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    StormRoyale got a reaction from ErinMarie in 9 months and 100 pounds later... what I've learned.   
    Breakfast:: 3 slices of Foster Farms Oven Roasted chicken Breast deli meat (60 calories and 15g of protein) diced then browned in the frying pan, 3/4 cup of Eggbeaters (90 calories and 18g of protein), 1/4 cup of diced onion, 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Sun-dried Tomato & basil cheese (35 calories and 2g of protein). Ends up making about 3 fluffy cups of food worth 185 calories and 35g of Protein.
    Lunch: Clif Builder's bar (chocolate mint or vanilla almond are the best!) 270 calories and 20g of Protein.< /strong>
    Dinner: A variety of things made out of Ground Turkey BREAST (8oz 240 calories and 56g of protein) Some example of what I make with the ground turkey: Chinese Orange Ground Turkey, Chili, Ground Turkey Tika Masala, Ground Turkey Asian Lettuce Wraps, Red Curry Ground Turkey, Ground Turkey Enchiladas (no tortilla), Ground Turkey Doro Wat (Ethiopian chicken in red pepper paste), Moroccan Ground Turkey, Ground Turkey Chili Rellenos... etc.
    With all of these dishes, 8oz usually equals about 400 calories. (If anyone is interested, I can give you my recipe. It's all about full flavor with minimal substitution.) I only cook them once a week in bulk. Half get frozen and the other half will last me most of the week.
    Snack: Skinny Cow chocolate Truffle Ice Cream bar (100 calories and 3g of protein)
    About twice a week or so, I'll also eat a Lean Pocket (average 250 calories and 10g protein).
    Average day: 900-1300 calories and 115-125g of protein
    Once a week I'll go out to dinner and eat whatever I want. I try to avoid empty calories (rice, Pasta, mayo, etc.) Other than that... on my nights out, I probably end up eating close to 2000 calories.
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    StormRoyale got a reaction from mom2girlies in 9 months and 100 pounds later... what I've learned.   
    Nine months ago I was 270lbs with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and borderline diabetes.
    As of today, I've reached my original goal weight of 170lbs. Last time I was under 200lbs was... 20 years ago?
    I've had 2 fills totaling 6cc into a 14cc band. I've always had very little restriction. Nothing has ever gotten stuck and I can eat about 4 cups in 10 minutes.
    I truly believe that my surgery saved my life! It took having surgery to finally get that elusive something to click in my head that I had to change my eating habits.
    While I don't think that the Lap-Band is for everyone... (***I recommend most people I know to get a by-pass instead***) I'm so happy I got one!
    My new goal: loose 10 lbs of body fat and gain 15 pounds of muscle.
    ***From my experience, success with the Lap-Band is 80% willpower and 20% band. Whereas the people that I know who have gotten the by-pass: 80% by-pass and 20% willpower. With a by-pass you CAN'T over-eat and must avoid high sugar foods. With the lap-band, I can eat everything and must monitor myself.

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