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  1. Petunia825

    Honestly...Are You Exercising???

    Glad to have found this post. My band date was 7/24 and have been doing water aerobics on and off at least twice a week. A brisk walk at least once a week. I know that's not enough and my weight is showing it. Only lost about 25 lbs since surgery. One fill of 3 ccs and no restriction. Next fill not till Nov 2 ugh!:frown:
  2. Petunia825

    ugh...a crappy fat moment

    Several years ago as I was walking into a WW meeting a couple of idiots yelled out of their car "get your $$$ back is not working"! I gave them the finger but honestly was hurt,angry and disappointed. Later I laughed but to be honest every time I remember the incident it hurts. I'm glad I have my band and will loose this weight someday and feel good about myself and I hope those little bastards are as big as elephants by now:biggrin:.
  3. Petunia825

    food measurement plate

    Thanks for posting this. I think I will order one as I'm fairly newly banded and like to measure intake.
  4. Petunia825

    What is....

    papaya enzyme and were can you buy it?
  5. Petunia825

    wth? i ate ALL DAY!

    Well its good to see I'm not alone...these past three days have been very rough for me too. I have overindulged not necessarily on bad food but more than I should have. Worse was chili from Steak n Shake. I had a whole cup of it and it sat in my stomach till the next day. Today I had a better day but not proud of it either. Tomorrow will be better for me. Hopefully for you too.
  6. Petunia825

    Give up Coffee?

    This was a struggle for me. My dr and dietician said no caffeine, however, I only drink one cup in the morning. What I have done since being banded, I drink half a cup with cream and no sweetner. I have lost the taste for sweetners. Good luck to you.
  7. Petunia825

    Does full feel different after banding?

    Hope I was wondering the same thing as I'm a wk post. I feel like a football sits inside and my throat has something like a lumpy feel. Yet my stomach still growls at times. I guess that feeling must be the full signal.
  8. Petunia825

    Will I Go COMPLETELY Bald?!

    Dubee the ones I buy are small gel caps. I would only take one at a time and wait inbetween as they can get stuck in your stomach.
  9. Get off bp,diabetes,asthma meds Ability to play with gkids Travel w/o restrictions wear cute clothes and jewelry high heels oh yeah baby..... garden sit at a booth comfortably go up stairs w/o needing oxygen :biggrin:
  10. Oh my gosh....I was banded Friday and between the coughin and sneezing how would I know if it has slipped. Now I'm worried.
  11. Petunia825

    UGHH, the comments..

    I was told the same thing by a friend's daughter who happens to be overweight herself. She has lost a few pounds on WW (again) and feels that I could do it w/o surgery. I was really surprised at her comment as she is well aware of our eating behavior and failures. I wish her well though.
  12. Petunia825

    Consultation today!

    Good luck! How fantastic that you can go that quickly. Waiting for insurance approval plus all the other red tape you go thru made me doubtful if I was doing the right thing. Now I'm really happy its almost here.
  13. newbie here from NC. Last night was the beginning of my journey as I attended my first seminar. I look forward to learning what my future will hold from all of you banded folks and what to expect. Any advice/help will be appreciated.:scared2:

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