgemental? If I were you I would be worrying about that. Please consult with your pastor.
  19. I recently read a long and very interesting text called Misogyny, written by a man called Jack Holland. This very user friendly book is a history of woman-unfriendly attitudes which seem to be ingrained in both our philosophies and religious teachings. We take these for granted. As a woman, I am very wary of any and all governmental exertions to curtail my personal freedoms. It would be natural for those who both dislike and fear thin, self-confident, attractive women to wish to see us on an sad and endless treadmill of hopeless dieting to enact laws that ban the band. I see the laws countering freedom of choice in much the same way. A woman, once pregnant, pays a horrible price - economic, and physically and for her time for her moments of sexual freedom both now and post-menopausally. As for men, it is just fertilize and run. Their job is done.
  20. green

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Invisible mice.....!
  21. green

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    I like to wear clothes that have more wrinkles than my face. This is why I wear linen a lot.
  22. Yep, there are some ugly brawls going on in Rant and Raves. No one has been evicted so far.
  23. green

    Is God real?

    You are preaching and you wish everyone to agree with you. You don't take dissension from your views very well, do you? I have no idea what you intended when you began your thread.
  24. Us lucky Canuckis always take our shoes off when we enter a house. We used to be amazed by the Brady Bunch where you Americans left them on. Go figure, eh. lol