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  1. congrats on getting your band! the hard part is over! the gas-x strips will definitely help! i carry those with me everywhere now. getting up and walking will definitely help. i slept in a recliner for the first few days because a bed wasnt comfy... definitely keep sipping the warm liquids because those will help. remember, the pain is only temporary... soon, the pounds will be flying off and you will be so happy! trust me! im 2 months in and i still think my band is the best thing i could have done for myself. if you ever get down, definitely come on here and you will find a ton of support! hope we can stay in contact through our band journeys! jenny
  2. stareeide4u

    Protein shakes make me vomit

    Hi there. i am sorry you are struggling with your Protein shakes. i had the same problem when i first started... i have tried myoplex, which isnt too bad, except it is a little thick... i have also tried Isopure from GNC, but it made me feel gasy... then i tried unjury, which isnt bad, but you have to order it online... finally, i just got some new stuff from gnc. its called gnc pro performance 60 amp in chocolate. its really thin and goes really well with water! it actually tastes just like chocolate milk! i am a big fan. it comes in different sizes and a couple other flavors. the guy at the store said it was really popular and people actually liked the taste. even better, it has 60 grams of protein in 12 ounces! hope this helps! good luck on your weight loss journey! Date of Surgery: 3/26/09 Highest: 305 Surgery: 295 Current: 268 Goal: 150 Fill 1: 4.5cc Fill 2: 2cc Dr Feiz- Los Angeles
  3. stareeide4u

    Haitil Hernia

    i had a hiatal hernia fixed when i had my lapband done 2 weeks ago. the doctor said it was a quick fix, and i havent noticed any extra pain or anything. in fact, i am actually feeling really good and havent had much pain. my doctor said hiatal hernias are actually pretty common. a lot of people have them, but dont even know it. when is your surgery?
  4. Hi everyone, I am new here and i thought i would stop by and see if anyone has any advice for me 3 days before surgery... i am super excited and nervous about the big day, but i am so ready for a new me! i just have a quick question... can anybody please send me information on how to start one of those weight loss trackers? i would love to put one on my posts in the future. hope i can chat with more of you in the future as we talk about our journeys with the lap band together! :rolleyes2:

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