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  1. until you can get a tiny unfill... I like ricotta cheese with a little marinera sauce - YUM! like lasgna without the lasgna (hahaha)
  2. I was tired of the sweet shakes... I LOVE roccotta cheese with a little bit of Marinera sauce topped with mozzerrela, is like lasgna without the pasta, and takes care of my salty desires. I just pop it in the micro for about 30-40 seconds, until the cheese on top is melted... YUM!
  3. My nut said that the 18 months mark is the make or break point for most WLS people. In the meantime, we have to opportunity to reshape how we think, how we view life (with and without food). Why do so many "good times" involve food? I am close to 4 weeks post-op... and gearing up for my mushies (my doc required 4 weeks liquid proteins)... ok, the truth, I've been eating mushies here and there... lovin' me some riccotta cheese with marinara suace topped with mozzerrella... I eat 2 oz and have to back away from the table - whew! hahaha. My (limited) recommendations?: Take small bites (baby spoon), chew-chew-chew, eat slowly. Besides you really shouldn't have restriction yet anyway, that doesn't happen (from what I've read) until at least a couple of fills, if not 3 - 4 fills later. It's ok to vent! Come here to vent! Chances are, if you're going through it, someone else has too.
  4. You are the incredible shrinking person! WTG!!! That has got to feel so good!
  5. I have a 1-yr-old and a 3-yr-old. The first week was tough... I had my husband or my mom picking them up for me, then putting them on my lap. If I wasn't sitting down, and my 1-yr-old wanted me, I would just get down to my knees and hug on her. I was fortunate to have a lot of help my first and second week. I am on my 3rd week out and I do pick up my babies (mostly the little one) With my 3-yr-old I mostly just help her down from things, so no real lifting with her. There is no way I would have been comfortable lifting them, and I believe I healed quicker and better because I didn't... though I have to say that was one of the hardest parts... atleast we could still cuddle!
  6. MishiB

    sleep question

    After about a week my body was begging to me lay on my stomach... so I did, and it's been fine since. No problems for me!
  7. MishiB

    Introducing Bread and Pastas???

    my doc basically said... I am a carb addict... stay off the carbs (bread; rice; pasta) while I am in the weight loss phase. Once I have achieved my desired weight loss, then I can add those back in, in limited quantities. You wouldn't give alcohol to a recovering alcoholic, why tempt our bodies with those triggers? That doesn't mean I can't have veggies and fruit, though... so keeping a good low GI balanced "diet" is, IMO, a good thing. food for thought...
  8. Hey... you've got my support! I'm down here in Brookings, OR. Had my surgery in Coos Bay just a couple of weeks ago... so I'm feeling pretty good by now. Biggest bit of advice, walk as soon as you can, and walk when you can. Everyone is a little different after surgery... some can practically hop out of bed, others need a little time.
  9. So true! The first couple days post-op, my thoughts were, "oh no, what did I do to myself?!?" Now two weeks out I feel great! I have lost (since my two-week pre-op diet to now) 21lbs, and I am perfectly ok with that! Better than being 21 lbs heavier Good words of encouragement!
  10. MishiB

    Outpatient vs. Inpatient

    I was in the mandentory inpatient group (because my insurance required it)... and THANK GOD!! I reacted to the general anaesthesia... it kicked my butt. I couldn't rasie my head without feeling like I was going to throw up, couldn't stand even 11 hours after surgery... there is no way I could have gone home. I also like that I was kept hydrated, because I couldn't keep anything down. By the next morning, I was walking and feeling much better. I was bummed at first with being inpatient, until after surgery, now I am grateful I was inpatient.
  11. Let us know how you are doing. What a horrible way to start off this journey. :smile2:
  12. MishiB

    50 Pounds Down!!

    That is so exciting!!! Thanks for sharing! Come on Onederland!!!
  13. MishiB


    That's what happens for some of us when we go on high protein/low carb meal plans... our tastes really do change. I'll have something that I totally love, then a few weeks later I can't stand it. Or it'll taste too sweet. Our bodies are adjusting. We are getting rid of the sugar addictions... fun times :smile2:
  14. MishiB

    Newly Banded!

    Whew, I totally understand about the dry heaves... the general anasthesia kicked my tushie, I couldn't raise my head without feeling it, so I stayed down the first day after surgery... no fun feeling that way... Otherwise... welcome to the loosers bench!
  15. MishiB

    Life getting back to normal

    Whew... I thought I was the only one who wasn't able to get back into the swing of things as early as I expected. I too had surgery on the 17th, and started work yesterday... just wore me out, so I would close my door and lay on the floor for half an hour to regain myself back, did the same thing today... and that works ok for me... will probably do the same tomorrow and friday :thumbdown:
  16. MishiB

    Your First Fill Date!!!

