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  1. LeeSuh

    What am I doing wrong?? :-(

    I get the same feeling sometimes, it's usually when I'm eating too fast or not chewing my food enough. Not waiting until I'm starving helps me eat slowly and I eat less. Drinking while eating... now I learned the hard way that eating and drinking at the same time is HORRIBLE. Not because it defeats the purpose of the band but because I ended up feeling HORRIBLE, I get stuck whenever I do this. I know it's really hard to wait 30 mins, but I just remind myself that it's not worth the pain of being stuck. & I also noticed that after a stuck episode I usually get really tight (for about 1-2 days), I'm guessing I get swollen. So if your getting stuck a lot, I'm guessing you get swollen as well and that's why you can't really eat no more than 3 bites. I usually stick to mushies for a while to allow it to heal (instead of making it worse by taking a chance and getting stuck again while already swollen). I hope my experiences help you out... :w00t: I was banded 12days after you! (if i read correctly lol )
  2. LeeSuh

    people love failure

    LMAO :cursing: You make a very good point! Too funny!
  3. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about the price and having to pay for shipping as well. LOL But I'm extremely picky...! LOL So I gave in... and I can't say I regret it. Worth the money in my case. I don't work for them or anything but they also sell their stuff at certain stores, maybe you can try to see if there's one near you? :smile:

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