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  1. Happy 50th Birthday discomom63!

  2. Happy 49th Birthday discomom63!

  3. discomom63

    are you happy you did it?

    Heidi, that's a tough question! To be honest, it depends on the day you ask. Today, the answer would be "no" I am not glad that I did it. I am in a rotten mood, I have been making horrible food choices and I feel like I have totally let myself down. But, if you would have asked me the same question 2 weeks ago, the answer would have been 'ABSOLUTELY". Like anything, it has it's ups and downs. All depends on how you work it and what you want to get out of it. All in all, I am glad that I had it done, but there are much more emotional issues with food then I thought of. Best of luck with your surgery. you are making the right decision for you and that is what counts. Keep us posted on how you are doing. God Bless.
  4. First of all you are not insane!! And remember, you are addressing people who had to have their stomaches physically altered to lose weight. So I think we get where you are coming from!! You have lost 40 lbs. That is great!!! I know someone who had surgery 2 years ago and she has lost 25. I also know someone who had surgery and they lost 130 in the first 9 months. We are all different. Look for the good in what you have done and when you go to the doctor again tell him you are disappointed in yourself and move on! Keep your chin up and I wish you the best of luck!!!
  5. discomom63

    how long on liquids after the first fill?

    I am on liquids for 2 days after a fill.
  6. discomom63

    Soooo happy and relieved!

    Isn't it amazing!! I had the same experience this past Spring Break. I was so happy to be so much smaller than I was a year ago at that time. Congratulations on your wonderful success!!
  7. discomom63

    I have chickened out!

    I wish you all the best luck!!! I did the same thing that you are doing. I went to the seminar had myself all pysched to begin things and then chickened out and tried on my own for 2 years, and just coulnd't make it happen. Maybe for you it will, I hope so. If you only have 60 to lose I bet you can. I am happy I have the surgery behind me but it is not for the faint of heart. It is hard work and it is a pain in the ass on some days, but you will know what is right for you. Keep on keepin' on ...keep us posted on how you are doing.
  8. discomom63

    I'm too tight

    In my opinion, you sound too tight. I just went through the same thing that you did. One day, I could maybe eat a little of something, the next day I couldn't. I went on like this for 6 weeks and finally decided that something wasn't right. I went to the doctor and he said instead of doing this ( he mimicked typing, he said you should have been doing this, he mimicked using the phone) don't get me wrong. I love this site and use it often, but I think a lot of times we get advice that is wrong for us. From now on I will call my doctor before I get on here. Good luck!
  9. discomom63

    100lbs down in 5 months!

    HOLY SHIT!!! R u kidding me???? That is an AMAZING amount of weight to lose in such a short time! Wow, I felt like I was doing well with my loss, not so much now. Keep up the great work!!!!
  10. As a matter of fact, I RARELY burp if ever now. I get hiccups a little more I think, but burping , hardly ever!
  11. discomom63

    I was toooo tight!!!!

    For those of you who responded to my thread the other day about wondering if I was too tight, well, I WAS!! I finally called the doctor and I went yesterday and he took 1ml out. I cannot tell you how much better I feel! I have been able to eat and I feel so much better. I was unsure because I didn't know what being too tight felt like, so I delayed it for several weeks thinking it would pass. It didn't. So, for those of you who are wondering, my advice is to go to the doctor and find out. My doctor was irritated with me that I let it go so long. I am so happy that I went. Have a great day!!
  12. I am fairly new to this so I could use any advice or opinion. I had a fill on February 23, 2010. This was my 3rd fill. I have found that on some days I can eat, but on some days I cannot. This is really upsetting to me because it gets to the point that I feel like I am starving, literally. I have not found a Protein shake that I can tolerate so i am in trouble here. I do not eat bread type items, and I don't eat things on the "list" of things that could possibly get stuck. It just seems that when i am really hungry and I eat too fast things get stuck. But how do you not eat too fast when u are starving?I will take a bite of food and feel like I am chewing the hell out of it and it will get stuck and then I am done eating. It is getting to the point that I absolutely dread meal times. It is upsetting me and my family. I don't want to get unfilled if I don't have to. If this is what "normal" restriction is then fine, I will deal with it. If not, then I need to go and have some taken out. Just wondering your thoughts. I am happy for the results that I have had, but for not being able to eat much, the weight is not coming off like I think it should. Any help or advice would be appreciated. thanks Lori
  13. discomom63

    Diet Coke . . .

    I completely understand your "want". I was ADDICTED to diet pop of any kind, my poison of choice was Diet Mountain Dew. I started my pre-op diet while on vacation in Daytona Beach on August 2, 2009. I am proud to say that I have not had a pop since. I did take a drink of my husbands Diet Coke and about spit it out! It was disgusting to me and as one of the other posters said, it was so sickening sweet and syrupy that I couldn't stand it. I am getting really tired though of Crystal light, but it's all worth it.
  14. discomom63

    how bad is the post op pain?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had my surgery on a Wednesday and I was at work the following Thursday ( a week later) working in a Kindergarten class room. My nurse says the lap band surgery is usually one week to normal things.
  15. discomom63

    how bad is the post op pain?

    I have had 2 c-sections also and the pain was NOTHING compared to that. I really didn't think the pain was bad at all. That;s just me though. I know some people on here have really bad gas pains and stuff like that. I was fortunate, cause I didn't. The little gas pain that I did have, I was able to walk around and it got the gas moving and I was able to "pass" it. After I left the hospital after 24 hours I only took my pain meds once and that was for the 40 minute ride home. After that I was able to do fine. Best of luck with your surgery and don't worry, everything will be fine and then you be on the losing side. Lori