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  1. Gaylancsu

    Lap band revision

    I’m 2 months out band to ds, down 37 pounds, they said it comes off slower after revisions but I’ll get there. I’ve had a couple nights with bile reflux but it’s controlled with meds (I didn’t take anything the nights it happened) and I’m told it goes away with time. No vomiting, I feel good, I can get in my protein and only regret not doing it sooner
  2. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I also was supposed to promise not to weigh every day but I can’t stop- everyone’s weight loss is different and you are absolutely right about calories in and out that doesn’t apply to most obese people but our bodies are in a state of shock too right now. I met with dietician Monday and their point about the scale was this- these surgeries find that you lose the weight for the most part in the first year and you can’t lose a pound a day! Your body had to reset, trust that food is coming and changes will follow. I lost 8lb week 1 pre surgery diet and 13 total on that 2 weeks-I’m 3 weeks out from surgery and in those 3 have lost 11, most can’t keep the pace out the gate- and your body will react- it still takes time! Hang in there!!!!
  3. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I would agree everyone’s experiences are different and some depends on surgery type. I stayed 2 nights in the hospital - when I went home I could do stairs no issue I hit protein and fluid goals by day 3 or 4 with no issues) the time in the hospital they pumped me so full of fluids it took days to de-swell - my surgery was pretty invasive lapband removal hernia repair and ds, I was up walking by the evening of surgery it helps a lot with the gas- I was told I had to walk at least every 3 hours and more than just to bathroom- the gas pain took about a week - I never took my nausea meds once leaving the hospital managed daytime pain with Tylenol week 1 I took good stuff to sleep but stopped that after 6 days - haven’t needed Tylenol really past week 2- I feel like it’s gone great. I worked from home 2 weeks- my mom and my mil took turns staying with us to help with kids
  4. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I was limited to lifting 5 pounds for 2 weeks then up to 15 for the next two- so no lifting my 2 and 4 year old. A couple times I overdid it I could feel it- please be careful and call out your support system if you do injury you will be out of commission much much longer
  5. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I’m halfway through purée week- get to move on to soft foods Friday - so excited. I had a lapband revision to DS on 6-7, tuna and chicken salad purée along with cottage cheese have been go to for me this week and all goes down fine. Adding in shakes here and there to hit my 90g protein goal (plus they count as liquid). Just tried a caramel premier it’s pretty good. No nausea no constipation- if anything it’s the opposite. Mild soreness occasionally but I haven’t used even a Tylenol in a week. full steam ahead!
  6. Gaylancsu

    New and Considering DS

    I have been through a Rex program (I was even in their commercials back in 2010) for lapband but that surgeon is no longer here - and just had a revision through Nc bariatrics performed at wake med Cary to ds. Revision was 6/6- my lapband stopped helping me- I could either eat anything or nothing. So I started a year ago trying to get ducks in a row to do this- my insurance required 6 months of dr supervised weight loss visits (I lost nothing) and when I missed the November appt it set me back and then insurance initially denied it bc they said the psych visit didn’t say it exactly how they wanted so he rewrote his report resubmitted and approved. So anyways I was approved in March and I delayed surgery to 6/7 bc life - It’s surgery and that is kind of scary- but so is driving a car, anything can happen anywhere. You just have to have faith. In the hospital I managed pain with something via IV that worked great- coming home they sent me hydrocodone - I only took it at night to sleep comfortably and managed anything else with Tylenol and I stopped taking the hydrocodone after a week. I had more pain with this than my c sections but I also had my lapband removed a hernia repair and the ds. But it has been manageable. The preop liquid diet was hard, less hard post op but I’m sick of sweet and ready for purées! I am 41, no co-issues. With my lapband I went from 330 to 250 and maintained there for 7 years and then started having issues. I got back to 301.9 when I started this pre op diet. I’m down 20lb total in 3 weeks. It’s not the easy way out but it’s a step many of us need to get control over food. I was open with what I was doing - if anyone had anything negative to say they never said it to me
  7. Gaylancsu

    Tips for pre-op liquid diet

    I grab the premier pre made pretty regularly my rd said to use bariatric advantage pre op - it was best for liver shrinking - I mostly did that throwing a few others in. Fusion powders taste better to me than bariatric advantage but I need to finish these tubs up
  8. Gaylancsu

    Just wondering if anyone from NC

    I had a hernia repaired when they did my lapband to ds revision - I didn’t even know I had one! Hope it doesn’t happen again later
  9. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Campbell’s tomato soup made with fairlife instead of water is keeping me sane right now. I tried mixing protein into chicken broth I couldn’t eat it- I haven’t messed with adding it to the tomato bc I can get in 3 premier 30g shakes throughout the day- so just eating my soup and lunch and dinner to feel “normal” Friday I start purées and I’m so excited - what to try first?!?! (I don’t like eggs or bananas)
  10. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Every post op plan seems so different depending on surgeon - I see some allowed cream of wheat or grits- I’d kill for that right now some way to get savory I’m a week out from ds and no problems getting protein or fluids - no nausea - minus the thought of consuming any more protein added broth-
  11. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    BariatricPal liquid b complex is soooo much better than the chewable I got.
  12. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    DS on June 7, yesterday was my first day really tracking protein and I made it- was sure all drinks first part of day had protein managing day pain with Tylenol and just using the “good stuff” at night to sleep - it really it about refilling and refilling and refilling a medicine cup and making each one a goal ALL DAY LONG everyday the pain is a little better. Who has a tasty option for b complex cause the one I got is awful Anyone else having to do blood thinner injections?
  13. Gaylancsu

