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  1. cajun

    Energy level???

    Be sure you are getting at least 70 ounces of non-caffinated fluids daily. Did he check b vitamin levels?
  2. cajun

    How much food can you really eat?

    2-3 oz of baked salmon. That's it. I am stuffed. That's at almost 8 months out. Everyone is a little different. The sleeve is a "miracle drug".
  3. cajun

    Just a little advice.

    I wonder if this is because most people take Calcium carbonate, which is not absorbed if there is no acid in the stomach. Most of us take a PPI or other acid-reducing medication post op, so we take calcium citrate. It IS absorbed even if there is no acid in the stomach. Many, many people have reflux or "heartburn" and take OTC acid blockers on their own, without any advice from a professional who would be able to advise them to switch their calcium to calcium citrate. Maybe that is causing more osteoporosis. Just a thought.
  4. cajun

    Just a little advice.

    I switched from nexium to otc zantac after 6 months, and I take it twice a day. Occasionally I forget to take it and some days I don't notice any acid. But if I eat any carbs, I do notice the acid burning, sometimes even when I've taken the zantac. chocolate is also a problem. Darn. Milk does take the edge off for me, if I am having some acid burning, and eating a few bites of Protein every two hours or so will also help me. I guess it gives the stomach something to burn besides my stomach! One of the advantages of having a "normal" amount of stomach acid is that it kills harmful bacteria, which we might consume on food that we eat. The PPI's stop all acid production so we lose that protection when on a PPI. I am hoping that eventually I will not need anything except a few Vitamins.That raises another issue. Presence or absence of acid is a factor in whether or not some medications and vitamins are absorbed and properly utilized in the body. It's a juggling act to take certain ones on empty stomach, but take others with food, as recommended.
  5. From Wikepedia: Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs): The PPIs include omeprazole (Prilosec, Losec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), rabeprazole (Aciphex), pantoprazole (Protonix, Pantoloc), and esomeprazole (Nexium). The reduced secretion of gastric acid and pepsin produced by PPIs can reduce absorption of protein-bound (dietary) vitamin B12, but not supplemental vitamin B12. Gastric acid is needed to release vitamin B12 from protein for absorption. Reduced vitamin B12 levels may be more common with PPIs than with H2-blockers, because they are more likely to produce achlorhydria (complete absence of gastric acid secretion). However, clinically significant vitamin B12 deficiency is unlikely, unless PPI therapy is prolonged (2 years or more) or dietary vitamin intake is low. Vitamin B12 levels should be monitored in people taking high doses of PPIs for prolonged periods.
  6. cajun

    NSV shout outs

    Bought a swim suit yesterday...size 14. I have not worn a 14 since high school! It fits very well! I am soooo happy with my sleeve!
  7. cajun