    My first fill date will be Nov 2... which is 6 and a half weeks after my surgery... feels like forever away, but I can do it!
  17. MishiB

    My port's on the right

    mine is on the left... but I am so glad I am not the only one who can see or feel their port... I thought I was the only one, I thought I was strange... lol, guess I'm normal
  18. Day of surgery. Checked-in at my 8:30 time. Got dressed into my cute hospital gown. Had my mom and Husband with me. Great nurse taking care of me. As she was asking questions, we overheard this conversation from one of the other nurses on staff... kinda went like this: "ya, they had his throat slight from side to side, with a lot of stitches. They had to shave his chest to get the electrodes on. I didn't realize they had shaved his butt until he hopped up into the truck... " At that particular moment we all had this strange look on our faces, then my nurse realized, "oh, she's talking about her dog!" - ROFL - LOL I thought she was talking about her father or something, and couldn't imagine how after such a surgery he was jumping up into the truck, and couldn't figure out why she saw his butt as shaved ok, so I got wheeled into the OR at 10:40, was out seconds later, and awoke around 12:15 in the recovery room. Now I wasn't necessarily in pain as much as I was nauseous... and I did not want to puke. Every time I was to sit up, I would feel sick, that general anaesthesia was not friendly to me -yuck. As I began to wake, I thought to myself, why did I do this (because I felt horrible). Now, two days later, I am much better, this is worth that day of discomfort! I've heard many stories where the lapband patient was able to get up, walk around and go home that same day... there is no way I could have gone home. Even when they tried to walk me at 9:00pm, I had to dry heave. I am glad that my insurance required that I stay in the hospital over night... really glad. By 4am, I was able to get up and walk... so that is what I did! Two hours later I was walking again and feeling great (on pain meds, of course) Had the barium swallow at 9:00 ish (absolutely disgusting!!! - they flavored mine with raspberry ice Crystal light - still nasty.) Then when I got the the room I had my first "meal" a whole three oz of Protein drink, the problem was, I was so full from the barium, that it was so difficult to get all that down... but I did, my body needed it. By 10:00 I was discharged and my mom and I set out for my house. Waiting for me at home were my two baby girls, who had fevers of 100* - 102* so sad.
  19. MishiB

    September 2009 Band Date

    LOL - Yes, a bit like one. Fortunately all my gas is coming up as a belch, instead of the stinky alternative :blushing: So question for those of you who have been banded... can any of you feel your port? I can mine, and I wasn't expecting this. I thought it was going to be deeper in. It's like my little buddy, and I keep touching it to see if it's real - hahaha. The other strange part is that part of my belly is numb, so I can put ice on my port site and not feel it... weird. Other than that, every chance I get to walk, I do! it's making me feel better. I couldn't hardly stand for several hours after I awoke from surgery, that general anaesthesia kicked my hind end... that was worse than anything else for me. everybody reacts differently to that, instead of pain meds, I was asking for more anti-nausea meds (ok, some pain meds too) I was glad my insurance required an overnight stay, there is no way I'd have gone home feeling like I did.
  20. MishiB

    September 2009 Band Date

    Hi all!!! I haven't read through the posts yet, but just wanted to check in and say the surgery went great!
  21. Oh so glad to hear that things are going well, that the stress hunger is going away and your Cardiologist is awesome for getting you in on her lunch break! Here's to your Friday and better days ahead!!!
  22. I'm with everyone here... don't beat yourself up. I get banded on Thurs, and have a 4 week liquid protein diet as well, I must have 60-90 gms of liquid protein a day (I'm choosing mostly Isopure with zero carbs), and drink every one - 2 hours, not allowing myself to get hungry. I know it works! That protein (not the quantity) helps keep hunger at bay, but it takes 3-4 days for the body to adjust to that. adding carbs throws everything off, and that 3-4 day process has to start all over again. 4 weeks can seem very strict... but compared to the rest of my life??? 4 weeks is nothing. We can do it!
  23. MishiB

    September 2009 Band Date

    Have good surgeries you two! smallerj (jes) 9/16/09 Boo Cakes 9/16/09 As for us: Hardygostlin (Jody) 9/17/09 Loveslady(Tawonda) 9/17/09 Gatorgirl1024 (Shelley) 9/17/09 MishiB (Michelle) 9/17/09 and everyone else... we'll see you on the flip side! I have to sign off now 'cause I have to drive (ok hubby is driving) 3 hours away. See you all on that losers bench!!!! :sad:
  24. MishiB

    September 2009 Band Date

    LOL - oh the depths of our mental hunger - LOL
  25. MishiB

    September 2009 Band Date

    Oh no :thumbup: LOL The tricks our minds play on us... hopefully the food in your dream was good? As for the pain you are experiencing, I hope it goes away soon, does not sound pleasant, though it does sound like a gas bubble not being nice to you.

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