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  1. cajun

    My first NSV

    FANTASTIC JOB!! WHAT A GREAT NSV! I tried the elliptical once. Failed miserably. You are a trooper, both of you!
  2. cajun

    Greek Yogurt

    I agree Okios is best for me. If I want it sweeter I add a little stevia. It's great to make soups creamy and adds a hunk of protein!
  3. cajun


    I tended to have mid back pain between my shoulder blades when eating solids...but mushies went down fine. It wasn't until recently, after 5 months, that the back pain has resolved. Eating slower did seem to help, and chewing more. Slightly moist foods were more comfortable...I could not tolerate chicken breast...too dry. Dark meat was easier. 1/2 of a yogurt may be too much...that is about 4 ounces. 2 ounces is all I could hold...and that is still true most days. Try cutting back portion size.
  4. Maybe you are not getting in enough fluids...so a liquid phase for 3-4 days to just see what happens might be a good idea. Be sure you are drinking more than the recommended 70 ounces daily if you are exercising...because you are losing a lot of Fluid with your workouts. The body needs Water to dump the excess pounds. I feel for you... it does get harder to lose the closer we get to target weight and the farther out we get from surgery.
  5. Stacy, I would think, like Tiff said, drinking water, or anything, could keep the leak open. I would think that NOTHING should be going down the esophagus into the stomach. Why not put your water directly into the tube, that goes to your intestine? I would ask the doctor about that. See my PM to you. I am praying for your quick recovery.
  6. cajun

    Anyone Else feel Stupid?

    OK, here's your scolding. STOP DOING THAT. If you forget and swallow, it could be a very costly and painful mistake. But you are not alone...others have done that too. Just try to distract yourself when you are hungry...maybe best to not be in the same room when your favorite foods are being eaten by others....whatever works for you...just know that we all support you and want you to be safe and successful.
  7. cajun

    NSV shout outs

    You look awesome Tiff. Have fun shopping!
  8. I say....dinner AND a movie AND flowers....soak him for everything you can... and move the scales out of the bathroom. The Water and steam is not good for scales. YOU GO GIRL!
  9. WELL DONE, MINI...you are really becoming MINI!!!:001_rolleyes:
  10. cajun

    Favorite protein?

    I use the Jay Robb Whey Protein powder, chocolate flavor, every day. Love it! Outstanding quality, I did a lot of research before choosing it. No aspartame etc. It uses stevia which is plant based. No bad aftertaste.
  11. I think that if you calculate the projected medical expenses that you will save from avoiding diabetes, hypertension, etc etc, you will save OODLES more than you spend. Best of luck to you! Keep us informed on your progress! Congratulations on making your decision for WLS.
  12. cajun

    I want to stop loosing now

    You certainly have options. You can stop now. Or you can lose a little more to give yourself some leeway for future small gains, and see how you feel a little smaller. If you don't like how you feel or what you see, you can put some pounds back on until you hit the size you like most. I expect it will be easy to gain it back if you want to go back up to a 14. My goal is 145, at 5 feet 7 inches. I am 62. But I suspect that I will feel too skinny at 145 and may stop a bit before that too...am going to wait and see how I feel and look. I weighed 145 as a 7th grader, and in my pictures I looked good. But alas, I am no longer a youthful 13 year old! I might look like a "bag of bones" at 145. It's so awesome to have the opportunity to try it out though! Are you using a good moisturizer all over, daily? I started doing that right after surgery, and It seems to me that my turkey neck is getting a bit better as time goes on..I am 5 months out. I also use a little aloe vera gel on my face and neck after the moisturizer...it seems to have a tightening effect, and really feels good. I don't use anything expensive, just some vaseline intensive care lotion and the aloe. Hands and arms are getting wrinkly too so they get "greased" as well. I have read elsewhere that it takes about a year after the wt loss for all the skin to sort of smooth out and stabilize as much as it is going to. That's why they recommend no cosmetic surgery until at least a year after reaching goal. Even if my wrinkles don't get much better, I'd rather be wrinkly than morbidly obese. :scared0::biggrin0::confused: Good luck in making the decision that is right for YOU.
  13. cajun

