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  1. Hello all. I’ve been away a very long time. I had my surgery in 2009. The journey has been very interesting. I kept it off for 9 years. Then it started to creep up again. So heartbreaking BUT on April 27, 2022 I got on the scale and noticed I was up to 291 lbs. I had gained 91 lbs! I started a 1200 calorie diet and exercise plan that day and have been on it ever since. To date I’ve lost 51 lbs. it’s so hard but with determination and wanting to get back to where I was I’m getting there. What I want to throw out there, don’t take your tool as a magic wand. Really work to chance your habits and lifestyle and it’ll be all worth it. I’m glad to be back if y’all will have this old chicken
  2. thinoneday

    Height, Weight, And Size Poll

    6'0 tall, very large bone structure, highest weight every recorded 385 lbs. Pre surgery weight 360 lbs. in 2009. Now am 198-205 lbs wear size 14/16 tall. Have met my doctors goal for me but now am trying very hard to meet my own personal goal of 170 lbs. . . I don't think I've EVER weighed that. . . (at 12 years old I weighed 222 hahaha, so this is going to be interesting journey)
  3. thinoneday

    any one have a being cold issue?

    always, and i'm 3 + years out. Keep warm!
  4. thinoneday

    Why do we candy coat everything?

    OTR, I'm still killing myself with food. On another post, I just wrote how i let myself "go" for the past 2 years. I didn't want to admit to it, but I did. I gained about 25 lbs. Not horrible, but I need to get a hold of this or else all will be lost. So about 11/2 weeks ago, I started on Atkins. Been doing well. Thought it wouldn't be hard, well today was day one of severe carb withdrawal. It was one hell of a day, but i did it. I was to the point of numbing myself with medication to stop the discomfort of withdrawal. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. OMG it's terrible. But this evening I took benedryl to help me with the jitters, it's helping. I can just imagine how i would be tossing and turning tonight! LOL. I'm an addict. . never thought I'd say it, but here it goes. . Hello, my name is Ericka and I'm a food addict. . . .
  5. thinoneday

    They say your eyes go at Forty...

    I'm 52 and no problems here. But then i wear glasses. lol
  6. thinoneday

    Interesting observation

    Yup, everyone is right on this post. Also your going to hear, " why would you do that? your not that heavy" or "oh you don't need that surgery, your just fine as you are". . . very irratating.
  7. Well here comes something you probably don't want to hear, but I'm out 3 + years and, like you, had a beautiful mane of long, thick hair. I had surgery on Dec 29, 2009 and in March 2010, there it went, falling out in large amounts. My hair is so thin now (still falling out 3 + years later) and I've tried everything. So i cut my hair to my shoulders in hopes that would slow down the droppage, but nope. I wear my leftover strands in a small picky sized braid. All I can say is this, we sacrificed something for something else. We can't have it all. Some of us looked beautiful in our faces when we were fatter, we had the WLS, lost weight and now look not so beautiful. It's a definate sacrifice we have to endure. I'm sorry
  8. hahahahah!!!!! I'm going to go to bed like usually, wake up at 6am, look outside and if my house hasn't been projected into space, I guess I'll get ready for work and go battle traffic! UGH
  9. thinoneday

    Is the whole world nuts?

    OMG, I'm glad your ok though, yes people have really gotten "crazy". I was just talking about that earlier today. I was explaining that I work in a crazy place here in San Antonio, (the STD/HIV clinic) and we get all sorts in here from the lowest of the low to the filthy rich who don't want to go to their own physicians. We are subjected to rivel gang fights, jealous couples, drug addicts/dealers, pimps, prostitutes, etc. in here every day. We have security guards in place who keep very busy. We've had fights break out so severely that police had to be notified and they made arrests. Staff has been punched, hit, kicked and spit on. I just hope that one day no one takes a gun and goes nuts in the clinic. I pray this every day. Violence is so prevalent now, it's very scarey. Just as I was typing this, a message from our police advisory came across "Murder Suspect Wanted in SA" This is too much. . . the police station is right here by the HD too, so the criminal could easily wander in here. . . May the Lord be with us all
  10. I hate the word exercise with a passion. More then anyone here or anywhere. So I don't exercise. Of course it's showing now. So I am hoping to get to the gym in the new year (yeah right ) but at least the umph is there . . . I understand the how to get to the gym when you work monday to friday 8 - 5, I get up at 6 to be at work at 8. There is NO way i would get to the gym in the morning. by 5 i'm beat, get home by 6:30pm have to start dinner etc, etc. . . whatever at least the thought was there right?
  11. thinoneday

    Chia Seeds!

