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    Thinking about Lap Band surgery

    im having it done in the morning
  2. skinny3


    I had my surgery in November 2009 but nobody has wrote in our area for awhile so I thought Id join u guys if thats ok. It looks like all of you have done so good just wanted to tell ya congrats on the weightloss. Soon2b2little 149 pounds Omg give yourself a pat on the back from me way to go!!! Lapband gal 111 pounds if i subtrated right may have had a blonde moment and messed up if so I apoligize. You have done so good girl give yourself a hug from one lapband girl to another awsome job! cheryldee 90 ponds that great too! Hey u may have been at a plateau for eleven months but you have been through a lot in time.Maintaing in my book is just as good as lossing. I too have went through a lot in the last year. Had surgery awhile ago and had complications. I had to have surgery again in Jan2 and ever since I've been having homehealth come everyday. I had to wear a wound vacumm machine for five months and still have a open wound that should close within the next week hopfully. I have had maybe 1 to 2cc maybe in my band for one two months in the last year. I am scheduled for a new band to be put in next Tuesday. During one of my surgeries my band slipped so they are taking it out and petting a new one in. I can't wait to get my buddy back oh how i miss him. Its so hard to do this on my own. I was going to zumba everyday and walking 3 -4 miles everyday losing so good. I haven't lost in forever but have only gained 4 pounds in the last year. I say WOOT WOOT!! The four pounds I am determined to have off by my surgery date. So I am going to calorie count starting today. I want that off so when my bands put it I can start a new begining moving forward. i'm hoping that kickstarts my weightloss. So I total understand what u have been going through the last 11 months. dracon creature. COme on girl u can do it! U have all of us to support you while u move forward. Keep your head held high Girly!! Have a nice day guys!!
  3. skinny3

    Band Has Slipped

    Had my upper gi today and found out I need to have revision surgery. He wants to put the lapband 14cc band in this time. I didn't even think to so why.does anyone know why.for this of you with slipped band how does it ork after fixed? Does having a new one help. We have to see if my insurance will cover a new one. If not I just want to fix it.
  4. skinny3

    So Tight

    Went for 1/2 cc unfill yesterday and already feel so much better. Those were the longest two weeks of pbing broth and posicles ever. I was 8 pounds down yesterday at the dr that was only good thing out of it. Time to start a new day and its gonna be a good one.
  5. skinny3

    December Delights 2009

    If you feel that bad and can't keep stuff down u need an unfill. why wold u go that long without it. How much do u eat before u throw up? how big bites do u throw up. do u throw up eating soup.
  6. skinny3

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Good job guys! i went for a fill last friday and haven't been able to do the ww program this week cause i'm having to eat liquids and popscicles so I haven't posted for a week. But I should be back tomorrow posting agian hopefully. Shew I have 2cc and am so darn tight its weird how before i had hernia surgery i had 4cc and that was my sweet spot but i will be at 2cc for a long time cause its my new sweet spot. DOLE strawberry fruit popcicle is my new freind so yummy if you haven't had one u must try it.
  7. what kind of information did u guys send in to get approved. What kind of reconstruction are u guys getting. Mine is just a panni and mons reconstruction I don't have any hanging skin anywhere else and don't want a tummy tuck with muscle tightening. I had hernia surgeri in november and the dr tightened my muscles then because he said without that I couldn't have a bowl movement right.The insurance denied me paying for the panni with it and reconstruction of mons.didn't have time to appeal because the hernia was so bad. Which is really dumb that I have to have two surgieries when I could of had one. I have had the rashes but never went to the dr for them. Just kept using over the counter stuff because it was cheaper than going to the dr every time i had a rash. I do have rash at the moment and am seeing the dr next week for cream. They send information after i do that and he looks at me and writes his notes to send that in to insurance to add to the other stuff. I have been having bladder inconsistancy because of the excess skin to. Just woudering how big your stomach was to be approved if you had before or after pics to post so I can compare. thank
  8. skinny3

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    I updated my ticker so it has my surgery date and how much I've lost on it. I have did great with the band it's just when I had kindeystones I get sick and throw up so I usually have to have it complete unfill till it passes. I have a 10 or 11cc band I have 3cc as of last month and very tight with that. I did go to the gym alot but haven't for three months since my surgery. My gym membership is up so I won't be getting another. It only cost 3 a day to go to zumba and love that and use my treadmill at home so thats enough for me. Well that is when I'm able to do it agian.LOL! When was you banded? How big is your band and how much do u have in yours?
  9. skinny3

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Hi Guys I just started back to weight watchers and weighed in on saturday. I was so excited because I lost 8 pounds. This week I've already lost two and I still have till saturday to lose more. I love the weight watcher program but had stopped going because I had hernia surgery in nov. then infection surgery to clean it in january and have a wound vacuum and home health scomes out ever other day to change bandges. I'm not suppost to be out and around people. But talked the nurse into letting me at least go to weigh ins once a week. I have used weight watchers on and off ever since i got the band and even before. The band is my tool and weight watchers is my other tool.LOL! I use the online site to log in what I eat and sometimes my iphone to scan the items and it goes to the site. BEORE SURGERY i WAS GOING TO THE GYM an hour each day using treadmill 30 minutes at night and going to zumba 4 days a week. This staying at home with machine hooked to me was really getting to me plus I had to have some taken out of band before i had surgery so it was hard with just 2 cc in my band. My spirits are up agian and I'm ready to conker the world since my last weeks weigh in. at weight watchers. Still have a month of being hooked to this vacumm machine but at least i got to go to a meeting. The weigh in weekly is the key for me having to step up infront of someone not family or friend. I refuse to gain after working so hard to get off the weight. I don't like the new weight watcher program as much as the old slider card program. I don't like fruits and vegies being free and u get so many more points. they say because they figure your fruits and veggies in the daily points. I do like how as of january 2012 u can take your points down to 26 online. So thats what mine is sat at. and I never use activity points or weekly allowance points. But I love the program. So what are some snacks u guys like to eat at night low in points and healthy? Any tips you have fill free to give cause i'll take all the adive I can get. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond have a good day.

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