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  1. Bearded has lots of 2XL t-shirts, some dress shirts and some 46 and 44 waist pants - if anyone is interested, let us know.
  2. Since so many of you have asked me for Dr. Aceves' post-op diet as well as what to bring to the hospital -- I decided I'd post all the information here for you to refer too as needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. However, I think these lists do a pretty good job. REMINDERS: Do not eat on your arrival day. You may have a light Breakfast before you leave home but remember that your pre-op testing will be done the same day that you arrive to San Diego . You need to be fasting 6 hours before your tests, Water is OK to have. After the tests you may have something to eat. For those of you who are flying be sure to travel light as you do not want to have to carry a heavy bag on the return trip, especially if coming alone, wheels on luggage are strongly advised. The storage space in our van is also limited so we would really appreciate it if you limited your luggage. It is Very Important for you to bring the appropriate documentation for re-entering the US on your way back -BRING YOUR PASSPORT. Finally per our patient information guide, our driver arrives at the airport around 10:30 am, if you flight arrives earlier please wait for him at the baggage claim area for you flight. He will be there with a sign with your name on it. Bring our 888 344 3916 number with you.
  3. Malaika

    Ricotta Bake

    Not sure who posted this recipe; however, I have been requested to post it again - so here you go (and thanks to the original poster!) RICOTTA BAKE: 1 ? 15 oz. Container of low fat Ricotta 1 frozen pkg. of spinach thawed/drained (squeezed) well - you can also use any veggies (e.g., zucchini and/or eggplant and saut? till soft) 1 C Parmesan cheese (split in 1/2) (Use the fresh grated from the grocery store, the stuff in the can is too dry) 1 egg Mix all together - except for 1/2 C of parmesan -- put in a baking dish ? (I used a 1 quart size) add another ? C of cheese on top and bake @ 350 till golden & bubbly - about 30mins Add marinara or pesto sauce on top once done. Reheats quite nicely! DESSERT: 1 15oz container of low fat Ricotta 1 small tub of Fat Free Cool Whip ? package of SF Jell-O (instant) cheesecake pudding mix ? package of SF Jell-O (instant) chocolate pudding mix Combine all ? let set overnight ? ENJOY.
  4. Malaika

    panties in the OR.

    Dr. Aceves doesn't use a catheter. I didn't wear panties to the OR and most of the time I was in the hospital because of the drain bag and them constantly emptying it -- I wore the hospital gown most of the time to prevent any damage to any of my jammies and underwear. Once they removed the drain, then I wore my own clothes. As for scheduling your surgery during your cycle, they aren't operating on that area, so other than just being uncomfortable from the surgery and being on your period, there's no reason you can't have your surgery during that time of the month. Personally, I would be more concerned about ruining your panties after the surgery and from the "peacock poops" - that blue dye RUINS anything it happens to touch -- take advantage of the hospital gowns until that danger has passed!:blushing:
  5. DeeDee - welcome to VST and congrats on making the decision for the sleeve. Hope your blood work comes back good and you're able to move forward with your surgery. If not, don't rush it - be sure all your labs are good before undergoing surgery. Keep us posted on your progress.
  6. Malaika

    popsicles with carbs

    why are you wanting popsicles high in carbs? or did I misread the statement? (I tend to do that!) The crystal light popsicles are wonderful and they are sugar free and low in calories - 15 calories and only 4 gms of carbs and 0 fats. They're $2.38 at Wal-Mart.
  7. Malaika

    Account Deactivation

    If you're truly serious about wanting to deactive your account and remove all postings; photos, I can do that for you. However, I wish you would reconsider as your posts may be helpful to others on this board and those who may join. Please give it some thought and send me a PM with your decision. We hate to see you leave us permanently.:001_smile:
  8. Malaika

