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    Shannon, honey STOP being so mean to yourself. You are over thinking this and I will bet every time you kick yourself in the arse, you want to eat the stuff that hurts you that much more. I would suggest in addition to being kind to yourself that you allow yourself to have the coffee in the morning and invest in some good gluten free bread. The good news is that it is generally crumbly and will go down easy. You will get lots of satisfaction from the bread. My Mother in law is gluten sensitive and she gets some really good breads at whole foods. Now if you go and splurge on some sweets or some wheat product, just move on, and maybe make a deal with yourself that next time you want something like that you can have it but only after you have eaten Protein and produce. I think we get in a whirlwind sometimes because we want it to be all or nothing. We think we have to be perfect or we might as well throw it overboard, and unlike a diet we can't throw this out, once it is done it is done, and we punish ourselves by doing the things that actually hurt physically like trying to eat stuff that doesn't go down easy or stuff that causes pain through reflux.

    I don't understand why your doc would take you off PPIs. The treatment for pernicious anemia is B-12 injections along with folate and Iron. If you can't tolerate the iron orally then discuss the possibility of iron transfusions. I have all these issues and my doc has me on nexium. I drink coffee and have absolutely no problem with GERD as long as I drink coffee only up to 4 hrs before I go to bed. I also don't go to bed within 3 or 4 hours of eating. I drink diet green tea throughout the day and night with no problems.

    Like yourself, I am an overachiever in that I have very high expectations for myself, and I have been dealing with WLS since 2005 when I had my first of two lapbands. I had my last band removed due to major complications this past May and was given a sleeve. I am learning to love my sleeve and due to my Vitamin deficiencies along with hypoproteinemia I have been cautioned by my surgeon to not even try to loose wt, to try to get my numbers up. I have lost 30 lbs since having my sleeve and I have 38 lbs to go to get to goal.

    Hope this helps,
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    Corliss got a reaction from feliciadawn in Desperately need lap band removed Erosion Insurance will not cover   
    Hi, I am so sorry about your erosion. You do not need to go on with this. It could lead to peritenitis (sp). If you are in Knoxville, you are within easy driving distance of Chattanooga, TN. I would strongly suggest you contact Dr. Robert Sass, in Chattanooga. He removed my slipped band in 2008 and then in Feb. of this year he did emergency surgery when I had major complications with this second band. He is an amazing compassionate man and will work on charges with you. My insurance paid for both emergency proceedures though it did not pay to have either band placed. Dr. Sass phone number is 423-305-6999. You can set up an apt. with him and get in to see him reasonably fast. My other reccomendation would be to go to Mexico to Dr. Zapata in Monterrey. He will intervene when other doctors patients are having major problems and his prices are very reasonable. His web site is www.Ready4AChange.com. If you need more information on either of these guys let me know. Good luck to you! Corliss

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