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  1. Good morning all. I just had my second fill this past Tuesday. I have a realize band and now am up to 7ccs. After my first fill, 3.5, I had no restriction and could eat everything, although I didn't and did not gain nor lose weight. Now, after the 2nd fill, I definitely have pretty good restriction and am eating about half as much but have gained about 5 lbs. My guess is my body thinks it is being starved and is hanging onto eveything it has and will readjust in another few days and start burning the food again. Anyone else go through this or am I just crazy. Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi all, I'm almost one month post bad, first fill coming on Aug 28th. I'm down 27 lbs so I am thrilled but am wondering about returning to coffee with caffeine. I've been off caffeine for a month and don't drink soda for many reasons but was wondering if a cup of non-decaf coffee once a day would hurt. Thoughts? Thanks
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    Hang in there. I feel similar to you. Was banded on July 15th and my doc would do a fill until 6 weeks after so my first fill is August 28th. I'm going at it day by day and meal by meal and chewing a ton and eating slower than I ever have in my life. I had will power once and am getting it back. I didn't go through 6 months of prep classes for this surgery to blow it in a month. Hang in there man, we got this. Drink tons of water, especially like 30 minutes before you eat and that will help keep that full feeling.
  4. I was banded on the15th as well and hear what you are saying. After day 4, I was allowed to go to cream Soups as long as they are strained. Been lunching on cream of chicken and it is much better than the broth. I'm seeing the doc tomorrow so hoping I can get to some better foods. It's so tough cause my wife doesn't cook so I'm cooking my wife and son dinner then I cook myself my tasty Soup. I think I miss chewing and am going to take advantage of enjoying the taste of food instead of just shoveling the food down my throat. Still having a bit of diarrhea but with all liquid, what can you expect.

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