    Tummy Tuck after Sleeve

    Research shows that you should wait 1 year after reaching goal to have a tummy tuck inasmuch as your skin needs that long to shrink back as much as it is going to. I don't know that I can wait a year after reaching goal - 30 lbs. away - so I am going to make an appt. to see my plastic surgery and see what he recommends. I will let you know once I've gotten in to see him.
  9. I went back to work in one week - I was tired by the end of the day; however, it wasn't a big deal to go back to work - I was out grocery shopping the day after coming home from Mexicali - so 4 days after surgery - and although I tired easily, that was the only physical issue - no pain, no trouble walking, etc. Many were ready to go back to work sooner -- I can't imagine how bored I would have been being off work for 2 weeks!
  10. They are very good about giving you medication if you feel sick - I had one episode and that was all thank goodness. Bearded was sick most of the time - they gave him medication as needed. Also, if you have pain, they will give you something for that - and if you have trouble sleeping, you can get something for that as well. Just don't hesitate to ask for what you need - they are not mind readers. My pain was the worst the 2nd day and after that, recovery was easy. The only incision that hurt was the one where the drain bag was - it was tender for about a week or so; but nothing unbearable at all. I am sure a C-section is so much worse than this surgery/recovery.
  11. Malaika

    Dr. Aceves Start to Finish Please

    Yes water was available in bottles - that is how all my and Bearded's water was presented to us -- unless it was hot tea. I did not bring any protein packets with me to the hospital; I waited to start that when I got home; although I should have brought a few to drink on the way home (we drove).
  12. Malaika

    Dr. Aceves Start to Finish Please

    Hopefully this answers your questions, if not, ask more - we're all happy to respond.
  13. I had a hernia and didn't know it - Dr. Aceves discovered it and fixed it. Please be aware that he DOESN'T "cut you open" - you have 5 small incisions -- it is done laproscopicly - you are not cut open! I would be happy to talk to your family about my experience with Dr. Aceves ...stick to your guns -- you'll prove them all wrong in the end!
  14. Malaika

    Dr. Aceves Start to Finish Please

    Hi Kara - Here's how it works: You pay your airfare for 2 to San Diego. Ernesto (Dr. Aceves' driver) picks you up at the airport, drives you to the hospital where you meet Lucy and/or Yolanda and they make sure all your pre-op tests are done (blood, urine, EKG and chest xrays). Then you meet with Dr. Aceves and his anesthesiologist. Then Ernesto takes you back to the Resort - it's GORGEOUS - and there are several restaurants where you can have your "last meal" The next morning at 7 am Ernesto picks you up and takes you back to the hospital. You and your companion are shown to your room and you are told the order you are in for surgery. After that, Dr. Aceves meets with you again, as does the anesthesiologist and an internist. When it's time for you to go to surgery you are taken to the OR. Following your surgery, Dr. Aceves performs the first leak test while still in the OR. Your companion waits in your room and when you are in recovery, Dr. Aceves will call your room, or come to your room and let your companion know how it all went. After an hour or two in recovery you are taken back to your room. The next morning you are given some apple juice which has been tinted blue with vegetable coloring to sip on -- if you have a leak, the blue will come out in your drain bag ... that is what I am told. If you get that down and no leaks, then you get chicken broth, some orange drink and hot tea and Water. The next day you go to the same room where you had your chest x-ray and you drink a liquid and they take pictures -- you can see your new tummy and the path the liquid takes -- if there are any leaks, they will show up in this test. During the time you are in the hospital, Drs. Aceves and Campos visit you at least 3x a day, as do others on his staff. They are all wonderful and you will be taken care of better than you ever have. As for traveling to Mexico - I totally understand your husband's concern; however, I would not be concerned with traveling to Mexicali at all. It is not a "tourist" town like Tijuana, Acapulco, etc. and I do not believe you would have any problems whatsoever while you were there --besides, you are escorted by Dr. Aceves' staff the entire time. There was alot going on when I had my surgery -drug wars, etc. PLUS the swine flu epidemic and I did not feel in harms way the entire time I was in Mexicali. I went back in July when my fiance had his surgery - we drove into Mexicali - and one day while he was in the hospital, I drove to a local mall. Everyone was extremely nice. I saw nothing to cause me concern or fear for my safety in any way. I think that cover it all -- if not, someone will pipe in I'm sure ... or ask away... Congrats! We'll see you on the losing side.
  15. I too am another satisifed patient of Dr. Aceves. I had my surgery the same time as CYates. My fiance, Beardeditalian had his one month after me, he was so impressed with Dr. Aceves, his staff and the care and testing I received. We would go back to him in a heartbeat - in fact, I may have to have my gallbladder out and have tossed the idea around of having Dr. Aceves do it ... only thing is, my insurance will cover it here in the US so it wouldn't be cost effective to travel to Mexicali; however, if that weren't the issue, I'd go to Dr. Aceves without hestitation - I know I won't get the same great care here in the US as I got in Mexico. I have worked in a law firm doing med mal insurance - both defense and plaintiff and I see all the things that can go wrong, along with the carelessness and lack of caring of the hospital staff.
  16. Malaika

