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    colon cleanse?

    What is a colon cleanse and what kind of doctor do you see to get one?
  2. I'm going to keep a bit of a log for my cosmetic surgery here. I have my consultation appointment on May 14,2007 in Lake Tahoe. So far what I know is they could possibly have to do one surgery one day and the other surgery the next day. The nurse said that would be worst case scenario. Hopefully both on the same day. $6,300 for the abdominalplasty and $3,900 for the breast augmentation. I will post more as I learn more.
  3. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    I am doing well and steadily getting better. My plastic surgeon said the staph infection set me back about a weeks worth of recovery but he is very happy with how I'm doing now. My hubby just took some pics of me a few minutes ago and I will post them here pretty quick. I have been taking it easy and laying around in my bed and watching a LOT of daytime television. (Don't ya just love Dr. Phil??) On the 19th of September I will be 3 weeks post op. I feel pretty darn good to be honest with ya. I cannot stand up straight all the way yet but I think that is how it is supposed to be right now. Thank you all for your kind words and information. Answered tons of questions I had about my bloatedness and sudden weight gain. I lost all the weight as quickly as I gained it. I am back down to 169 lbs again. So happy. Cannot wait to get the ok from my doc to start exercising again. I cannot wait to start toning up now. I have had a phone interview as far as that original E.R. doc is concerned. The hospital and most of all my plastic surgeon are keeping me abreast of the situation and said it is most certainly not over yet. I will keep ya posted.:clap2:
  4. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    To be honest with you all. I don't think I got my staph infection from my surgery/doctor/hospital and here is why. About 16 monthso ago, my twin brother went to Texas to rescue his 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy from their mother who he suspected was doing drugs and neglecting the kids. On his way driving them to Nevada, he saw on them what he thought were cigarette burns. As soon as he pulled into town he took them to the hospital immediately and they were diagnosed with staph infection that had never been treated. It seemed to have gone away with the girl but a couple months ago the son was still getting sores in his private areas. They could never get rid of it. they decided to check the whole family instead of the kids and apparently my brother was carrying the staph in his nose!!! But he never got any sores so he never gave it a second thought with himself. Anyways, I forgot all about that. about 36 hours before I started feeling bad, my twin showed up at my house to cheer me up with some movie watching. I scooted over to my husbands side of hte bed and my brother rudely( as always) plopped down next to me and we watched six hours worth of movies. he left, i rolled back over to let my husband in and we went to sleep. I think that is how I caught it. Don't know for sure, guess we will never know.
  5. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    My plastic surgeon was in my hospital room every day and called me every morning and every night. He even offered to get my husband a hotel room.
  6. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    Sorry to all for not replying in such a long time. I just got home about 2 hours ago. Last thursday (sept 6th) I was feeling very out of sorts after returning home from having one of the drain tubes removed. A lot of pain on the left side of my vagina. Thought I had just over done myself from all the walking I did that day from being in Reno and thougth I could take some pain pills and sleep it off. Cut to 4 am. Friday morning I was in so much pain I couldn't breathe in all the way. I tried to get up to go pee and I could not put any pressure on my left leg. NONE. I woke my husband up and told him. We called my doctor and got his answering service. by the time 8 a.m rolled around I had 100 degree fever. Doc's wife told me to get to emergency room NOW. Husband called 911 and when I got to E.r. I was treated very badly and like I was lying by Doctor Robert Platt. He wouldn't even hardly look at what I was talking about. He told me I had elevated white blood cells and fever and that was a sign of infection but he didn't think it was too much to get worried about and after 5 hours I heard him telling the nurse to discharge me. I demanded that my husband get me to another hosptal and doc rolled eyes at me and said "if you want us to fly you I will" I said DO IT ASSHOLE!!! When I arrived at the hospital in reno, I had 104 fever and red streaks going up my left thigh.( but oh noooooo doc platt, nothing is wrong with me.) I also couldn't urinate. Phsycially could not. They put a cathider in me and it filled a bag immediately. over the next few days my cultures shown I had a staff infection. I was immediately put in isolation and shot up with antibiotics every few hours ( i think, I lost track of times and days). I was in and out. Anyways, I have the kind that can be cured with major antibiotics and got to come home tonight. I am very bloated, not sure why but Ihave gained so much weight just since Friday. I am now 181 pounds. I"m hoping water weight because my thighs, face, neck stomach, everything look so drastically different. I will update more tomorrow. I'm going to sleep now. did not forget about you all. Never. this board has been my lifeline. goodnight.
  7. I literally had to sign a contract that I would not run or exercise for 8 weeks. I had both breast augmentation and tummy tuck though.
  8. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    LOL. My plastic surgeon was Gareth Strand. And he looked more like the owner of the bar in Roadhouse.
  9. Just curious how many cc's you got in your breasts? Also, how much did they shrink after all the swelling went away. I'm about 5 days post op from my augmentation and they are HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGE!
  10. Here are some quick photos. I will post better after photos when I can stand up straight. Too sore for that right now but hopefully from these photos you can get an idea of the change.
  11. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    I have scheduled 8 weeks off of work, but if I need more I can have it. I did not ask how much they cut off in weight because since I got such huge implants, I didn't figure that would be all that accurate anyways. He did say he thought it would cut 5-8 inches off of my stomach though. I only got implants. I wanted a lift and implants but he wouldn't do them at the same time. I am thankful for that now because they are very high and I do not need a lift so it saved me money and time for sure.
  12. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    And the red marks all over my body/neck/face/especially back of legs are literally scratch marks. They were giving me morphine for pain as I was coming out of surgery and for the next 6 hours after that and it drove me crazy. I have never itched so bad in my life. I scratched through the skin on the backs of my knees and back of neck. That morphine does not work well with me.
  13. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    I'm not going to lie. I am in some pain. Sometimes more than others. I still am taking my pain pills about every 8-10 hours instead of the recommended 4-6 hours. So I know that is a good sign. I am going to get some better pictures when I stand up to go for my walk later today. I will get some of me standing so you can compare them to before pics better. Hopefully by next week I will have pictures that my nurse took in the office last week. They were good before pics. I will continue to post from bed the next few days with new pics and answer any questions. Might be weird answers though. Very loopy. Hope the pics turn out good.
  14. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    My stomach is gone and my boobs are back with a vengence. Keep in mind I am very swollen and I haven't gotten the Before pics from my doct yet but I have some befores of my own. I will be posting the pics in just a few minutes. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words. Gotta go cuz I'm uploading pics right now. be right back.
  15. foodstampchamp

