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  1. RobinAnn

    June 17 But Might Have to Postpone

    Yeah, really stupid because the rash may have been accidentally self-induced. I have a very strong steroid cream I have to use for a personal condition and might have had some on my fingers and rubbed my thigh. I know I applied it to my leg crease. Steroids are totally contra-indicated where yeast might grow (leg creas). Sigh... live and learn. Good news - I'm completed rebooked for July 22, assuming my rash clears. Bad news - I'll need to be moving over to the July Freedom Fighters because I get sad when I see you all getting banded. Good luck to all the June Journeys. Thanks for your support.
  2. RobinAnn

    June 17 But Might Have to Postpone

    Hey guys... thanks for the support. No surgery for me Wednesday. :bored: My PCP thought the rash was psoriasis (which would be okay for surgery but not for my future quality of life) but wanted me to go to the dermatologist. My PCP got me squeezed in at the derm. The derm "usually" is confident in this diagnosis but in my case she wasn't. She recommended that I postpone surgery. She took a scraping for a culture and a biopsy. I have a script for it being a fungus. The culture won't be done for two weeks then my husband will be out of town on a business trip. I guess if I can get it scheduled with the surgeon, I'm looking at a month's delay... the week of July 20. :thumbup: Guess I'm becoming a Freedom Fighter instead of a June Journey.
  3. RobinAnn


    I'm another June 17 bander here. :cursing: I'll be having surgery in Denver with Dr. Kirshenbaum.
  4. RobinAnn

    Pre-Op Diet

    I wish I was on liquids. My doc has me on an Atkins-type regime and I have a real hard time keeping my portion sizes low. (If I could do Atkins successfully, I guess I would have. YKWIM?) Anyway, I'm three days into the pre-op diet. Just 11 more days.
  5. I would ask for a copy of their Plan Document. Just knowing the insurance they offer will not tell you the benefits. An employer can opt to exclude WLS from most any insurance plan. (For example, it might be very common to have XYZ Insurance cover WLS but your company might exclude WLS because they don't want to pay for that coverage.)
  6. no need for extender on airline seatbelt (or worry about such) fit into my EMT jumpsuit again (and the size smaller that they bought me just a year ago) not having to pack so many clothes when traveling (if I'm smaller and I spill or rip, I could buy something anywhere in a "normal" size) losing my aching back
  7. RobinAnn

    JUNE 2009 Lap Band Surgery

    Once you've created it, you copy the "bbcode" which will look like this... with no spaces... be sure you have it all. THen you paste it into your signature. [ url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wYJX9ei/ ] [ img ]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wYJX9ei/weight.png[ /img ] [ /url ]
  8. I decided on my own. I'm self-pay, have my surgery date in June and am seeing my PCP tomorrow and telling her what I'm up to. (Kind of bass-ackwards but I hope she supports me. I really have no clue what her opinion will be.)
  9. Thanks for bumping this great post. My local (non-band) dietician was explaining glycogen stores to me and I got lost trying to tell my husband about it. Nice to see it explained so succinctly so I can share it with my dh.
  10. No on that day, but that would have been my 31st wedding anniversary with my ex. I'm going on 6/17.
  11. I've told my dh, my firechief (I'm a volunteer EMT), and my old dietician from my most recent weight loss foray. DH for obvious reasons, my firechief because I wanted him to know that I was doing something about my problem (since I'm having trouble doing my job), and my dietician because I want her help as I lose weight. (She's worked with bypass patients and is willing to learn how to help me succeed with the band.) I'll be telling my PCP next Tuesday. I don't anticipate telling anyone else (well, maybe my ex-husband... but we are close and he's been through many ups and downs with me and my weight).
  12. RobinAnn

    JUNE 2009 Lap Band Surgery

    I think this was directed at me. For pre-op, Dr. K. has me doing a low-carb thing for two weeks just prior to surgery. After I talked with him last week, I hopped on the scale and found I had gained 6 pounds since I first scheduled (doing the last supper thing). I got right on a loss program that works for me (HNT... I had lost 90 pounds in 07/08 but have gained back 70 :smile:) and am trying to get a few pounds down. I'm heading out of town for 6 days at the end of the month (family wedding) and then it will be the low-carb thing right after... up until surgery. I haven't talked to his Nut. yet but I did talk to my dietician on my old program. She encouraged me to come back to her classes after surgery and is willing to learn how to help me succeed with the band. While I will talk to Paula (I think that's her name) and follow her advice, I'm so happy to have someone local who will work with me. My local nut has had a lot of experience with bypass patients but not bandsters. She is open to learning for both our benefits. As for minimal pre-op testing, I did ask Dr. K about that and his answers reassured me (and I'm pretty healthy in spite of my weight). Good luck to you.
  13. RobinAnn

    JUNE 2009 Lap Band Surgery

    Jill... I'm going a week after you with Dr. K. On the 17th.
  14. RobinAnn

    June 2009 Surgery

    June 18 here with Dr. Kirshenbaum in Denver. I guess it's real... I told my fire chief today that I was doing it. He is/was very supportive (I'm a volunteer EMT and my a$$ has gotten too big for my jumpsuit let along being able to effectively care for patients).
  15. Meat tenderizer is just an enzyme extracted from the papaya, called papain. Adolphs, for example, also contains a bit of salt, flavoring, and anti-caking powder.
  16. RobinAnn

    am off the rails again.

    Impressive! :smile:
  17. RobinAnn

    Heading to Dr. Kirschenbaum in Denver

    Susie... my first post here. I could have been your band-mate but I'm traveling to a wedding at the end of may and didn't think I wanted to be just two-weeks post-banding for my travels. I'm currently scheduled one month behind you... 6/17 for my banding with Dr. K. I'm not from out-of-state but I could be... I live in the far southwest corner of Colorado, seems like a million miles from anywhere. Good luck to you.

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