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  1. TracyNYC

    Weight Watchers????

    Thanks.....I will think about it a bit more. And Cazzy? 237lbs? You are my idol! WTG!
  2. I want to LOVE exercise and admit this has been an area I am very bad with. I talk myself into doing it, hate it and stop. I KNOW it will help with weight loss and I will feel better. But, I really hate it......
  3. I had the same issue and had PA remove half of last fill. I did not take care of this issue properly a year aga and had a slip. It has been a roller coaster ride with my weight but am back on track.
  4. They usially put you out. I have had 2. Just a little sore throat and gassy/bloaty afterwards. The barium swallow is where you drink this stuff (kind of yucky) and then they take an xray. Drink and xray, etc. They track the flow of the drink and look for blockages or whatever they re looking for. Not awful, but not great either.
  5. TracyNYC

    Major tests?

    I had to see a cardiologist, pulminologist(sp?), a sleep study and a whole bunch of stuff required by my surgeon. Obesity comes with a laundry list of potential health problems, so they want as much data about your health before you get in the OR. It was time consuming, but I had no problems with the surgery or recovery. Good Luck.
  6. TracyNYC

    Tylenol not cutting it

    Thanks. I finally took 3 Tylenol and slept. Better, but not great. I will call surgeon or GP in the morning.
  7. TracyNYC


    My gurgling was so loud at times, that if my students were working quietly, they could hear it. LOL They are HS age and I told some of them about the band. After a while they would just laugh and pay it no mind. After my 1st band, I had gas so bad, that I was terrified of farting in class. Burps and gurgles will be overlooked by teenagers, but a fart> I'd never live down. LOL
  8. TracyNYC

    Arms aka Bat Wings :(

    I have the same problem and am nowhere near goal. UGH!
  9. TracyNYC

    survived weekend away!

    Thanks Cindy! I wonder if I can "low cal" the drink my friend made: Absolut, Cran-Grape and OJ. Maybe with diet cran-grape and Trop 50? It was over ice and was delish. It was wonderful when it was so hot the other night.
  10. I am really really struggling. I was rebanded in March due to a slip. From January when they unfilled me until now I have gained 40 lbs. I know that the last 15 -20 I lost in November thru January was b/c I could not eat ANYTHING. I developed really bad habits and have continued to make poor choices. I have started exercising. 20 minutes on exercise bike and about 10 minutes w/ resistance bands. Not a lot, but am building up. I have about 4.5 cc in my new band. I wish I could regain that drive and focus I had the first time around. I was down 90 lbs. at one time. Tomorrow I am going away w/ my friends for the weekend and we will be outing out a lot and Snacks will be abundant. So hard....... How do you get your head back in the game?
  11. I am always amazed at the things people will say. A month after my first banding ( I had a slip) someone said to me: Too bad it didn't work, you are bigger than ever. Only b/c she is older did I hold my tongue. I was down 20 lbs. at that point.
  12. I recently bought the Pampered Chef covered baker. I have made 2 successful Band friendly chicken dishes in it. It works in either the oven or microwave. With temps in the 90s here for weeks who wants the oven on? 1st recipe- 4 skinless chicken thighs 1 can low sodium healthy cream of mush room or cream of chicken Soup. Don't dilute soup too much. Place in baker for 20 minutes in microwave. Chicken needs to be spiced up prior to cooking- garlic and onion powder or real onions in with soup. 2nd recipe Hawaiian Style 4 skinless bone in thighs 1 small can crushed pineapple 1/2 - 3/4 cup BBQ sauce (whatever you use) Cook 20 minutes in baker. I served over rice for family (none for me, just veggies.) Chicken is moist and falls off the bone. Both of these can be done in crock pot/slowcooker, but 20 min in micro is pretty good. I am not a Pampered Chef rep or anything, but I like this thing A LOT for my chicken.
  13. TracyNYC

