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  1. RobinAnn

    Post op introduction

    For Dr. K, the liquid diet is after surgery. You do a day or two of clear liquids, then a while of full liquids before moving on to mushies, softs, and all food. I think for the full liquids (proteins) they want you to get a drink with 15g protein (at least) with no more than 175 calories. Dr. K's pre-op diet is a modified Adkins plan.
  2. RobinAnn

    which comes first?

    I know for my doc, also long distance, I needed to pay a $150 consultation fee for my initial consult with him on the phone and with his dietician. If I were doing financing, I probably would have paid that first, talked to the doc, then attempted the financing. I suppose if your credit is good, there is no need to worry about the financing ahead of time. If your credit is marginal, I might do that first to make sure you qualify before spending time and/or money with the surgeon.
  3. RobinAnn

    Who knows about your surgery?

    I have a big mouth (to go along with the rest of me). :crying: My husband knows. My ex-husband (still a wonderful friend) knows. (Heck, he's been with me through 30 years of ups and downs, he might as well know about this one too!) My fire chief knows (my weight has been affecting my motivation and performance as a volunteer EMT). One of my board of director bosses knows (She expressed concern about me taking time off and traveling out-of-town to Denver for surgery. I pretty much told her so she wouldn't worry.) My sister-in-law, the OR nurse, knows. We were together feeling like outcasts at a family wedding out of town and I chatted with her. My brother-in-law and adult niece knows. Now this is an odd one; my old boss from 15 years ago whom I just recently reconnected with on Facebook. Our fire district's financial advisor. My doctor. My dietician from my last semi-successful (but then regained) diet. She has vowed to help me on this path. And... all the gals on a debate site that I frequent. Yep, I have a big mouth. Luckily I have received nothing but support from all the folks I've told.
  4. RobinAnn

    Colorado Recommendations??

    For some reason, cutting off a hunk of my stomach bothered me. (What if I need that part of my stomach later for some reason?) I don't want to lose teeth either. ETA,,, teeth comment has nothing to do with wls, it's just a commentary on how much I like my original parts.
  5. RobinAnn

    Colorado Recommendations??

    I'm in Durango and just had surgery w/ Dr. K last Wednesday. Pros... great surgeon, efficient, personable, organized... Cons... Denver is a long way from Durango but everywhere is a long way from Durango. :crying: We spent four nights in a hotel, but what a nice hotel it was for recuperation and allowing my dh to work from the room (and me to sleep). I'm back at work today but am thinking it will be a short day.
  6. I paid $9950 in Denver.
  7. RobinAnn

    July22 and 23rd Bandits, check in here!

    Had surgery at 2pm on the 22nd. Not quite sure when I came out of the OR, but I do know I slept about 2 hours in the recovery room. Walked, had a popsicle, went to our hotel and slept. Doing okay with pain (I can sleep on either side or my back) but I'm having a constant salivation issue and a real gurgly stomach. Hard to get in fluids and Proteins with a rumbling stomach. Nothing seems to make it calm down. Plus I need to crush my b/p meds and I've been taking them with some n/f pudding (Nut. approved). Blech. Doing okay though.
  8. RobinAnn

    Breathe Deep

    Surgery was scheduled for 9 a.m. today. Found out yesterday at my pre-op that it was changed to 2 p.m. Ugh. Then, get to hotel where dh needs to do a bunch of work-work on the internet... lousy... slower than dial-up. He's upset about that (rightly so). I'm upset about my postponement.... just getting set leave for surgery center. We may be moving out of our room that we so carefully moved into so that he (and I) can have internet for the next two days. OK... off to the front desk to test the I/N elsewhere in the hotel and then to surgery. Wish me luck.
  9. RobinAnn

    Breathe Deep

    I was out and about a bit today. Went with dh for him to have lunch. I sipped my Protein drink. Gassed up the car and got a car wash too (the things you miss living in a rural town... big city carwashes). It's 6pm, just got up from my afternoon nap and had a popsicle. I'll probably take another dose of pain meds and snooze some more. DH is going to try to find a sports bar where he can catch today's Tour de France. We do need to head out tomorrow whether I like it or not. Need to get back to reality. Ugh... and pick up the dogs from the kennel. Thanks for keeping up with me!
  10. RobinAnn

    Breathe Deep

    On our way to the surgery center we stopped and asked to change rooms. Seems we were in very null spot in the hotel for internet. The front desk clerk was amenable to a room change and said she'd have everything moved for us. Drove over to the surgery center and arrived between the time my doc suggested we arrive (12:30) and the time the center suggeted (1:00) for a 2:00 surgery. FIrst thing of course, dh had to find working internet. lol They took me right back and once I was settled in the gurney they let dh come back with me. I was gowned and socked and they had the compression socks on me. Took my history again and gave me the heparin shot. My doc came by at some point and said all was well. Found out that the anethesist was not only changed but was running late and would be seeing me at 2:05. DH was back there with me until 1:55 so he could run and get some lunch. The anetheolist came and chatted and then I was wheeled into the room. The floating nurse had me get on the operating table, the anethestist put something in my line and then I was out. Not quite sure what time I was brought out of the OR but I woke up at one time when the nurse was taking my BP. It was pretty high and I suggested I needed to urinated "really bad". She tried a bedpan but that just wasn't cutting it for me. She walked me and my IV to the bathroom and no sooner did she get the door closed (and was about to offer to leave) I was on the pot. Whew... Went back to my bed and went back to sleep. DH came back, I greeted him and slept for another two hours. At some point they moved me to a recliner and I think I slept some more. Somewhere in there I had a popsicle. GOt home to our new hotel room at around 7 or so. Crashed into bed and slept until 11 or so. Up for meds and a walk.. back to bed. A bit of internet. Lather rinse and repeat until now. We are supposed to drive home tomorrow (7 hour drive) but I'm thinking we might extend one day. Well, need to find a popsicle or some Water and some meds and back to bed for me. No real pain, just a lot of the "many situps" aching. With all my sleeping, it's hard to get all my fluids in. Of course my belly looks like it's been in a swordfight. Talk to you all later.
  11. RobinAnn

    HUUUUUGE Accomplishment!

