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  1. Hey Tinydangerousone!

    :) XXOXOX

  2. Hello there! Thanks for the kudos. I hope your surgery goes well. Hugs!

  3. :) Hey girl! How are you doing? Sorry I have been so MIA....
  4. he he! Thanks but girl you are a hottie too! :) Love ya!

  5. Thanks. My first question would be is have you had any fill at all yet? It is hard until you get the right restriction to not be hungry. BUT LOTS and LOTS of water. I have found (and still do this) if I drink a glass of water my hunger subsides alot. If in 30 mins after I am still hungry then I eat. You can do this, just remember NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy, trust me! :) You can do this. PM me anytime for help! Hugs!

  6. Hey Lu :) How are you today?

  7. Hello there. How are you doing?

  8. I am proud of you! Every half pound ADDS up! I miss you here though. :(

  9. I am so glad we got things worked out! YAY! :) I am happy to hear they got everything together, but no you hadn't told me yet. Yes, let your mentor be the last to know, sheesh! lol....


  10. Take all of your lumps now so you won't have them when you get the band! :) TRUST ME! Everything will work out just fine.

  11. How are you my love? Hope you are feeling better!


  12. Hey there! How are you doing hottie?

  13. Look at you!!! WOO HOOO!! Hot mama coming through!

  14. Ang

    You can beat the fat girl mentaliity, choose to be someone else and you can do it!

  15. Hey gorgeous! Thanks for the sweet comment! You are beautiful too with your big smile! Hugs!

  16. hi Lauren! Welcome to LBT! Hope to see you hanging around lots!

  17. Thank you! I am 6' tall, so I do have a bit of a verticle advantage! Welcome to LBT~ it is a great place!

  18. WOO HOO!! Great pics, can't wait to see the durings and afters! Hugs!

  19. Thanks hun! You are rocking it too girlie!

  20. Thanks so much! I appreciate your kindness!

  21. Hey there! How is it going?

  22. Hi Leslie

    I ate (eat now) between 800-1300 calories. Nothing goes into me unless I know the calorie count. I also work out 1.5 hours a day switching between cardio and weights. I eat mostly whatever I make the family but small small portions. No fast food at all! Hope that helps and thanks for the comments!

  23. Hello there! How is it going?

  24. Howdy there!

    How are you doing girl?


  25. Hello Neal! My awsome friend! Congrats on all your success! You deserve it!