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    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    I think you need a google account, but you can get one right on the page where they are asking for your password.
  2. RobinAnn

    flying: will I fit.

    Unless you plan to fly A LOT and don't plan on losing weight, no need to buy an extender. When you get on the plane, there is generally a flight attendant right at the door greeting you. When she says "welcome" (or whatever), greet her and tell her that you think you might need an extender. On larger planes they have spare extenders. On some smaller planes (puddle jumpers) they sometimes use that demo seatbelt (you know, the one the f/a uses to demonstrate buckling and unbuckling) as the extender. I've never had to ask twice and believe me, they want to make sure you are safely fastened. Some planes are roomy (and seem to ahve long seat belts) and some aren't. It's hard to predict. I would just ask for the extender early so that the f/a has a heads-up that you might need assistance.
  3. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    The more the merrier, IMO. Join us!
  4. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    Your start weight should be your weight when you start the challenge.
  5. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    I would think this is a separate challenge. So any losses between now and Labor Day count for both. Woot!
  6. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    You could join as long as you promise not to beat yourself up if you don't lose much immediately post surgery (while you are in bandster hell).
  7. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    Try it now.
  8. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    Let me figure that out.
  9. RobinAnn

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    Will this work? Turkey Day Challenge Google Spreadsheet
  10. RobinAnn

    First Fill Experiences

    I had my first fill on 8/20 (surgery on 7/22). Since I have to go 400 miles for my fills, I made a mini-vacation out of this first one (to make sure I wasn't overfilled, etc.). I had no pre-fill anesthetic. My Dr. inserted the needle and injected 3 cc's. He then had me sit up (with the needle in) and had me drink Water. He put in an additional 2 cc's and had me drink. Pulled out more saline, put more in. I'm at 4.3 in my 10 mm band. He then handed me my instructions for "re-feeding" and that's the first time I saw the instructions for not eating prior to a fill. Oops. Anyway, I have some restriction now. Have another appointment scheduled for 4 weeks but will evaluate the need in about 10 days. Since my doc isn't just down the street, I need to be sure I need a fill before I go.
  11. I have to crush my meds forever (per my doc) even though they are pretty small by pill standards. I bought a pill crusher at GNC for under $5 and it works great for me. I don't think I'm coordinated enough to use too spoons.
  12. I don't think signatures need to be approved. I wonder if your picture is too large.
  13. Losing 15 pounds in less than 6 (7) weeks is great! Since you probably have little to no restriction, you are doing this on pure willpower. The time between surgery and your first fill is the time for healing. You do the best you can re: eating (and following your surgeon's guidelines) but your band isn't really doing anything for you at this point in time.
  14. RobinAnn

    Incision Care

    My surgeon covered my incisions with OpSite transparent dressings. I was able to shower the next day. The dressings stayed in place for over a week with no irritation and didn't peel off accidentally. I thought they were great.
  15. RobinAnn

    Mushy Ideas....

    I second the pureed tuna. It was tasty to me.
  16. I probably could have sat through a two hour lecture on Friday after Wednesday surgery (especially if my surgery hadn't been changed from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.). I "thought" I could make it through a 8 hour drive home, but on Thursday night I decided I didn't want to so we stayed an extra day. Dr. K does ask that his out of town patients stay a total of three nights (the night before surgery, surgery night, and one more night... Tue, Wed, and Thu). I'm not sure how hard and fast he is on that but it is something for you to find out with your class schedule.
  17. Hi Honeybee, Since I'm probably one of the most recent K-bandees here (7/22) I figured I'd jump in. For the phone consult, Dr. K. walks you through the handout that Natalie will e-mail you and will discuss any questions or concerns you have. The phone consult w/ Paula (the nutritionist) is about the same (well, she asks about some of your eating challenges and will further explain the post-op diet). As for pre-op for Dr. K, for me it was Atkins type eating for two weeks (lean protein and non-starchy veggies) but when I talked to Paula, she added in one fruit and one yogurt a day. Paula suggested you do the diet for a week, check that you are losing some weight, and keep doing it. She suggested that you should lose a "few" pounds in the two weeks (I lost 8). I found a great hotel to stay at while there. It wasn't the cheapest, but dh and I really wanted a suite so that he could have a separate room to do work while I whiled away the time sleeping or watching T.V. We stayed at the Comfort Suites on South Clinton Street and had a great stay. Our suite (with fridge, micro, two TVs, hi-speed internet, separate living room, breakfast for him) was $94.50/night and was situated between Dr. K's office and the hospital (closer to the hospital). I'm heading up to Denver next week for my first fill on the 20th. I chose a cheaper hotel since I'll be travelling alone and don't need the suite. Let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer. ******* I need to coordinate one of my next visits with a Red Robin outing.
  18. RobinAnn

    Travel Afterward

    Since I was an out-of-towner, my doc asked that I stay in town two nights. I had surgery on Wednesday and was cleared to leave on Friday. Thursday afternoon I knew I was not up for an eight-hour ride home so we chose to stay one more day. That was perfect for me.
  19. RobinAnn

    severe bruising...

    Me too Sis. Must be because we are such tender flowers. :thumbup:
  20. RobinAnn

    Pay for the band! Poll!

    Company does not have bariatric surgery as part of insurance package. I paid: $9950 for surgery and three months of fills (which could be three fills if I can time them right). Additional fills are $15 (plus my travel). $1000 incidentals (3 days missed work, travel across state, 5 days hotel, 5 days dog boarding) Travel for fills will cost between $200 and $500 (but could be combined with some R&R). All tolled, I'm thinking this will run $13,000 in the end.
  21. RobinAnn

    Shredded cabbage in meatloaf???

    Seems like the cabbage would keep the meat really moist. Sounds yum.
  22. RobinAnn

    Pain meds

    I had to double-check that because it made me feel way better than tylenol alone would have.
  23. RobinAnn

    Pain meds

    I had liquid Lortab which is acetaminophen and hydrocodone.
  24. I think self-pay puts the responsibility for your health on you, rather than on the insurance company and a bunch of professionals who don't necessarily have your best interests at heart. I think there are very few bandsters that haven't done a six month diet before. A one or two time meeting with a psychologist is not going to fix xx number of years of poor eating habits, bad self-esteem, eating to compensate, or whatever. (The psych meeting will probably rule out surgery for the truly psychotic though.) My PCP cleared me for surgery based on my relationship with her and my general health. Had she any concerns about my fitness for surgery, we would have addressed those. I'm fortunate that my dietician from a previous diet (lost 90, gained 60) is excited about the surgery for me and is willing to learn about banding and help me. Except for the cash part, now that I've typed this out, I'm actually proud of myself for taking the self-pay step and what it says about ME taking charge of my weight and health. Thanks for the question.