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  1. Tiff,

    I am so happy for you! How are you feeling? When are you due?

  2. cajun

    I knew how many surgeries he had done because I asked him.

  3. Hi Tiff! Long time no talk! I've been busy "living life".

    Had an upper GI to check on my esophageal diverticulum...stable, under 3 cm. no change. Good news. It will likely remain that way as most don't cause a problem.

    Loving our Fall weather today...FINALLY!. Wow it was a long, hot summer here.



  4. Tiff, I am looking for the link to the article. Got so much stuff...not sure if I can find it. Will let you know...kinda busy today, expecting company.


  5. Alex,

    When I clicked on the link for the bariatric group in San Antonio that you recently posted, there is an erotic picture on the page. Not what I'm looking for.

  6. Tiff,

    Since you are a part of the military family, I just wanted to say how sad I am about the Ft Hood incident...I know military families everywhere are grieving over this horrible incident. It makes me so sad. I wish more would be done to help our military deal with the awful stresses that they endure fighting for freedom around the world. Maybe this awful carnage will help ensure that more is done to watch for signs of stress, and deal with them in a healthy manner before people "snap".

    It is comforting to read about all the heroic measures the soldiers were so well prepared to take, and how they did what they were trained to do, to prevent more deaths. They were so brave and skilled, THAT makes me proud even though I don't know any of them.

    How is your hubby doing?

    Hope y'all are having some fun (wink wink).

    Cathryn (Cajun)

  7. Norma, How are you doing now?

  8. Chancie,

    How much were you exercising during the first 6 months? I have a hard time motivating myself to step on my treadmill that is right there in my living room...but I have still lost 40 pounds since starting my pre surg diet. Do you think the weight really comes off faster with exercise, or does it just tone you up?

  9. I am on regular food now, can only eat about 1 1/2 ounces of dense protein such as chicken. Then I am full. Have to drink protein shakes to get in all the grams I need. Still No major problems!

  10. Vegas Angel,

    I'll be a 1x in a month or two. Are you tall. med or short? I'm 5'7. Am interested in the clothes you described. . What colors are they?

    Thanks. Cajun. Is this a PM?

  11. If you are flying into and out of a Mexican airport you need a passport. If you are flying to a city in the US then driving into and out of Mexico, a passport card (less expensive) is all you need.

  12. I apologize for these repeated posts. This forum area keeps telling me my posts are too long so I had to cut it up!

  13. By the way, your husband can accompany you if you wish...there is a couch in each room for a family member to sleep on, and it's a good idea to bring someone along if you can to keep you company. Most of the nurses speak english very well, of course the physicians all do very well, but some of the night nurses speak spanish. If you bring someone who speaks spanish that's a plus.

    Read a lot on this forum to learn more about various people's experience. Don't go on just one person's opinion. It's imperative that YOU feel SAFE and confident in your own choice.

  14. In addition, Dr Aceves' bedside manner is outstanding. Many surgeons I meet in my work have HUGE egos that get in the way of treating people and staff with basic kindness (in my opinion) . Dr Aceves and his assistant Dr Campos are both absolutely kind and thoughtful persons who will reassure you and treat you with the utmost respect as well as provide you with excellent care if you choose to go there.

    In addition the hospital is a full service hospital, not just a clinic, unlike some of the places in Mexico where bariatric surgeries are done. A HOSPITAL is where you want to be. If something happens, you will be sent to ICU if you need it.

  15. Dr Aceves is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, which means his credentials are verified and outstanding. He has performed over 600 VSG surgeries, with more than 18 years experience doing laparoscopic surgery, and over 10 years experience performing bariatric surgery. You can read more about his qualifications at Bariatric Surgeon Profile - Alberto Aceves M.D., F.A.C.S. Most of the surgeons in the USA who perform the VSG don't have even half the experience that he has. It is VERY important to know that the research supports the fact that after the surgeon has performed over 300 of the procedure you are having, your chance of having a serious complication goes way down. I would not let anyone cut on me unless they meet those standards. Most US surgeons have NOT done 300 VSGs

  16. Dr Aceves also does THREE leak tests, which few other surgeons do. Cirangle does not do these any more. I am conservative, and want to be checked for leaks before I get on a plane to fly home. My personal experience having surgery by Dr Aceves was outstanding and I would do it again. The hospital was cleaner than any US hospital I have ever been in. The physicians check on you as much as three or four times a day, which is unheard of in the US. The nurses provide pain/nausea medication IMMEDIATELY and sometimes before you even need it, which is something I have never seen in the US. Any concern that you have will be taken care of right away.

  17. I have been a nurse for over 30 years and so I was very skeptical about going to Mexico at first. But I did a lot of research on the surgery, medical journals, the surgeons who do the VSG, and the places where they are done. If my insurance would have covered it, I might have chosen San Francisco, Dr. Cirangle, as he is the best in the world from what I can tell. I believe Dr Aceves to be the second best from my research. His all-inclusive fee is about half what Cirangle charges. And I even like some things about his program better than Dr Cirangle...I like that his program is one all inclusive package, they transport you from the airport in San Diego directly to the hospital, take you to a nice resort for the first night, transport you back to the hospital for the surgery, WATCH YOU FOR FOUR DAYS IN THE HOSPITAL (which no other program does from what I found), then drive you back to the airport in San Diego when it's all done.

  18. Hi Itstime

    Dr. Aceves does thorough testing the day before your surgery, and this is all included in your surgery fee: EKG and risk evaluation by an internist, chest xray, complete metabolic profile (glucose, bun, creatine, uric acid, cholesterol, triglicerides, total, direct and indirect biliruben, total protein, albunin, globulin, alkaline phosphatase, ast, alt, ldh, ggt, calcium, phosphorus), a CBC, Pt/Ptt, HIV, Urinalysis. You will be evaluated by the anestesiologist for your risk level for anesthesia prior to surgery.

    He also gives Lovenox prior to surgery and uses pheumatic sleeve compression on your legs during surgery to help reduce the incidence of blood clots. You will receive a triflow breathing exercise tool for use after surgery to prevent pneumonia.


    If you are a smoker or have any cardiovascular problems, a stess test and pulmonary function studies may be needed and your local surgeon seems to be taking care of that. Dr Aceves does not do those preop. (contd)

  19. Feffers,

    How are yo doing since your surgery?

  20. Ky Hen,

    Some people get a bad headache after spinal anesthesia. I recommend that you call Gaby this morning and discuss your symptoms and to see what the doctor recommends.

  21. Hi Trudy,

    How are you and all the gang doing??? I was there last week, sleeved on Wed. the 23rd. Let us know how you all are "rockin' "

  22. Thanks Tiff.

    Had a long day yesterday, my 7 am flight between Lafayette and Houston was turned around and sent back to Lafayette just as we approached Houstin, because of the bad weather. We finally left Lafayette about 10 AM. By that time I had missed my connecting flight to San Diego. But I reached a very helpful Continental agent who was able to reschedule me a flight at 5:30 pm on the only seat left...a first class seat. Cost me 100 bucks more but at least I got here. Called Dr Aceves' patient coordinator and she made a reservation for me in a hotel in San diego. I crashed in bed before 10PM, exhausted, and slept like a log. Up at 5:30 AM and will be picked up by the driver here at 10:30, go to the hospital for my lab work and will have surgery this afternoon.

    It's foggy here in San Diego this morning. Big day ahead!

  23. I'll be in Mexicali on Dr Aceves Bariatric unit so I am sure they will all know what to do in the event of a problem. Hope you are feeling better!


    Did they repair a hiatal hernia while they were in there?

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