    OMG, whoever posted about Chia seeds last week, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. These little seeds are amazing! After I heard about them, i quickly researched them and then headed out to GNC and bought a bag. They are mixed into whatever you wish. I love to mix mine into yogurt. They swell up and make a thick gel like substance, you eat it and voila your full. Because it has protein, it keeps you full. You can mix them in your favorite juice as well and once it gels, eat it. Because the seeds have no flavor, they take on the flavor of the juice. Right now I'm totally loving lime flavored yogurt and don't think i'll be able to finish it. You stay full pretty long too. They give lots of energy as well. . Now here's the kicker (always a kicker). . .don't use these if you already are taking blood pressure pills because they do lower the b/p. Don't use if your on blood thinners, cause they work as an anticogulant, and there has been evidence linked to chia seeds and the risk of prostate cancer if it's in the family, they are addictive,
  12. thinoneday

    Need a little pep talk

    my bougie was 28F. but 32 is the norm I think
  13. thinoneday

    I feel like such a failure

    Pseudotumor Cerebri, that is what that condition is called. I have it as well. Had to get a lumbar peritoneal shunt placement done. Losing the weight has helped greatly, it is resolved. I don't get the headaches anymore. Eye damage is done and can't be reversed, thank god for glasses! lol. Your not a failure, you just have to get a handle onto yourself and get back into check. I think you know what to do, but it's tough to get back into it. Its easy for any of us to sit here and say, just do this or just do that, it's not that simple. You have to be able to bite the bullet and do it. But it has to be your choice. God knows I can't go back to dieting. . .it's really really tough. I just watch how much goes in, make sure I exercise somewhat, drink lots of Water, and weigh every week to make sure that the weight doesn't creep up.
  14. thinoneday

    Anyone more then 2 years out?

    Oh and by the way i started off pre-surgery 360lbs and lost 150 lbs within 1 year.
  15. thinoneday

    Anyone more then 2 years out?

    3 years out here and doing great
  16. McKate, let me tell you something interesting. Oh they notice alright, but this is where the jealousy and lothing comes in. This is where you find out whose your friend and whose not. . . don't worry, keep your head up. . .keep on shakin' your stuff, they notice alright. . . .
  17. Same here, I am out now 3+ years, so I guess I'm kinda "old" at this . . . lol. . . ask away, I'll be more then happy to chat as well. I've lost a total of 150 lbs and am maintaining my weight great.
  18. If this post showed up by someone else, what would your advice to them be?
  19. thinoneday

    Where's My Miracle?

    For me, to be able to wake up every morning is a Miracle enough. When I was morbidly obese, i would be so happy to lose 10 lbs, to me that was a miracle right then and there, but of course that wouldn't last. When I was blessed to have this surgery (I was self pay) that was a miracle. And now that I have lost 150 lbs not only is that a miracle but to have the ability to use my talent in order to keep it off is more of a miracle! Amen!
  20. thinoneday

    Going For My Sleeve In An Hour From Now.

    Good luck and see you on the losers side shortly! Remember to walk, walk, walk, sip, sip, sip. . .
  21. thinoneday


    charchar, in the beginning I so totally hated this surgery. . was really upset that i had done it. I couldn't eat what i wanted, couldn't drink what i wanted. . . man, i couldn't eat like a gorilla at holiday time anymore. . ugh why did i do it!!! Why? because i looked like a gorilla and was fed up with it. . . then reality set in, i couldn't undo what i had done, so the next best thing to do was to except what i had done. . .3 plus years later I am so happy I did this surgery, I can eat whatever I want and the best thing is over the years i have learned what is a "normal" portion and what doesn't agree with me and what does. I've learned to eat, sip, and enjoy life like a lady and am loving myself for once in my life. I don't look like model material, but then that wasn't the goal. . I am HEALTHY and look the part. My labs are perfect for once in my life and for once in my life I like who looks back at me in the mirror. Don't worry, it gets better and girl once it does WHOA NELLY life gets good!
  22. thinoneday

    Bottomless Pit

    I'm going to try these seeds. . one question though, do they taste funky?
  23. thinoneday

    Help! :(

    Well, if you saw another poster post this same question, what would you tell them? Good luck
  24. Sleeve of Steel! You go girl! I am out 3+years and love myself just as I am. . I met my doctors' goal for me and even surpassed it by 12 LBS. I am a complete and total success. Do I resemble those runway thin magazine models? NOOOOO, do I want to? NOOOOO. . . I, like you, am very proud of me. . . for once in my life I love me! I hold my head up high (not too high, I'd give myself a nosebleed) and am so thankful for having had this surgery. Pre-op I wore a womens size 32 (4X) now I wear a 16/18 (Med/Large), depending on the maker. I can do everything a "normal" person does and no, I do NOT eat 500 calories or even count a stupid calorie anymore. . .I know my limit, I've learned that in this past 3 years. I haven't gained and am maintaining beautifully. . Good luck to all of you out there! It's great to be alive!
  25. thinoneday

    I Hate It When People Misuse "literally"!

    My biggest irk must be from the patients I help at "the clinic" . . . most are under insured or from very low socioeconomic backgrounds. . many of them have been arrested or come to the clinic in shankles accompanied by their guards who carry guns, billyclubs, etc. . . when these patients come in, they don't see me as their caregiver, they see me as "Miss" . . . it's "Miss" this and "Miss" that. . . don't they see I'm a older woman with a ring on my left hand? Being from the deep south (SA TX) the word Ma'am is much more respectable then the dreaded "Miss". . . . . I understand they probably don't know better, but it's just a irk on my part. . . thanks for listening. . .

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