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  1. amberakamom

    Huge NSVs -- two of them!!!!

    Nice work!!!!
  2. amberakamom

    How did you determine your goal?

    My goal is to lose 100 pounds. Which will still put me at 20 pounds above a "normal" weight. But I have hypothyroidism, so I wanted to be realistic.
  3. amberakamom


    That is awesome!!! I have 5 lbs to Onederland. It seems to be very elusive to me!
  4. amberakamom

    Tips and Tricks to Increase ENERGY level ?

    Coconut Oil and Chia Seeds work wonders for me.
  5. amberakamom

    Feeling Duped

    I also think you are not in the green zone. I am definitely restricted, and it took me a loooong time to get there. I love my band so much now that it is working. Keep getting your fills. Once you are close, even .1 cc could get you there! My last fill was only .25 cc's. I am now at 8.75 in an 11 cc band, and I don't plan on having another fill anytime soon. There are only a few things I can't eat, like dense bread (pizza crust, pancakes) I also don't eat apple skins or anything that can't be chewed to almost nothing. Everything else is fine, eggs, salad, toast, etc... I know I'm in the green zone because I wouldn't want to be any looser, or any tighter. You'll get there!
  6. amberakamom

    30Lbs Down And Airplanes

    I flew to Europe and didn't have any changes.
  7. Mine were 3, 2, 3, .5. Perfect for me.
  8. amberakamom

    I Feel Alone...

    To me, it sounds like you are not eating enough.
  9. amberakamom

    A Fat Burning Recipe

    Sounds yummy!
  10. amberakamom


    Nope, because my old surgeon never said a thing about it! Idiot. I only found out after I moved and started seeing the new surgeon. :-D
  11. amberakamom

    The Good And Bad

    I've been banded and rebanded. (disconnected tubing) and now that mine is finally working how it should, I loooooove it. I'd do it again. The first four days are a little rough but that's what rest and pain medication are for. You'll do great!
  12. amberakamom


    I had horrible pain for over a year. It was random and in different places. I even went to the er twice. I didn't get any answers until I moved and got a new surgeon. Turns out my tubing was disconnected from my port. Having the long tube floating all over is what caused the pain. I was re-banded in May and haven't had any pain since. Thank god! It was horrible.
  13. amberakamom

    Surgeon Recommendation In Las Vegas?

    My surgeon is Dr. Umbach. I've been really happy with him.
  14. amberakamom

    I Had A Fill 2.5 Days Ago

    Chicken is rough for me too.
  15. amberakamom

    I Guess I'm A Little Confused

    I had a tiny bit of restriction in the beginning but not enough to make a difference. I've had four fills now and I love it! I'm at 8.3 cc in a 11cc band. I don't think I'll need another fill anytime soon.
  16. amberakamom

    Need Advice On Finding A New Band Doc

    I had no problem finding a new doctor. I needed a new doctor after I moved. Thank god because my tubing was disconnected and my original doctor never told me. Don't go to dr. Awad in palm Springs.
  17. amberakamom

    Do You Ever Feel Nauseous

    I am three months out from band replacement surgery. It's not hunger because it's after I eat. However, I DID just get a decent fill last week, and have restriction for the first time since I got my (first) band 18 months ago. No stuck/ PB episodes, just nausea and gas.
  18. and yucky without a stuck feeling after eating something? (junky or too much)
  19. without a stuck feeling after eating something?
  20. amberakamom

    Any Vets? Sound Off!

    My husband- USMC 1992-2012 :-)
  21. amberakamom

    How Long Did "bandster Hell" Last For You??

    15 months and counting. lol But I eat if I am hungry, so it hasn't really been "hell."
  22. great question! fluke i guess.
  23. getting stuck/throwing up etc. doesn't happen to everyone. i have never had restriction/fill because my tubing was disconnected, so my band hasn't done a lot of talking. although it did slow me down during meals. interesting topic. i now look forward to hearing from my new band! =)
  24. amberakamom

    50 Lbs Down


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