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  1. Hi Ellen,

    I'm so sorry, I just saw that my response from before didn't post. I'm doing great, between 8-18 pounds away from my ideal weight for my height according to Dr. McVay, but if I choose I could lose more. So, that's exciting. I've lost 87 pounds so far. My birthday is coming up on the 23d so my parents are flying in for 2 weeks...they arrive this coming Wednesday, I can't wait!!

  2. sunshine323

    face book bandits

    Hello everyone. Like most of you, I have not told everyone about my surgery. I get a lot of spam requests on Facebook, so if you wouldn't mind clicking the add a personal message when you click the friend request button and just type in Lapband there so I know who you are...I'll do the same when I'm requesting you all. I think this is a great idea. :confused: akarthas@gmail.com
  3. I have pain or discomfort at my port site whenever I exercise. I mentioned it at my last fill, they felt where my port is and my surgeon that it's not uncommon, and for me nothing to be worried about...In my case my port was attached to my abdominal wall. I don't know if this is the case with you, but I thought I'd share. Good luck.
  4. Hi Humming Bird, I have a 10cc band and have great restriction.
  5. Hello everyone, happy holidays! I was banded on July 9th, currently have 7.7cc in my band and have now lost 77 pounds. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and so very happy I made this decision.
  6. Thanks so much! It's never too late to start the pictures. They are GREAT for inspiration especially those weeks when the scale isn't showing much movement. I hope your holidays were great! have a very happy new year.



  7. Thanks so much! I haven't had a moment to post any more pictures but I will. I hope your holidays were wonderful!!

  8. That's great! Thanks, my christmas was wonderful. I got more than I could have ever asked for... in both gifts as well as the quality time with my family which I so very much wanted. I hope your holidays were wonderful. My mom says to say hi! She asks about you and wishes you well. I'm currently in Boston...freezing to death! :) Yesterday it was 5 degrees. Way too cold for me. I'm back in sunny (and slightly warmer) CA this weekend.

  9. Thanks so much Ellen! Richard has been wonderful with taking my photos each week. I am so proud of myself, but it's not easy as you know. But I am so very happy!! How are you doing?

  10. sunshine323

    Progress Photos

  11. It was great seeing you today. Best of luck!!

  12. sunshine323

    Kidney Stone ... OUCH

    So sorry to hear about your kidney stones, I know what you're going through. I get them as well. Hope you're feeling better.
  13. sunshine323

    unclear on exercising

    Hi, like it has been suggested I would check with your doctor... But my surgeon insists on a mile a day beginning the day of surgery. I began my 20 laps around the nurses station just a few hours after I arrived to my room from post-op recovery. I am now up to at least 3 miles a day (surgery was 7/9). Best of luck to you!
  14. Thanks! Actually my primary care cancelled my surgery the night before and Dr. Quilici rescheduled it for tomorrow (7/9). So I am headed to the hospital at 6am tomorrow. Yay!! How are you doing? Hope you are feeling well.

  15. sunshine323

    Our very own forum!!

    Best of luck to everyone who is having surgery tomorrow. My surgery (scheduled for tomorrow, 7/7) was cancelled and tentatively rescheduled for Thursday.
  16. sunshine323

    Our very own forum!!

    Thanks so much! Best of luck to you too.
  17. Hi Marissa,

    Thanks for the note. Hope you have a great birthday! So sorry we'll miss each other again. I actually may not make it myself to tomorrow's meeting. I've got appointments booked all day. My surgery is next Tuesday, July 7th at 9:30am. I can't wait!! I had my nutrition class today...I was the only one with a date of the 7th. everyone else was scheduled further out - most were almost 2 weeks out.

    Anyway, hope all is well. Talk to you soon.



  18. sunshine323

    Our very own forum!!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and very happy to see that there is a forum dedicated to July surgeries. I'm scheduled for surgery on July 7th (my mom's birthday too so it's already a great day). I began my 2 week pre-op liquid diet on 6/23. One week down and one to go.
  19. sunshine323

    July 2009 Dates

    My date is July 7th. :tongue2:

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