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LAP-BAND Patients
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    I'm 26 and was banded on 10/22/09. I lost some weight before being banded and I'm very excited about starting my new life.
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  1. ditzypoohjean

    Hi there from Las Vegas, NV

    Yay to the vegas bandsters! I was banded by Dr. Soong, Dr. Atkinson's partner back in Oct and couldn't love it more. Best of luck to you and welcome to the club!
  2. The first two weeks I lost a grip but I didn't have a pre-op diet so I lost all that "water weight" I would have lost with a pre-op diet. Since my third week I have completely leveled off to the average 2 lbs a wk which was kinda a bummer. I am down 17lbs since being banded on 10/22/09 and had my first fill on 11/12/09, which hasn't helped because I have very little restriction. Hang in there though I hear once they get it properly adjusted you'll start loosing at a constant 2-4 lbs/wk.
  3. I also had my first fill on 11/12 4 c.c. in a 10 c.c. band and feel very little restriction. I have lost 4 lbs since my fill but get hungry around 1-2 hrs after eating. I am looking forward to my second fill on Dec. 3rd. At least I get full fast I just don't like the hunger a couple hrs later. I also feel tighter in the mornings which I've noticed a lot of people feel. I'm 17lbs down post op and love my band already! Can't wait to find my sweet spot. :thumbup:
  4. ditzypoohjean

    No Ride Home

    I suggest parking your car somewhere near the hospital that's 24hrs like a walgreens, a bar, or a walmart so it won't get towed and have your cab take you from there to the hospital and back. It saves you the money of an hour cab ride and the hospital won't give you a hard time. Just make sure you don't take pain meds the day you go home. I was pretty sore but didn't need the meds and doubt you will either. Be sure to have tylenol ready :thumbup: Good luck to ya!

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