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  1. I thought that it was not possible to sue a Mexican physician...they don't follow the laws of the US, and are not required to. I suppose someone could "serve them" papers on a suit, but that may not have any effect if they are not under US law and courts.
  2. Tiff, I noticed that even in your "fat" photos, you look like such a lively, jovial and happy person. That is beautiful to see... Now as I lose weight and gradually become more happy with how I look I have been thinking about how different people look at me now than when I was fat. (I am still obese, but at the lower edge of that BMI classification, and I don't "feel" fat any more. ) I have become aware of my own feelings about obese people that I see now, compared to how I felt when I was obese myself. It is an interesting dynamic to ponder. I wish I were a multi billionare and could offer to pay for free VSG's to every obese person who wanted one...it is such a life changing gift.
  3. Brenda, I will keep you in my prayers as you set out on this awesome journey. Yes, Dr Aceves is very down to earth, and honest...he tells it like it is, no sugarcoating. My impression is that he is a very spiritual man, who just loves his life's work. I'd like to think that all of us who are his patients will also pray for him that he is blessed for his compassion and dedication. There is a large painting in the hallway at the hospital that shows him in surgery, and I think it reveals a clue about his inspiration.
  4. Diva... Best of luck to you. We will move over to make room for you on the loser's bench! Let us know how you are doing when you are able to...
  5. Tiff, You are a WONDER WOMAN!!! Thanks for all you bring to this forum...it is inspirational to follow your progress!
  6. I'd love to know where to order that bison meat...can you PM me? thanks.
  7. cajun

    Just got sleeved

    Katldy, welcome to the loser's bench! Be sure to tell the nurses or Dr Aceves if you are nauseated...ask for what you need, they don't want you to be uncomfortable. You'll heal faster if your pain and nausea are medicated! Walk and burp and sip and burp and walk some more...and rest! You are in the best of hands! Isn't it a beautiful hospital? Try to buy all the nexium you will need before you leave there because it costs a fortune in the USA...$300.00 for a 90 day supply! It's much cheaper in the pharmacies near Almater hospital.
  8. I looked at your website. It appears to me that this is a product that your business is selling. Therefore it IS spam.
  9. Alex just posted this. It is a "must read". I can't wait to hear the comments... Lose weight without exercise!
  10. cajun

    My first "bad" experience

    KK...yes, research is extremely important. Once a surgeon has done over 300 sleeves, their complication rate goes way down. Cost is not the most important factor...you can get it cheap, then end up in the hospital ICU for months with serious complications and high $$$$$, so research the complication rate for surgeons. Also, try to get the surgery in a full service hospital, with an ICU, Blood bank, etc, just in case a complication does happen. Some surgeons operate in little clinics where that is all the services...bariatric surgery...and if you have a problem, gotta find a way to get to a big hospital for care...not good, especially if you are hemorrhaging or have a serious leak. There are great ones out there...just do your homework and don't be pressured. When you are confident and ready, you will decide.
  11. cajun

    Eloping- yeee haaaaa!!!

    I think that French Laundry requires a reservation at least 6 months in advance. CIA also suggests reservations...am not sure if they are required but you can do it online. They are not anywhere as expensive as French Laundry. I see that they also have a tasting menu...that might be better for a new sleever. They also serve you lots of wine so you might need to know that sleevers don't tolerate liquor well from what I read. Might want to pass on that treat especially since you are newly sleeved.
  12. cajun

    Low blood pressure issues

    X that theory. I hope things improve. Maybe you need more calories for the strenuous workouts!
  13. Some people like to talk just to hear themselves "rattle".
  14. cajun

    Low blood pressure issues

    Early in pregnancy, dizzyness can be triggered by low blood pressure, and also by low blood sugar.
  15. The article IS too long. .. But he basically says it's more important to limit calories than to exercise, if your goal is wt loss. His premise is that exercise burns very few, but limiting calories to 6-800, which is what we are recommended to do after the sleeve, is the most important factor in losing the weight.
  16. I think the best tasting shake is the Jay Robb Chocolate. Everyone's taste is different though. Why not post your idea directly so we don't have to PM you? Are you selling it?
  17. cajun

    Lost interest

    I agree with the previous post about Stevia. It is the best sweetener from what I can tell. You can get it at walmart and many other places. Just be careful to not get the one with sugar in it. Just plain stevia.
  18. cajun

    My first "bad" experience

    kk If you are self pay, consider Dr Aceves in Mexicali Mexico...his program is awesome, in a full service hospital, and very affordable. I paid 8750. He's done over 700 sleeves, with no leaks, and is more experienced than most physicians in the USA. You just fly to San Diego. They pick you up and bring you back directly to the airport 5 days later. So easy.
  19. 18 lbs, already! Great job! I found that white meat chicken was too dry and really hurt. I could do dark meat though. I preferred shrimp and fish, like fresh wild caught salmon, smashed up at first.....seems much easier to get down and did not hurt. Lots of Protein and nutrients. Okios plain yogurt with stevia as a sweetener, was a favorite...also loads of protein in it. More protein plus more Water yields more wt loss! Watch out for carbs...no more than 60 gms a day!
  20. cajun

    Sleeve Tomorrow

    Glad to hear that you are home...keep sipping walking burping...things will get better soon...this is the hard stuff but you will be so glad when you see the pounds just dropping of. Congratulations on joining the loser's bench!
  21. cajun

    What a week!

    AWESOME! Congratulations!
  22. cajun

    Low blood pressure issues

    Did he do a serum B HCG? I still think that you could be pg and maybe have a false negative urine test...the blood test, B HCG would be definitive.:wink0:
  23. KKandrod: My knees used to kill me. Once I lost about 40 pounds, the pain left me and has not returned since. You will be amazed and how much weight loss relieves pain in the lower extremities. I understand your chiropractor's reluctance. He has some good points, but as the other poster said, has not walked in your shoes...literally. I embrace and practice the "no medicine" rule also, as much as I can. Right now, circumstances require that I take a lot of stuff though, for my own good...H2 blocker, multiple vitamins and minerals mostly...but I hope and plan to get off as many as I can once I can eat more and get my nutrition from food. You need what YOU need. But he sounds like a "keeper" too.
  24. cajun

    Eloping- yeee haaaaa!!!

    How exciting! If you want a nice place to have a fantastic celebration dinner in Napa, go to the Culinary Institute of America. It will be a very special dining experience to remember...not cheap, but absolutely fantastic for such a special day. I was visiting my sister some years ago and we stumbled upon it...it's in an old stone castly-like building that used to be the Christian Brother's "monastery", where they made the Christian Brothers' wine. Lots of character and ambience. The food is OUT OF THIS WORLD and the service is too. You will love it. My sister and I spent about three hours visiting and reveling in each course...each dish was like a work of art...almost too pretty to eat. But when you ate it...well, it was unbelievable. Worth every penny. Congratulations! You are doing exactly what I would do! Here's the link to the Culinary Institute of America's website in Napa: Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant-The Culinary Institute of America
  25. cajun

    Greek Yogurt

    Okios Plain (4 oz) calories prot carb sugar 70 12g 5g 5g Fage 0% plain (4 oz) 60 10g 4.5g 4.5g For the minimal difference, I prefer the taste of Okios. Everyone's different though...try them all.

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