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    kentuckyjim got a reaction from enjoythetime in 2years since last fill, got a antibiotic pill stuck, now swollen.   
    in the two years since my last fill I have had no real issues with my stoma then got a pill stuck and have been swollen for 4 days now. no symptoms of slippage. IE No heartburn, no pain etc. liquids go through in the am slowly, but in the afternoon it even goes down more slowly. I dream of a big glass of crystal light which is ice cold. half a dixie cup feels like its with me for an hour or so. I feel like I have some signs of dehydration. My doc said if I can get liquids to go down at all then I should come in during office hours. He also suggested to go the the er or urgent care for iv fluids if I am dehydrated. What is best to help with swelling warm liquids, cold liquids, or any other tricks to help with swelling. I am thinking about going in monday to get some taken out, I talk on the phone all day and need my liquids to keep my mouth moist after talking so much. History, this month marks 7 years post op.

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