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  1. I read an article last year about anyone above Oklahoma getting depressed in the winter time is due to the lack of Vitamin D from sun exposure. Last year I moved from TX to MO and could not figure out why I seem to get depressed easily. So this week I started tanning. I know all the risks and comments people have on this and I am certainly not trying to persuade anyone else to do it. I am just stating that I read the article in Woman's Day and I am taking steps to hopefully not have the same experience. Good luck at the doc!
  2. Stina28

    Onderland New Recruit

    Well its been over a year since I blogged on here. Since then I have experienced everything possible with the lapband journey. But last month I reached the 100 pound loss victory. I cant tell you the joy you experience seeing peoples faces saying you have lost over 100 pounds. But even more joy on going to the section of clothing that does not have the word PLUS infront of it. :w00t: I often get stuck at the same weight for a period of time. I have found that changing your routine helps. One month I cut out all oil, the next all sugar. :ohmy: I change it up to keep my body confused and it seems to be working for me. The weight is still slow but I was told this was a 3 year process and I am 15 months in. I am dedicated and hope any of you reading this keep the hope of change. Win the battle... :frown:
  3. Quest? I like it! After that... take over the world. muwhahahahha! :thumbdown:
  4. Hey! Came across your profile and checked out your pics. You are doing great! An amazing desire to change. Keep up the good work!


  5. Stina28

    Drinking while eating

    Hello Everyone... My nutristionist gave me some great advice... ORDER A GLASS OF ICE.... yup, at resturants just order ice. If you get thirsty bite on a piece of ice. It's been working for me... I am the type that consumes most of my liquids when I am eatting. Good luck everyone! *Christina
  6. Howdy Alley Cat!


    I see we are surgery date buddies! Its fabulous to meet you!



  7. Hey Ashley! I got one for you... whey vanilla powder... 1 scoop, Dole frozen mixed fruit (has peaches, strawberries, mango and pineapple), orange juice and a splash of milk... Blend all of that in a Magic Bullet.. I hate the taste of the powder and this has worked for me. Good luck to you :rolleyes2:
  8. Stina28

    Does Eatting Out Still Exist?

    Ahhh... Applebee's! I love it... So this is what I learned... My BFF and I use to SHARE the boneless wings and the chocolate meltdown. No meal just an appetizer and a dessert... So I decide to look up the calorie content one day and found out we were "sharing" a total of 2500 calories. Keep in mind this was an appetizer and dessert, no main course. On a side note... I love :rolleyes2: Starbucks Grande White Chocolate Mocha... Ah, should have its own religion... Anywho, this lovely drink has a nice 500 calories.. Just some food "calories" for thought..
  9. Stina28

    From 327 to 217. Banded Jan. 27th, 2009

    Fantastic Job!
  10. Stina28

    Not losing any weight....

    sterski , I think we must be made of the same mold. Banded July 14th, 2 fills and only 31 pounds. I work out daily and cut out all bread products... Its so stressful to see no change. I am going in for the 3rd fill next week but wanted to say you are not alone and eventually we will win the fight against our bodies. Good luck to you! *Christina
  11. Stina28

    Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

    OMG! I read this thread and I love Jillian on TBL... So I decided to buy the video. Yesterday was Day 1... All I can say is WOW... In 20 minutes I felt great yet wanted to die (LOL)... Thanks for the recommendation and good luck to you all! Thanks, Christina
  12. Stina28

    Easy Shepherd's Pie

    This was great! Thanks for the recipe!:thumbup:
  13. Hey! I just read your post and I wanted to say I am losing very slowely too! 21 pounds since July 14th! Ack, thanks for making me not feel alone!



  14. Hey Georgia Girl! You have done a great job! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Congrats on your 30 pounds! I had my surgery on July 14th, I have only had one fill and I TOO will be getting my 2nd fill at the end of November. You seem very positive. I however am not. I have lost only 22 pounds and honestly eat whatever I want and a much larger quantity than what I think I should. I was feeling really beat down. Thank you for your story! Christina:cool:
  16. Howdy! I had my surgery with Dr. Daniel Scott at UTSW in Dallas. LOVED HIM! Actually I loved the entire staff. I never planned anything. They set up appointments, reminders by phone and email. It was great. Good luck to whomever you decide! Christina
  17. My team told me not to weigh as that would happen. I decided to wait until my follow up appointment. That way I would be on the same scale and would not stress myself out everyday. Good luck to you and avoid the scale for a while. We are going to rock this weight away!:cursing: Christina
  18. Stina28

    Happy Dance in the Cubicle...

    Is this journey truly worth this much work? May 2008 - PC visit Aug 2008 - Seminar Oct 2008 - 1st Supervised Diet Visit Dec 2008 - 2 Sleep Studies Mar 2009 - Psych & Surgeon Visits Apr 2009 - 6th Month Diet Visit May 14, 2009 - Received ACCEPTANCE letter!!!! :smile: I have been down and frustrated :thumbup: this year with this process. But all that negativity was washed away with a letter and a happy dance in my cubicle. Now all I see is light and possiblity. One year of my life waiting for a piece of paper. Was it worth it? HECK YEAH! Here is to rocking out to 2009! :glare:
  19. Hey Jessi,


    I was reading your post and I thought I would drop you a line. But then I get to your profile and what do I see??? We have the same birthday. You must be cool then!


    Keep Rockin!


  20. Stina28

    6/18/09 Restriction...Finding The Balance

    BG! Your posts are always full of expression and so interesting. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Keep em coming!
  21. Stina28

    Movin On Up!

    July 13th at 10 am! :confused: I get to change my life and I have a life to change. I am so excited and can not contain it. :w00t: The work is coming but so is the adventure. Cheers to all you bandsters! :thumbup:
  22. Congrats on your approval! I just had to stop by as I am a July 13th surgery date too! Whooo hoooo to us!



  23. WHOOP! WHOOP! :wink: Celebration to my July bandsters! I am so on for July 13th...:smile: I am totally excited and ready for this journey. Best of luck to us all! *Christina:tongue:
  24. Howdy!


    I had to pop by after reading your post. I am going to be a July 13th bandster too!


    Good luck,


  25. Stina28

    Movin On Up!

    July 13th at 10 am! I get to change my life and I have a life to change. I am so excited and can not contain it. The work is coming but so is the adventure. Cheers to all you bandsters!

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