    What about the tanning bed?

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't hurt anything. I don't know from a doctor's standpoint but I have a tanning bed in my gym in my house and have had it since a year before I even had lap-band and it doesn't seem to be affecting anything so far. And I have been to the doctor about a million times in the past 13 months. And I tan sometimes 3 times per week.
  16. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    Yes, having breasts and stomach surgery at the same time. Also, I was so excited for lap-band surgery it was all I could think about 24 hours a day for 6 months. This surgery........to be honest......not so much. I'm excited for the outcome, but I have been having some real negative thoughts on this plastic surgery thing. 1) I'm a gold miner and I'm the only girl on an all guy crew and they always treated me and complimented me as "one of the guys". Now they are saying I'm shallow and going to be full of myself now that I have lost 120 pounds and I'm having plastic surgery. I even heard the word bimbo being said about me on the bus last week to work. I should not care what these a$$holes say about me but it is bothering me a little. 2)I feel like I needed the lap-band surgery for SURVIVAL. I'm diabetic and my mom died when she was 47 of diabetes and both her parents died in their 40's of diabetes. I really feel like I had exhausted all resources and lap band was my final choice at a longer life. But.....I know plastic surgery is not needed to lengthen my life. I've been having these guilty feelings of selfishness and like I'm pushing the envelope too much and I shouldn't be greedy and things of that nature. I know it's weird, but that is why I haven't been excited about this surgery like I was lap-band. Hopefully I get over it.
  17. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    Okay. the doctor's office took extensive before photos of my breasts and stomach. My surgery is on Wednesday the 29th at 9:30 a.m. I will be back home by Friday night and will do EVERYTHING in my power to post the pics taken up until then. I told my husband to take pics in recovery, and when they open it up to check it while I'm in hospital. He promised he would. I will post by Friday night. If not, I will have him post them. I'm so excited and very, very nervous. I will be 13 months out from lap-band surgery on the day of my plastic surgery. 120 lbs lost in 13 months. And to be honest with ya, I didn't really lose any weight the first few months or the last few months. So don't get discouraged if you slow down. It picks back up. TALK TO YA'LL SOON!!
  18. foodstampchamp

    Beginning of Abdominalplasty/Breast surgery

    I think they are now doing the surgery at the same time. I know they are not charging me for both because they made me get cashiers checks to be paid before surgery and the anestesia is only $1140. I go in for my pre-op appt on Thursday so I guess I will know then.
  19. foodstampchamp

    What Books Are You Reading Now?

    I am half-way through a book called "Happy Endings-Tales of a Meaty Breasted Zilch" It is the auto-biography of Jim Norton. It is HYSTERICAL so far. Not for the faint of heart.
  20. foodstampchamp

    Why are so many White Women marrying Black Men?

    I have said that same thing. Mixed race couples seem to make supermodel babies. I also know that is not scientific but it just seems so sometimes. I have a niece and nephew that are half white half african american and they have got to be the two cutest kids ya ever did see. Little runway models. I know it has nothing to do with their race but I just think it's cute to tease their mom.

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