    Aceves Questions

    Dr. Campos is Dr. Aceves assistant surgeon - he is in surgery with Dr. Aceves. Also, Ernesto, the driver who picks you up in San Diego or Calexico also had the surgery performed by Dr. Aceves. You couldn't be in better hands than with Dr. Aceves and his staff - they are top-notched and always there for you.
  17. I did not have one at 3 months; however, I did have one at 1 month because I was having trouble. I did have full blood work done at 3 months and everything came back great.
  18. Malaika

    magic bullet VS ninja????????

    I had a bullet and returned it as I didn't have room to store all the pieces it came with. I purchased the Ninja at Sam's Club. It came with 3 smaller bowls and 1 large "pitcher" and each have lids for storage. I used it last night for the first time to crush ice -- it was FANTASTIC. I even made my own "snow-cone" - blended the ice to a "snowy" consistency and added a bit of SF syrup. It was yummy. I'd vote NINJA!
  19. Malaika

    If he likes then he better put a ring on it...

    I'd say don't rush it. Ask him his intentions - you are in TOTAL control of your life - so if he's not going to be able to give you what you need, quit wasting your life on him and move along to someone who can and wants to give you what you need. Life is too short to be unhappy.
  20. Malaika


    Welcome to VST and congratulations on your surgery. You should be fine to go back to work after 7 days - I had my surgery on a Friday and was back at work the following Friday - could have gone back sooner. You will be tired by the end of the day, trust me. Just be sure to get in your fluids and your protein. As for the leak, you'd be feverish and in tremendous pain. Tenderness in the abdomen is normal; once the incisions heal, you should be okay.
  21. Malaika

    Aceves Weigh In

    I was weighed during the pre-op testing. There is a scale right outside the doors to Dr. Aceves' wing where you can weigh yourself anytime, too.
  22. SURE (just as soon as I figure out how the heck you do that... Alex?????) LOL ... I'll get it taken care of Tiff!
  23. Malaika

    Chobani Greek Yogurt

    I buy 8 oz containers at Fresh & Easy for $1.49. Everything I saw at the grocery tonight was 6 or 7 oz and was $1.99; the F&E is really good (once you mix in the SF syrup). How many oz. is the tub at Costco, do you know?
  24. Pamela - I am 8 months out and have found that if I sip something hot while I am eating I do not have any issues. I have to do this as I still suffer from esophogeal spasming and it sometimes makes eating a bit difficult, so if I have been having problems that day, I will have a hot tea (or sometimes just hot water) available to sip (not gulp, just sip) with my meals. I think you will be okay.
  25. Welcome MLK - glad you found out about the sleeve and that you're going to be getting your surgery soon. Visit us often - lots of helpful people here. Happy to have you in the "family"

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