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  1. how's it going?

  2. hey how's everything been going

  3. andy343858


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  4. hey l let myself fall off but now i'm back on it and working out every day and trying to eat more organic. i saw someone today and she was like lose more weight?

  5. andy343858

    carbonated beverages

    is it generally ok to drink carbonated beverages after you have the band? Yes or no? and why or why not? Thanks
  6. thats cool! I live like 5-10 min a way from there. I work at the hospital up the road from there.......i just had another fill today so I have 5.5 cc's in my 10cc band.

  7. andy343858

    my blog

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  8. andy343858

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  9. Hello! my link should be working now
  10. how can you tell when your eating when something gets stuck?
  11. andy343858

    TURKEY DAY Challenge 2009

    I'm excited i'm in
  12. Hey! I noticed that your living in VT now. I live in Burlington VT. How do you like Vermont?

  13. is there a reason why they don't want you drinking 30 min before or after you eat?
  14. andy343858

    how much cardio

    hi! I was just wondering how much cardio exercise do people ususally do daily?
  15. Hi I had my first fill alittle over a week ago they put 2 cc in to bring my total to 4 cc I've put on a few pounds back on since then. The nutriitionist told me to not go on or bother with the scale does anyone know why she may have said this?
  16. Hey, Ya i've worked hard, The thing that I realize now are how important eating right and exercise really are. If you have any questions let me know and i'll do my best to anwser them.

  17. andy343858

    post your before & during/after pictures

    before and current
  18. is it normal to gain weight when you go from liquid to musheys and you don't have a fill?
  19. how long does it usually take a banded person to eat 1 cup of food?
  20. Hello I just started out on the mushy stage. My question is when i started out on full liquids i would feel restricited because i would get pain usually when i drank to fast. now towards the end of full liquid a mushy i need to drink or eat quite a bit to feel this. Could this be from a stretched pouch? i do not yet have a fill.Thanks
  21. andy343858

    feeling full

    is there a reason why i would kind of feel pain when i drink or eat to fast and now not so much? is it because i'm furthur out from surgery now?
  22. Hello I've been at a plateau for about a week and i've been on liquids. I can't exercise yet does anyone have any advice on how to break it?