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  1. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Hi. its me again! So I have now been on soft foods for 10 days. I am doing pretty well, I think. LOL. I have only gotten semi-nauseous once and it was on Black eye peas. I had eaten the same thing the day before with no issue. I think I might have just eaten too fast. I have eaten ALL kinds of things too. I'm not one that can eat the same things over and over. I end up wasting a bunch of food though because making a dish, even a small one, I can only eat it like two times and then its gone. I'm not gonna lie, I have snuck a little sugar here and there with no issue. When I say a little though, I mean a little. I have had one square of a Hershey bar...lol...and a tiny sliver of a pumpkin bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes my daughter bought. I've learned to like cottage cheese with sugar free whipped topping and sugar free jello (strawberry is my fave) mixed together....my aunt calls it pink lady and its delicious. I've learned to like more yogurts because I cant eat eggs for breakfast every day! The weight loss is slow but it's not going up, so i'm okay with it. I lost 2 pounds last week. I am trying to walk outside a few days a week but I am still get tired very easy. I hope that goes away soon.
  2. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Hi All. I've been MIA - recovering and learning how to eat again. LOL My surgery (Lap Band removed and converted to GB) was 9-14. I spent one night in the hospital. I got to my room from recovery around 7 pm. I was still very groggy. I woke up about 10 PM and began walking the halls. I was determined to get up and walking. I went home 9-15, Tuesday, by noon. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday were uneventful. It was just alot of me moving slow and sipping protein and gatorade zero and water. Friday, I woke up feeling amazing! I decided it was time to get all cleaned up and feeling human again. When I left the hospital on Tuesday, the nurse said if I didnt have a bowel movement in a couple of days, take some Milk of Magnesium, so I did on Thursday. I'm not going to go in to the whole sordid story but I did end up in the ER on Friday night for several hours for SEVERE constipation. Once that was cleared up, I've been good to go ever since. Sunday I was up cleaning house and walking 2 miles outside. I returned to work (desk job) on Monday, one week post-op. I had my followup with my surgeon on Tuesday, 9-22. He said everything looked great. He advised me to take Miralax daily to help with the bathroom issues and then he said I was released on Thursday (10 days post op) to have soft foods. Yesterday was Thursday and I was soooooo happy to be able to eat food! I managed to hit over 60 grams of protein yesterday without drinking one dang protein drink. It was heaven. I'm eating slow and chewing well. I'm still not hungry but just forcing myself to eat the small meals...5-6 a day suggested by my surgeon. I have lost 22 pounds since starting my pre-op liquid diet...10 since surgery. I hope everyone is doing AMAZING!!!
  3. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Yay! Good luck to us!! See y’all on the other side.
  4. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    I have today and 4 more days to go on my liquid diet. This is no fun. LOL> I'm soooooo tired of sweet stuff. The broth is my only saving grace and the Popsicles to chew on. I can and will complete this though!! You are all doing great. Less then a week to a new beginning!
  5. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    My date is the 14th as well. Started pre-op liquid diet today. So far so good. What about u?
  6. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Beginning of My Journey (again)

    I had mine on Wednesday and I was sooooooper nervous. I had never had one and had no idea what to expect. They wheeled me in the room at 11:48 and then told me the anesthesia was going to burn my hand. Thats the last thing I remember. They woke me up at 12:05. I had THE best nap I have had in soooooo long. I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours goes as well!!
  7. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Do you have to do a pre-op diet?
  8. ByeByeBandHelloBypass

    Anyone for September 2020?

    I am having a revision from Lap-Band to Bypass on Sept 14th. I'm sooo ready to have the band gone but I'm nervous as heck to have the bypass, excited as well. I'm all over the place! 😀
  9. Happy 43rd Birthday BandedandReady!

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