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I had revision from lapband to ds on June 7... 2 nights in the hospital and I’m home and I’ve even worked from home nearly all day today. This is way harder than lapband or csection ( I had 2 of those ) I had 2 week pre op diet, week 1 was 2 shakes 2 snacks and a lean green dinner week 2 was all shakes and I was down 13lb when I went in for surgery. I’m so puffed up now from IV fluids the scale showed back up 10lb so I’m staying away from that thing a few days.
  14. Gaylancsu

    Just wondering if anyone from NC

    I’m having ds Friday with Dr Pilatti and I also live in Clayton in the 42 east area. I am having revision from lapband after nearly 10 years.
  15. Gaylancsu

    Pre Op Diet

    I got 2 protein snacks week 1 plus meat and veggie dinner but week 2 is liquid only- I have my last appt tomorrow but 3 shakes is only 450 cals and I’m wondering if I got that wrong. I added in a protein broth yesterday to help. Down 9.2 in one week with eating the dinner, hope it keeps up!
  16. The dr visits are covered - they can consult and advise, it’s part of the required process to even submit to insurance they have to have all that info- it’s the actual surgery - mine was denied on first submission bc the exact language they wanted to see from the psychologist wasn’t there- he re-wrote it and it was approved quickly.
  17. Gaylancsu

    The dreaded gas

    The gas pain I felt when I had lapband wasn’t me needing to pass it was the gas they pumped in to make room and it works it’s way up into your shoulders- it was bad. The gas pain I had after 2 sections was me needing to pass it and more from anesthesia - it was nothing compared to the gastric surgery. I go back Friday to remove the lapband and revise to sleeve with ds
  18. Gaylancsu

    Lap band revision

    I am having the lapband out at the same time, it may be different if yours has slipped but mine just kept causing my esophagus to stretch if I felt any restriction otherwise everything went down. I always heard horror stories about the regular bypass, knew several people who had issues. My dr recommended the sleeve/ds combo for me and the one person I know who did it that way had amazing success. My BMI is 53, with no other issues. I’m 41 and my surgeon documented future joint issues and the issues with my band,
  19. Gaylancsu

    Lap band revision

    I’m having revision in a week from lapband to sleeve with ds. The process to get the revision approved may actually have been harder at least for me. I got my band 9 years ago and they accepted my weight watchers membership as 6 month diet. This time I had to do way more tests plus dr weight loss for 6 months (I lost nothing) and the psych evaluation too. My band has been nothing but trouble the last 2.5 years. I gained back 50 pounds from when it started acting up. Im ready to have the control again over food
  20. Gaylancsu

    How do you feel after your fills?

    I didn't read anything on message boards prior to the band... I just read mostly medical journals and stuff the doctor referred me to. While this can be a great forum, you may also find some very negative people and lots of misinformation... take it for what it is and ALWAYS consult your doctor and his staff to sort out the realities. I had my first fill yesterday. I had 2cc put in at surgery, the PA added 1 more cc yesterday. I was so freaked out going in and IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. Drinking the Water afterwards I experienced the gurgle sensation. She told me I could eat mushies today, which I am eating a blend of Greek yogurt with cottage cheese right now that I hit puree a few extra times on and I can feel it filling me up (I was up to eating nearly 2 cups of food prior to the fill). My doctor's office said their avg patient, while losing weight, will eat a cup of food per meal... but they said it really varies. everyone's stomach is different and they have some who eat less and some who can eat more. Even though I was eating 1-2 cups of food I was still losing some weight, but I knew I could eat less and didn't want to get hungry so soon.
  21. Gaylancsu

    Ugh - want to strangle husband!

    I figure I was never able to hide being fat from people, so why hide this? No one who ever cared about me made a big deal about my weight, so they've not made a big deal about my surgery. They are all happy for me and proud of me... it's really shown me who matters in my life. The best thing so far about this was laying in bed the night after surgery with my husband and him hugging me and telling me how proud he was of me. No matter how much he loves me I know a part of him wanted me to be more healthy (he recently dropped 50 pounds and now wears 32 jeans and small or medium shirts... i'm nearly double his weight at the moment.... BUT NOT FOR LONG!)
  22. Gaylancsu

    How do you know when to stop eating?

    Ive just started eating regular food the last few weeks and eating out made me nervous at first. When i get my food I decide then what I 'want' to eat of it and try and just focus on that... sometimes I have packed up the rest right away. If I'm still hungry after sitting there I eat a little more. I felt pretty full at lunch today and then just a little while ago I was STARVING, so I went into the box for a couple more bites and now I feel really full again. It's an every day learning experience.
  23. I would think if the band doesn't have any restriction and you don't feel full then you're in no danger of stretching your pouch, sounds like food is slipping through the new stoma and into the rest of your stomach. bravo for controlling yourself with portions. I have been the same way, scared to do something wrong... I haven't been in for a fill, but the dr did put Fluid in during surgery and I do have restriction. I'm eating more than I thought I would but WAY less than I used to. it's doing what I expected it to do.. MAKE ME EAT LESS. I love my band so far.
  24. Gaylancsu

    measuring food

    From what I have read, it takes A LOT to stretch anything out... you would have to feel overly full time and time again to the point of wanting to throw up in order to actually stretch your band. Most sandwhich servings are 2-4 oz of meat, that's what most restaurants go by. Think about a deck of cards... 4oz of meat is the size of a deck of cards
  25. Gaylancsu

    Telling Friends

    If anyone has a negative comment about my surgery then I frankly don't need them in my life. I have told everyone and anyone and I've been amazed with the support I have received. I had such good friends who never made me feel fat before and they continue to be there for me now. The ones that really made me feel good were the ones who told me they were proud of me. I even mentioned surgery on facebook and then waited to see who asked what I was doing to tell them... people I hadn't seen in 10 plus years were excited for me and it's made me more excited for me.

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