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    Married with a young daughter I call my Chickadee. Have struggled with heaviness for about 15 years. Hello, Lap Band.
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  1. losing4life

    Need advice

    Thank you! I was thinking this may be necessary. I will try this and call them on Monday.
  2. I was banded in July and never had a problem till this last week. Almost daily I have felt a little sticking while eating...tried to slow down. Last night we went out to dance and party. Had a few goodies, no problem. Went to Taco Cabana afterward and tried one bite of a soft taco.. then one bite of chips & queso...terrible stuck feeling immediately and I threw up that chip & queso in the restroom and didn't eat again. This morning my hubby made me eggs & bacon. One bite of bacon one bite of cheesy egg and I felt that really bad sticking again and my mouth watered as if readying to relieve the stomach again. I even tried to drink Water and it felt more stuck. I can't reach the surgery center as it's the weekend. I wonder if anyone has suggestions for me that may be useful? I am sipping water now, which seems to be going down alright. Happy Halloween!
  3. losing4life

    banded 8/11..still so weak?

    Completely normal! you should be taking it easy. I was taking naps every day for one week out. I (very dumb) tried to organize a garage sale on my 5th day after with a friend and I wiped myself out... hurt myself a little too. So relax, take it easy, you're recovering
  4. losing4life

    How will I know when I am "stuck"

    Is that why I've got hiccups a couple of times? I wondered. Sometimes I think I can feel things going down. I may burp once in awhile. These are signs I need to slow down?
  5. I do that too. At least a bottle and a half of water before I'm out the door in the morning. I think it helps me loads. I try to eat. What kind of issues do you have with your back? Iwas walking every day for two months before getting surgery and my back pain grew steadily worse. Turns out it is related to a pinched nerve (and weight, of course) and from the impact my steps send into my back. I have been prescribed to do the Sit & Be Fit exercises on PBS for it.
  6. I personally have lost 34 pounds since I started my pre-op diet on July 7, 2009. I am continuing to lose, but not ignoring any hunger thoughts I have. I used to normally go overboard at night, so now I may have one or two sugar free popsicles and I have successfully stayed away from old favorites like chocolate, coke, and popcorn. I really am grateful for my bandtool because otherwise it would be some miracle. I'm sorry that so many people, like yourself, feel they are having a bad time, or they don't see the scale moving. You are losing weight though, so keep working toward your goals. Remember those breads and sweets you're offered at work and parties will be there again next year. I hope you get to your sweet spot soon and your smile gets bigger.
  7. Have you contacted your surgeon's office to ask if it is expected for you?
  8. You should be losing. I thought that I was going to gain after going off liquids and when I did gain a pound I mentioned it to the nurse practitioner. She said I was probably getting too many carbs and needed to cut back on the creamy Soups. I had dizziness before I had surgery so a little now wouldn't bother me, however, you should be contacting your surgeon's office right away because I don't think you are doing well at all. Before you beat yourself up anymore, get yourself into see the doctor or nurse. Don't be afraid to pester them with questions. This is your life, right? Good luck.:sneaky:
  9. What do they tell you at the surgeon's office? Have you been receiving your fills? I'm still only a few days out from surgery, so I imagine I will have a little gain when I start mushies and solids, but so far I have consistently lost. My advice is to consult your physician.
  10. losing4life

    Tummy Tucks?

    The only advice I can lay out is that you should wait a year or so after you've achieved goal weight to give your skin's elasticity the time to heal. Maybe it won't be so bad then. When you are close to goal maybe you can try eating foods that are supposed to boost the elasticity of the skin, because not amount of sit ups will help. I may have to enter the tummy tuck group myself and I'm not looking forward to it!:biggrin:
  11. losing4life

    Not even 2 weeks out and...

    I'm only four days post-op, and while I'm not hungry much, I had visions of tacos, Beans, chalupas, and nachos:ohmy: dancing in my head during Days of Our Lives. Weirdest thing.:biggrin: I have been having dreams that I ate a cookie someone offered me and then freaked out because I was going to screw up my band. It's funny really, not.
  12. losing4life

    Not even 2 weeks out and...

    Did your surgeon recommend that? I read through my paperwork and it seems one of the concerns is taking in too many calories that way.
  13. Yep, I gained about two pounds and now on day 4 post-op I am down about 6 lbs. I do expect that number to go up when I start on the next dietary phase, before it goes down.
  14. You know, as far as I've heard, if you have gastric bypass they always remove the gallbladder, so I wonder why it isn't common to do that with lap band patients. I suppose because if you can avoid it, why not? I had my gallbladder out in Sept 2007 after spending most of the summer on a great meal delivery plan that allowed me to lose weight to quickly. I remember having small pain sometimes and then the day of my birthday I went to Friday's and had jack daniels ribs (delish!). That night I woke up with terrible chest pressure that did not dissipate for several hours. I made an appointment immediately and they ruled out heart disease, and zeroed in on my gallbladder. I can't eat Popeye's spicy chicken anymore:frown: because it creates a dripping, burning sensation when the gallbladder used to be... literally feels like a hole could burn through my skin. Anyway, many peeps live without it and if you have pain, you will probably need it removed eventually. Check all avenues. It is shorter recovery than lap band. You will continue to secrete bile and you still can get stones in the bile ducts. (from what I've read.) Gallstones How do gallstones come back after gall bladder removal surgery? - by Angela Pollock - Helium
  15. losing4life

    Anyone Have Breathing Difficulty?

    Thanks all. I suppose I was worried because I can't seem to raise that little airlife breather beyond 500-1000. I will call the surgeon's office about it tomorrow morning. I do feel a little better this morning.

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