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    Plastic Surgery in 16 days!

    Karen - best of luck to you today. You look great. Kim
  2. kwright


    What kinds of exercise is everyone doing? I just joined a gym and I'm not sure what I should be doing right now. I'm 3 weeks post-op, so I definitely will not be working out my abs, but I need suggestions on where to start. I'm thinking treadmil, elliptical and the stair thing to start. If you started lifting weights, at what point did you start?
  3. Hi Linda: I only had about 70 pounds to lose and I was banded with 100% insurance coverage. I'm 5'1" tall and weighed 198 at my consultation so I had a BMI of 37.5 or so. When I went to see the doctor, I initially only had a slightly elevated blood pressure that was controlled with a Water pill. They did some bloodwork on me that indicated that I was pre-diabetic and that's all it took. I have Blue Shield of California insurance and everything was approved at the first request. So...anything is possible.
  4. kwright

    New Year, New You Challenge!

    I'm in!!! Looking forward to the challenge and the new me.
  5. I was banded on August 17th and I'm only 5'1" and weighed 200 pounds. My insurace covered everything including my fills for the first year. The only co-morbidity that I had when I first went to my consultation was high blood pressure that was under control with water pills so it wasn't that bad. I had bloodwork that was done and it came out that I was pre-diabetic (no pills prescribed). I'm surprised that I was approved since my BMI was below 40 but I was and I don't regret one day. I've tried diets in the past (even went on a liquid diet for 9 months) and gained all the weight that I lost plus more back, so I would have tried anything. The weight seems to be coming off slow, and I still don't have much restriction but I think that I will hit my goal before the first year is up.
  6. I agree. Dr. Mueller and his staff are the greatest. I was surprised that his office staff were present to check in on me before and after my surgery. I'm 7 weeks post-op and look forward to seeing you at the support meetings.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I have to wait 4 weeks between fills. I just had my 1st fill last week (only 1.5cc) and I feel no restriction at all. I called to see if I could get in sooner and was told that they only do fills every 4 weeks. At this rate, it could take several months for me to get the proper restriction.
  8. kwright

    August 2009 BANDits Status Report 9/28/2009

    Hi Everyone! I had my surgery on August 17th and my first fill of 1.5cc on September 24th. I've lost a total of 27 pounds (including pre-op). So far everything has been great. I really don't feel any restriction and I can't wait until my next fill (my doctor only does them every 4 weeks). I'm headed to Las Vegas for the weekend and I hope that I can overcome the buffets!
  9. kwright

    Back at home a little tighter

    I guess my doctor is very conservative since I only got a 1.5cc fill today.
  10. kwright

    Curiosity killed the cat.....

    Blue Shield of California - HMO 2 Days from submission to approval
  11. I hope this answered a few of your questions.
  12. kwright

    Need Advice, please help.

    Good luck with Kaiser in San Diego. I went to their information seminar in May and decided to go with my other insurance. While I was at the seminar I learned that you had to have a bmi of 50 which clearly I didn't have and that you have to go through their weight loss program which takes about a year. Back in May they didn't have a contract signed yet with Pacific Bariatric since their surgeons didn't do lapband at that time. Best of luck to you and hopefully the process doesn't take as long.
  13. I had the breathing tube still in when I woke up and it was a traumatizing event for me. I didn't realize that the tube was still in and I was trying to breath and nothing would go in or out, I thought that I was dying. The nurse that was supposed to be monitoring me was talking to someone about her weekend and I kept thinking "shut the hell up and look at me" lol. She finally came over and asked if I wanted the tube out and I nodded yes. Taking the tube out was nothing, but I'll never get over the feeling of not being able to breathe.
  14. kwright


    I plan on exactly that. My incisions are healing pretty well and I thought that I would start with a Water aerobics class. I just joined 24 Hour Fitness (costco had an offer of a 2-year membership for $299 that I couldn't pass up) and they offer different aerobics, dance and yoga classes that I want to try. :thumbup:
  15. Hi Kimo, congratulations on being banded. It only gets better from here. I understand about how you feel (hungry in your mind but not physically). I went through the same thing so enjoy it while you can. My only advice to you is to get up and walk as much as you can, it helps to get the gas out and also with the healing. As for the liquids, follow your doctor's instructions and keep hydrated. Liquids usually go straight through and you may feel full after a few sips due to the stomach swelling. So just keep sipping. I'm almost 4 weeks post-op and I feel great and you will too. Again, congratulations!!!! :w00t:
  16. kwright

    WHOOOT!! Under 400lbs

    Congratulations Jerry!!! You're doing a wonderful job. :w00t:
  17. kwright


    Thanks for your input. My goal is to start with 3 days each week and see how it goes from there. :w00t:
  18. kwright

    Tomorrow is my first fill!

    Let me know how it goes. I don't get my 1st fill for another 2 weeks. I've been limiting my portions but I swear that I could probably eat just like I did before. Now that I'm back eating regular foods, the weight loss has slowed and I'm tired of fighting to lost the same pound over and over again. :blushing:
  19. kwright

    Protien Shakes??

    Try the Muscle Milk Light - they have 20 grams of Protein in each shake and to me the chocolate is delicious. My suggestion is to purchase 1 or 1 pack to try and if you like it costco sells it by the case.
  20. kwright

    Just Banded!

    Rebecca congratulations on being banded!!! I'm 2 weeks post-op and my only advice to you is to walk, walk, walk. It made my recovery so much easier. So take it easy, drink your clear liquids and walk your butt off. :thumbup:
  21. kwright

    SandiegoKate !!!!

    Hey Kate!!! I hope everything went well for you and you're resting comfortably. Keep us posted on your recovery.
  22. kwright

    The Day Is Almost Here!

    Best of luck to you tomorrow. Everything will be fine!!
  23. kwright

    So nervous x-x

    Amy, you're going to be fine. I had my surgery six days ago and luckily I've had little to no pain at all. My only advice is to walk, walk, walk after surgery and follow your doctor's instructions. Tomorrow, I'm going back to work (maybe not all day since I'm still tired) but I'm confident that I'm well enough to go back. Good luck on Friday and let us know how you're doing.
  24. Cindy, I know how you feel. I too had my surgery on the 17th. Right now, I feel sooooooo weak. I'm on clear liquids until the 24th and only then can I incorporate cream of wheat and creamed Soups. I don't get any Protein drinks until the 29th . I usually feel good in the morning but as the day progresses, I get so tired. I don't know how I'm going to make it to Monday. All in all, my surgery was great. I had little pain and hardly any gas pain (which was excellent). My incisions are healing and I can now sleep on either side :thumbup:. So, the hardest thing for me right now is to get in all of my Water and the lack of energy, but I can't complain.
  25. kwright

    Stitches or Glued???

    I have five incisions and all of them are glued.

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