    NSV shout outs

    I've been taking better care of the skin on my face since having surgery...using moisturizer every night, and wearing a little eye makeup which is something I NEVER used to do. Well, one day recently, one of the nurses I work with came up to me and said, "we all were talking and we all agree..."you are one attractive woman...YOU LOOK HOT" Well, I have NEVER been called that in my entire life, and never expected to be. I just smiled and said thank you! It sure feels good!
  14. cajun

    Are we messengers?

    Tiff, As usual, you are just so sensible, and sensitive to others. I appreciate your comments. I'm like you with the buddy system...when I have a serious goal (like this wt loss goal), I just want to focus focus focus and get the job done...no messing around with it. I'd rather work my program by myself, and use the support of this forum as I need, on my own time. I've never considered looking for meetings or even a gymn membership...which I've tried in the past, paid dearly, and not gone enough to get my money's worth. Instead, I bought a really nice treadmill, some exercise bands, yoga and band videos, and "do my thing" at home. It's working so I am happy. Although I have now told some close acquaintances at work about my surgery, I get aggravated when others want to know how I am losing...I don't know for sure why, but I feel like it is none of their business and wish they would quit interrogating me ... all they get is "eating less and exercising more". I guess I am aware on some level that they don't really CARE and are just wanting some gossip material. I work with some big time gossipers and I don't like to participate in that game. You're one of my hero's. THANKS.
  16. cajun

    Dr Aceves pricing

    I had the 8750 price in September. And I agree, his program is outstanding...he's more qualified than most of the surgeons I researched, except for Cirangle and Jossart in SF, who charge twice as much.
  17. cajun

    Onderland at last

    Thanks for all the cheers, y'all. I bought myself a new pair of shoes today to Celebrate, and "window shopped" at the mall...before too long I'll be able to get a new wardrobe! What fun!
  18. cajun

    Are we messengers?

    I agree...it's one thing to be a friend, and in the appropriate conversation to share my own story, but I would not suggest WLS to a total stranger. If I were the stranger, I'd find it intrusive.
  19. cajun

    Am I the only one that...

    The anger that we feel for all the years we were discriminated against can be put to good use...we can use it to actively promote "good karma" by loving others and showing acceptance of those who suffer like we did with obesity. What goes around comes around...let the universe take care of those who have offended us, is my philosophy! That's my goal anyway. I'm not perfect at it, but keep up the effort. I have an acquaintance who gloats at others' misfortune and goes out of her way to "rub it in". That is offensive behavior to me. When I see her behave like that, it's a lesson for me on how not to act. PS I'm not saying you are a bad person for your thoughts...we all have such thoughts....just try not to act on them and you will grow in wisdom and grace.
  20. cajun

    Is chewing gum a problem after sleeve?

    Have you ever chewed gum and not paid attention, then accidentally swallowed it? I have. When your sleeve is new, the gum could get stuck in your staple line and cause problems with it healing...I have been told to NEVER chew gum until you are totally healed up...I'd say 3 months at least. Why take a chance?
  21. Still messing with me!!! It was 200.0 again this morning so I waited until after I urinated and if it was following the laws of gravity, it would have gone down at least to 199.9. But it did not!!! I could not believe it. Guess it is waiting for the poop to come down. Thanks for asking!
  22. cajun

    Talk about bad luck!

    What a disappointment! But as you say, best to fix the ticker first so your sleeve surgery will be a breeze with no complications! I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason...
  23. thinoneday: I'm hopelessly addicted to the scales. It is hanging at 200.0 in my birthday suit. HMMM...if I shaved my head....nawww just a passing thought. I've lost so much hair it probably would not make the one tenth of a pound anyway. :confused1: GRRRRRR Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. I think tomorrow will be the day...I am so excited...feels like the night before Christmas......

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