    Ppi rebounding

    THANK YOU for these excellent reports. I was aware of this when I started taking the PPI after surgery, and decided to continue taking the PPI for three or four months, to give my stomach the best chance to heal. Then I switched to OTC Zantac, which allows the proton pumps in the stomach to go ahead and resume pumping out acid, at the higher than usual rate, as described in the studies. But the Zantac neutralizes the effect of the acid. This is a sort of "step down gently" program, and it seems to be working for me. Some days I don't take the Zantac, and will be weaning off it within the next few months. Carbohydrates seem to cause me to have more acid symptoms. So I know what to avoid. My goal is to not need any medications at all...but I am doing all this with the supervision of my gastroenterologist. PPIs are great when needed, but even the companies that make and profit GREATLY from selling them say that they should only be taken for a short period of time. They did cause cancer in rats when given at really high doses during the pharmacologic studies before the drug was approved by the FDA. I'm not a rat, and did not take those high doses...but better safe than sorry! Thanks again!
  8. Is your dietician part of the surgeon's team? My internist, who is not part of my surgeon's team, recommended I see her dietician and she was agast that I was only eating 600-800 calories per day (Dr Aceves' recommendation). She wanted me to increase to at least 1200 calories, but it was clear that she did not "get it". We are not supposed to be on a "normal" diet plan here, this is a WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. So I am not following her plan. I am following what my bariatric surgeon recommended. My wt loss is as it should be, my lab tests are good, and I feel great. Once I reach target, I will bump it up to 1200-1500 calories to maintain. I agree that it will allow me to eat more veggies and fruits once I can do that, but for now, I am working on my wt loss goal. If your bariatric surgeon did not recommend a diet to you, I'd say contact him/her and find out what they recommend.
  9. Not a good idea at all. Many people think that Vitamins and minerals are always safe to take and that "more is better than less"...This is a myth. Zinc, as many other vitamins and minerals, can cause serious problems if overdosed. Overdosing with zinc can cause acute renal failure (among other things). I recommend always checking with your health care provider to get your level checked first, to be sure you need it. Then take what your provider recommends, and follow up with testing to be sure you reach the proper goal. The same is true for many other vitamins/minerals. Happy weight loss, and stay healthy while you're doing it!
  10. BJean, You are "fresh out of surgery" so don't expect yourself to be able to drink three Protein Shakes a day! The first week or two, the most important thing is not protein, it is Fluid. If you don't drink enough clear fluids and you get dehydrated, you will end up back in the hospital. Dehydration also puts you at risk for a blood clot. So just sip sip sip clear clear fluids, and I agree that warm decaffinated tea is a great choice. I also used clear broth, and warm Sobe lifewater (its a Vitamin water) which has no sugar in it, and has multiple flavors to choose from. Target often has it on sale. Sam's also has a zero calorie vitamin Water that tastes pretty good. I did not like anything sweet at first, so the apple flavor Sobe lifewater was best tolerated for me...but everyone is different. Follow your surgeon's advice...mine was Dr Aceves and he limits patients to clear fluids the first week to 10 days, then full liquids for the next week to 10 days (protein shakes are full liquids). Then mushy foods for a week to 10 days. Best to not put anything solid in the tummy until the suture line is more healed and the swelling has gone down, and this takes about a month. Advancing too fast can cause a leak during this vulnerable period. I felt so weak until I was able to advance to mushies, that I just walked in the house, and napped often. That's pretty normal...don't try to start an exercise regimen while you are so exhausted, and while you are still trying to get in enough fluids to avoid dehydration. Exercise will further deplete your fluids. You'll do great...be patient with yourself...things will get easier once you are past that first month. Congratulations on starting your new life!
  11. I lost 20 lbs the first month post op. After that, 10 lbs per month the next 5 months. Heavier folks lose faster at first. Since I'm 7 months out, my loss has slowed as I get closer to goal...I expect it will be only about 5 lbs this month. Time will tell. I am so happy with my sleeve!
  12. Texas T, I've had the same thing occasionally, but not every time...sometimes I can eat a little something sweet and it does not bother me. Other times I feel "bad" afterwards...hard to describe, I think it's the sugar "high" then the "low". A couple of times it was "dumping" but that was very rare. Anyway, since I'm not eating sweets very often, it is a rare event and does not worry me. I do have a lot of gurgling though, no matter what I eat.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Dalisgirl, Welcome to the loser's bench! The first few weeks are the hardest, but once you are on mushies things start to improve and get easier. The weight will just fall off you! Take it easy, walk, sip, burp and be gentle with yourself.
  14. I started losing hair at about 4 months out. It continued for about two months. Now it's growing back. I can even see it in my eyelashes...they are longer than they ever were before. My internist checked some of my Vitamin levels. I was low in zinc. Am taking a replacement now for zinc and maybe that's helping too.
  15. Hey, come join us on the bench, there's plenty of room! In fact there's more room all the time since we're all losing so much weight!!!!:thumbup1:
  16. Tiff, you are so beautiful! Awesome dress. I know you will have a blast at the ball. Thanks for all that you share and for just being yourself!
  17. By the way Tiffany, you still have a very pretty face, and now a pretty body to go along with it! REALLY! I hope that others' rude comments will just slide off that pretty little back of yours and not bother you.
  18. cajun

    My Journey to 100 lbs

    Kathy: 100lbs. AWESOME! You are doing so great...keep up the great work and you will be at your target in no time flat! I feel like a new person too...it is so great to feel the ease of moving around like a normal person. Have you tried lifting a large bottle of clorox at the grocery store? Multiply that weight times how much you've lost and you will be amazed...how did we carry around all those pounds? It's like being born again, isn't it? It is hard to explain the feeling...but I am enjoying every minute of it. Congratulations on your new life!
  19. I am seven months out and still "get the gurgles" sometimes. No definite pattern that I can tell. I'd rather gurgle than be obese, so I'm not complaining about it.
  20. You'll love them, Tiff. Since you are well below target, you can afford to enjoy them as much as you want! They are incredible! Sounds like you are "skinny as a pretzel"!:thumbup:
  21. Tiff, I have found that if I take an empty container of whatever I want them to order, Walmart will start carrying the product. It may take several months for them to get it on their order list, but I have had success after requesting several different items. Ask for the manager of the dairy dept and make your request.
  22. Sounds great to me, Tiff. Another absolutely "poisonous" delicious treat is the flat pretzels at Sams. They look like they have been ironed, very, very flat and so crispy. Not too much salt. YUMMY. But beware, they are like fritos. You must have strong willpower to not over eat them. I have had company for a week and did eat some bread, today had two bites of a bagel with cream cheese, a tomato slice, and smoked salmon on top . Two bites and I was full. Can't really do too much bread, it's so filling. Although I enjoyed a few treats over the week, I still lost 2 lbs. Hooray! Am in size 16 jeans now, 14 top. My favorites jeans are from goodwill. Feelin' good and my family is so impressed!
  23. Try this yogurt, add a little Stevia as sweetener: Oikos Plain Yogurt Serving Size 1 container (5.3 oz) Amount Per Serving 150g Calories80 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g Sodium 60mgPotassium 230mg Total Carbohydrate 6gDietary Fiber 0gSugars 6g Protein 15g It's been one of my primary protein sources throughout my journey. I love it with a few blueberries added!
  24. cajun

    100 lb mark hurray

  25. Average loss is 10 lbs per month. You lost about 40. GET OVER IT!!!!! NO MORE WHININ!!! YOU ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE PACK!!!

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