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  1. Hi bethicle! Looks like there are going to be a handfull of us there that week. I look forward to meeting you. I'll be there through the 22nd. I'm so looking forward to getting started on the road to being healthy and feeling better:001_smile:
  2. luv2lose...yah!!!! Now we have 3 sleeve bandits the same week. We can definitely all walk the halls together. Can't wait to meet you. :thumbup:
  3. Kai, it's exciting isn't it? I'm sure you can find someone else from the board that is scheduled your week also. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you since you will just be one week ahead. :biggrin0:
  4. Hi Kai. Congratulations on your date. It is exciting to see how many people are scheduled with Dr. Aceves. I don't think any of us will regret it. I look forward to hearing about your experience. :scared0:
  5. Congrats on your date Gary. I will be having my sleeve with Dr. Aceves one week before you do. I'm so excited as I'm sure you are. Wish you best of luck. Oh and about the accent...I think people just ask you to repeat yourself because they LIKE your accent. :scared0:
  6. That's great Kermit. Fantastic start.
  7. Tiff, congratulations! It's the ultimate accomplishment and the reason we are all part of this forum and "sleeve family". Your accomplishment will help all those that are following to know that it is possible. Your hard work and determination is a inspiration for all of us that are just starting out or are mid way along our journey. Again, thanks for sharing and being so willing to help those behind you. Hugs!!!!
  8. Yaaahoooooooooooo Brenda! I'm so excited. I will look for you at the airport and we can definitely walk the halls together. It will be so much fun to have someone sleeved the same day and we can be a support for each other. I have read nothing but positive things about Dr. Aceves and his office staff have been wonderful. I feel totally confident with him and that was a huge factor in picking him for my surgery. I think both of us will be very pleased. :biggrin0:
  9. Barbara278

    minutes from getting sleeved!

    Yah Anne! Thanks for updating us and looking forward to hearing how your journey goes. ps: I can't wait for mine on Jan 19th.
  10. Hi You know it! It would be great if we were able to cross paths. I'm due to start my pre op diet on Jan 11th, but I've decided to start it a bit early, around Jan 1st. So far I've been so impressed with Dr. Aceves office and staff. Everything I have read on these boards regarding him and his office has been positive and after dealing with them I have to agree. Lets keep in touch to see if we will be able to at least say hello to each other while there. I'm so sorry you had to wait to get your sleeve done but better to be safe and have a healthy "you" after it's all said and done. Barb:001_smile:
  11. I have acid reflux. Can anyone tell me if the sleeve improves it or makes it worse? I've heard both, so just wanted to see if anyone who has had the sleeve had acid reflux and what their experience has been after surgery.
  12. Barbara278

    My Journey

    DeeDee, you are such an inspiration. And thanks for continuing to post on these forums. Seems like there are only a few "old timers" so to speak that continue to post here, and I think that's a shame. Newbies need the support and the inspiration from folks like you who have gone before us. You look absolutely fantastic and beautiful. Congrats on your success and hope to continue to hear your journey. Barb
  13. Frank, I've been praying for you and wondering how you were doing so it's good to hear that all went well. Can't wait to hear your progress along the way. Barb
  14. Barbara278

    Acid Reflux & the sleeve

    I see this subject has already come up before. Sorry for repeating the question. I did do a search for reflux and acid and nothing came up so I posted the question. Now I see down below there are previous threads regarding this same subject. Sorry for the repeat.
  15. Barbara278

    Acid Reflux & the sleeve

    deedee, did you know ahead of time that the sleeve would or might make it worse? It doesn't change my mind at all. I still want to move forward with the sleeve and figure I'll just deal with those issues as needed. I just don't want the RNY at all. Once I ruled out the band, the sleeve has been the only way I want to go. I think it will far outweight the acid reflux. At least I'm hoping. lol
  16. Barbara278

    Acid Reflux & the sleeve

    Thanks Ladies. It looks like it's something I will just have to deal with after surgery as well.
  17. Barbara278

    New to VSG, Old to WLS

    Wannabe, Welcome. You have been through the ringer and still have a positive attitude. I admire you. This board is a great safe place to be. Any question you have, someone will answer. This WL board is the best around! I look forward to hearing more of your journey with the sleeve. Best of luck to you, and thanks for sharing your story.
  18. Kermit, best wishes to you. Sounds like you have everything ready to go. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  19. Barbara278

    Wine consumption

    Tiff, I figured they were referring to RNY patients. It's good to know a little now and then will probably be ok. Thanks again for letting us know.
  20. Frankman, I'm sure what you are feeling is normal and probably should be expected. I will pray for God to give you a peace about everything. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. Barb
  21. Barbara278

    Wine consumption

    I was reading an article (I think it was on OH newsletter) that said one drink for a person who has WLS is equivalent to 4 drinks. I'm so glad to hear that it was ok Tiff. I'm not a big drinker at all. In fact I might have a glass of wine twice a year, but I sure would like to be able to have a glass now and again once I'm 6 months out or so. Thanks!
  22. Barbara278

    Countdown to surgery!!

    Hi jpetty! Welcome to VST. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear how your progress goes. Keep us posted.
  23. Barbara278

    Emotional Break down:

    Hi Jpetty! Welcome to VST. My surgery is scheduled for Jan 19th, so you will be just a few weeks ahead of me. We will be going through this together. Welcome again, and looking forward to getting to know you.
  24. Barbara278

    Emotional Break down:

    Last night hubby and I went shopping to finish up the last minute things we needed to pick up for Christmas gifts. We were in the womens clothing section of the store, and I heard hubby say "Hey, this looks like something you would wear". I came around the corner to see this beautiful bright yellow sweater hanging up. Probably a size Medium. I just looked up at it and burst out crying! I think I scared my hubby a little. Just the thought of being able to go into a store and pick something you LIKE off a rack and be able to fit in it was overwhelming. For many years I go into a store and go to the "fat ladies" section and hope they have something that isn't to horrible that will fit me. I know some of you ladies have been there. I can't wait until the day I can pick something I truly like off a rack and wear it. :001_tongue:
  25. Barbara278

    Emotional Break down:

    Thanks for your support Tiff and DeeDee...you guys both rock! I think I may just buy a "goal sweater" and hang it where I can see it. That might help me keep my eye on the prize.

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