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  1. Oh this gives me hope! I've been feeling too scared to eat because I keep feeling the need to throw it all up so the pain stops I'll be sure to get an unfill this week and hopefully I can start eating again
  2. hi everyone i still have until august before i am eligible to claim the surgery on my insurance but i spoke to my dr today and he said i should go ahead and make an appointment with my surgeon ASAP so i can get in early for a surgery date was everyone told the same thing? how earlier did you start planning your surgery?
  3. alycejo

    100lbs down in 5 months!

    Wow! You have done an amazing job You look fantastic! Good luck in reaching your goal, I'm sure you'll be there in no time!
  4. Surgery was on August 13th Feeling great!
  5. My surgery was on August 13 and Post op appointment is on September 6th I was told to call the dr if I had any problems but because my surgery went so well the dr didn't request to see me sooner
  6. alycejo

    August 2010 anyone?

    being banded this friday...the 13th :S oh well at least i'm not superstitious!
  7. Hi everyone I'm 21 and am getting banded August 13 Today I was prescribed Yasmin pills to regulate my heavy and painful periods. The doc assured me that this brand would not cause weight gain So my only concern is whether i will be able to continue taking them once i get the band I am taking them purely because my periods are horrible and has caused my Iron to be really really low Has anyone else taken them for this reason?
  8. I'm sorry, I know this may have deterred you But why put it on here in the first place if you weren't sure of the circumstances? I'm sure that the Lap Band alone can't cause death during sleep. Other things seem to be in play here.
  9. That's really sad and I'm sorry that this news has come to you But this doesn't scare me. I would rather have complications and pass then suffer from diabetes and heart problems for years. My mum is against me getting surgery just for this reason...however I'm sure that those who suffer complications would possibly have had other problems which were present at the time.
  10. alycejo


    PS: i'll follow you all!! mine band blog is http://myrescueispossible.blogspot.com/ :thumbup:
  11. alycejo


    just started blogging! it's a great idea i also have a tumblr if anyone has it http://alyce-in-wonderland.tumblr.com/
  12. alycejo

    2 Weeks pre-op

    aarrgghh the dreaded one year wait!! im 5 weeks till surgery and had to do the same thing where abouts are you in australia? im in melbourne...getting banded by peter nottle good luck!!!!
  13. Hi everyone I've decided to sell alot of clothes that I've only worn occassionally Need to clear my closet so that when I lose the weight I can buy a whole new wardrobe!! Please Check my items out Really need to sell! I can post to america, however postage will be around $10 eBay Seller: quiet tragedy: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Music items on eBay Australia
  14. alycejo

    Clothes for cheap sale!

    Hi everyone I've decided to sell alot of clothes that I've only worn occassionally Need to clear my closet so that when I lose the weight I can buy a whole new wardrobe!! Please Check my items out Really need to sell! I can post to america, however postage will be around $10 eBay Seller: quiet tragedy: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Music items on eBay Australia
  15. This is a bit off the topic but I had a friend of mine say to me "Oh I wish I was fat so that I could get lap band and not worry about what I eat anymore". Considering she knew I've been overweight my whole life and I have been 'dieting' since I was primary school then I'm sure she knew that I never chose to be this way. I don't think anyone should judge one's decision to do this, but I think people just have a misperception about the whole thing, which really needs to be changed
  16. alycejo

    Thanks for the earrings lil' sis!

    wow you look amazing!!!! congrats
  17. alycejo

    Hello from Australia

    Hi! I'm from melbourne, getting banded in august congrats on your amazing weight loss!! This site is great, you'll meet some really inspirational people :thumbup:
  18. alycejo

    5 months...

    Is when I will be getting banded :w00t: I know it is a long time but i'm sure it will come very quickly! I went for my initial consultation today with Peter Nottle in melbourne and he is very nice :blushing: the ladies there are also lovely I've already made my appointments for the physician and dietician now all i have to do it wait it out until then! 13 august 2010 will be my date :laugh:
  19. alycejo

    5 months...

    Oh okay, hmm I'm covered by insurance so i was eligible as long as I waited the 12months.a friend if mine waited 3 yes as self pay so I'm not sure whAt the current wait time is sorry!
  20. alycejo

    5 months...

    Hi Caz Peter Nottle is lovely! the first appt with him was very brief...probably because this forum had answered all my questions already!! when i said i knew for sure that i wanted to go through with it, he sent me to one of his receptionists and she booked me in for all the dietician and physician appointments and booked me in for my surgery on the spot he could have done it as soon as may/june, but because of my insurance i had to wait out the rest of the 12 month waiting period are you self pay or health insurance?
  21. alycejo

    5 months...

    thankyou for the support!! the reason for the wait was because my health insurance doesn't kick in until 5th august so i have to still wait out the rest of the initial 1 yr waiting period if it was up to me and my surgeon i would have been able to get it done as soon as may!
  22. Hi everyone I'm getting banded next august, still waiting for insurance to kick in but I'm looking for some volunteers to help me with my Psychology honors research project Im completing the final year of my degree next year and I am interested in studying perceptual congruence and body image distortions in people who experience rapid weight loss and change in body size My theory is that people who lose weight quickly are not able to cognitively process their changing body sizes and therefore they underestimate their weight loss and exaggerate their size, despite shedding the kilos I would need around 20 individuals preferably from Victoria, that are getting banded early 2010 and who are willing to complete a face to face perceptual exercise before and after their weight loss I would really appreciate some volunteers! If you are interested please reply or email me (alycejo31@live.com), I am not conducting my study until next year but I would need to know if I can get participants before I start the research Hope to meet you all soon!! Alyce
  23. alycejo

    Anyone willing to help my research?

    hi everyone thankyou all for your interest! unfortunately i've had to scrap this project because my supervisor wasn't confident that i would be able to find participants hopefully i'll be able to study this later in my studies :smile2:
  24. alycejo


    you are absolutely gorgeous!!
  25. alycejo

    Interest in aussie only forum?

    i think it would be a great source! i havent been banded yet but i've been on this site since August and I have found it a great help However an aussie based site would be alot more helpful, especially in terms of information regarding aussie surgeons and medicare/insurance information

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