    How wonderful for you and your son!
  12. RobinAnn

    Biker hell!

    And make sure the new bike is sized and adjusted properly for you.
  13. RobinAnn

    New to this arena

    I live two miles off the La Plata Highway, near Hesperus.... southwest of Durango.
  14. RobinAnn

    New to this arena

    I'm just 12 miles north of New Mexico in Colorado. Can I be an honorary NewMexican?
  15. Yes, thank goodness the rash is gone. Turns out a med I had used (I have a really strong corti-steroid cream for another skin conditon) in my leg crease area cause me to get a horrific yeast infection. The dermatolgist recommended that I not have surgery until it was gone (which it is now). Using the yeast cream prophyllactically until surgery. I've been having a real tough time watching my eating in the hiatus. Monday is my two week start so I'll get serious then. Thanks for remembering me!
  16. Dairy = milk products eggs would be okay
  17. RobinAnn

    Last Meal....Don't over do it!!!

    I was told to have one last meal (a last supper, as it were) BEFORE my two week pre-op diet.
  18. Oxygen levels in your blood is usually measured with a Pulse Oximeter which is non-invasive (it's a little pinchy cap they put on a finger). Sorry you are having troubles with your testing.
  19. RobinAnn

    Feeling Anxious

    Sure seems like your PCP should be the one to determine your need for your meds during surgery times because, well, they are the one that prescribed them. That said, when I mentioned my surgery and the need for crushing and/or liquid, my PCP hopped right on her little PDA and looked up each and every drug I take. Good luck in getting your case reviewed and progressing.
  20. My surgery is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Wednesday but it might be in jeopardy. Three weeks ago I was in to see my PCP and she diagnosed a rash on the rear of my right leg as contact dermatitis and prescribed hydro-cortisone cream. During the past three weeks the rash go worse and also jumped to my groin area. It dawned on me Friday that this rash might affect my ability to have surgery on the 17th. I was able to make an appt with my PCP on Monday morning. Friday night I decided that I'd go to urgent care in the morning and get a diagnosis started since time is of the essence. First thing this morning I headed out to Urgent Care. The Urgent Care doctor determined was that the rash was fungal (yeast) and noting I'm on a blood sugar medication was concerned about diabetes. She prescribed meds for the rash (sure hope they work) and had me go for a blood draw to check my sugars. So, I have a rash the size of an open hand on the back of my leg (the doc also thinks there might be a chemical contact component because of the location) and a two inch wide rash along the inner crease of the same leg. She prescribed a "double dose" of systemic anti-fungal meds and an anti-fungal cream. She understood my concern about getting to Denver and my surgery but she thinks it shouldn't worry the surgeon and I should proceed. This trip involves driving over two days, hotels in two towns (Monday, then Tues - Thurs), kenneling the dogs, four days off of work for me and and my husband, and a fair amount of prep. While I was glad to have the doctor's advice and probably more importantly the prescriptions to start my healing, I was still worried about my surgeon's opinion. I e-mailed his coordinator this morning (Sunday, 8 a.m.) and had a response back from my surgeon by 9 a.m. Yes, he has concerns but I should go to my PCP appointment in the morning and the three of us can decide then how to proceed. I'm really bummed but I know I should postpone if there is any chance of wound contamination. Don't need this inside me! Thanks for letting me vent.
  21. Good luck to you, Paracelsus. My surgery had to be delayed until July (it was scheduled for tomorrow). Hopefully my dermatologist can figure out my rash and get it under control by then.
  22. RobinAnn

    Pre-Op Diet?

    I just got done doing a two week low carb diet in anticipation of a banding tomorrow. meat, cheese, eggs, etc, salad, non-starchy veggies, one yogurt, and one fruit a day. Now that my banding has been postponed until July 22 I had a "last meal" (again) and will do a 3-Meal Replacement, one sensible meal diet until 7/7 when I'll start my 14 days of low carb again.
  23. Hey... I'm being banded by Dr. K on the 22nd! (I was scheduled for tomorrow, 6/17, but I had to cancel due to an undiagnosed rash.) I've already done the 14 day pre-op. Need to figure out how I'll handle the next month (eat?, 35 more days of low carb?, something else then 14 days of low carb?).
  24. RobinAnn

    July Bios?

    I was a June Journey scheduled for surgery tomorrow but I have a nasty rash that my dermatologist can't diagnose so we postponed my surgery for safety sake. Let's see, I'm 52 years old, married, and live in the high desert of southwestern Colorado with my dh, two 15 month old Labrador Retrievers, and two cats. I work part time for the fire district as the office administrator and I volunteer for the same district as an EMT. My weight history has been similar to most. Up and down, up and down. I'm really good at losing weight; I just can't seem to keep it off. I've lost nearly 100 pounds three or four times but have gained it back each time. Most recently I lost using a Meal Replacement product and a lot of coaching in lifestyle changes but my "hunger" overrode my good habits. My dietitian/coach from the last weight loss program is supportive of my banding and is encouraging me to rejoin her classes. Since I'm self-pay, I'm having surgery across the state (400 miles away) in Denver with Dr. Kirshenbaum. Due to distance, I won't be able to participate in his dietitian's support group so I'll use my old dietitian who is willing to learn about banding support (she's supported bypass patients before). Good to be here with my new compadres.
  25. RobinAnn

    July 2009 Dates

    My date is 7/22/09. I need to change my signature from June to July.

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