    Surgeon on Dr. OZ

    They seem to be discussing the new FDA lower standards for Lap Band rather than Yes or No for the procedure at all. My guy said 1% slippage rate...LOL I am one of them....
  14. I do turkey meatloaf. I buy the ground turkey and added egg beater, a little bread crumb, onion soup mix and some BBQ sauce. I then sprayed cupcake pans and made mini loafs and cooked them about 35 min at 350.. I made mashed cauliflower and also put it in the cupcake pans and froze it. I then popped them out and froze a baggie of cauliflower and turkey meatloaf. Heated it in microwave at work, added BBQ sauce to the whole mess and it was damn good, plus portion control. I cheat w/ cauliflower and make the easy steamers and then put it in food processor w/ a little FF sourcream to smooth it out. I sometimes add FF shredded cheese and a little bacon bits and make "loaded cauliflower".
  15. TracyNYC

    Lap-Band Revision

    Yep, I slipped and just had a new band put in on March 14th. I am worried too, but am trying to do the right things. I did have some bad vomiting and then I think it becomes a vicious cycle. I don't know if it's me, but seems like I have seen more "slipped" peoplke on here. Or maybe I am just more sensitive to it since it happened to me. On mushies now and not happy. I can eat regular food on easter Sunday and hope to have my first fill the week following. I forgot how bad the head hunger is....
  16. TracyNYC

    I have given up

    My guidelines are: Three 1/2 cup meals a day with most being Protein. No Snacks (yeah right)-lite laughing cow cheeses or cheese stick will do. and Protein Shakes in between. Don't drink 1/2 hour before or after eating. Be patient and let the fills work. It is a slow process and I reached really good restriction after 6 months and 3 fills. Hang in there....
  17. TracyNYC

    Thank god for the lap band

    WOW-I totally hate you....LOL That is so awesome! No fills? I did not realize people did that. I was just "revised" this week and am at no fill (or whatever they put in at surgery). I don't know if I could stay this way and still lose. Congrats!
  18. TracyNYC

    Some Mush Ideas Please

    Just made a new mushy! It is a variation on chicken salad... I bought a large can of Bumblee Bee Chicken packed in Water. Drained it well. Threw it in food processor w/ FF sour cream and BBQ sauce. Sort of a south western taste. Almost a little too mushy. Might really dry the chicken or use the pre-cut chicken selects that will be drier. I have also been playing w/ cottage cheese....(ick face) FF Cottage Cheese/splenda/vanilla/ cinnamon. I put it in Food processor to smooth it out. It is the curd texture that grosses me out. I am trying though since it is great for Protein and low prep..
  19. TracyNYC

    cant find answers

    Sometimes it is easier than others. I think if they miss it does not do damage as it is only saline. Sometimes she gets it 1-2-3, others times a little harder.
  20. TracyNYC

    NSV x2

    Feels great. I too moved into regular size pants.....I still need 1 or 2x tops and then take them in b/c my arms are SO FREAKING HUUUUUGE! LOL GREAT JOB!
  21. I weigh everyday. Often more than once a day. I expect to see NO MORE than a 3 lb difference between morning and night weighs. If it is more, I really look at what I have eaten and adjust from there. Sometimes eating the same stuff over and over leads to a plateau and then I need to change it up a bit. I have also (in my worst sclae-a-holic times) weighed myself before AND after longer bathroom visits to see if it makes a difference. (It does LOL) I have made peace with the scale for now.
  22. I just came from BJs and bought Muscle Milk Light. It is usually $25 for a case. When I was leaving I noticed on the receipt that there is an instant rebate of $4 at the register. Not too bad, as it is a pricey item.
  23. TracyNYC


    I can honestly say that I had no issues. My pre and post surgery went off without a hitch. I had no gas and had some normal post surgical discomfort from being sore, but that is it. I was able to sleep in my bed from the first night home. I was back to school teaching with in one week and other than being whacked by a school bag in the stomach, I had no problems. I was banded October of 09, and recently have had quite a bout with acid reflux and am scheduled to see surgeon next week. I have lost 83 pounds and feel great, not to mention looking pretty darn good in my size 14 jeans. LOL My surgeon had a great pre-operative information class and everything they outlined in the class was EXACTLY what happened in the hospital. I went home on mushies and moved to solids about 4 weeks after. (I think) Good Luck and keep doing your research.

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