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  1. B- 3/4 C Cheerios 3/4 C light soy milk L- 2 slices Weight Watchers Bread toasted with 2 oz of sliced old cheddar cheese, small dill pickle, and a plain frozen yogurt in a cup as a treat D-steak tips with sauteed onions and peppers with mini roasted potatoes Sounds like a lot but only about 3/4 cup worth of food at a time. Carol
  2. Woodys

    I have a date with Destiny

    Its human nature to be nervous bigharleyguy......I was a bit nervous but so looking forward to being banded....I was banded June 8th 2006 and have reached goal now.....I would do this again in a heartbeat, outside of marrying my Al this is certainly the best thing that I have ever done! Carol
  3. I have been banded for over a year now and I only had to crush my pills in the beginning. Pills disolve so I don't see what the problem is if taken with a bit of Water? Carol
  4. Woodys

    Who would you rather marry?

    I married my best friend in 1977 and stuck with him for 21 years.....all that time we remained just that "best friends" and never had the romantic "man/woman" relationship. We knew shortly after that we had made a mistake and should have left it at being best friends and we did dicuss throughout the years about divorce but things happened to otherwise occupy us separately....for the moment so to speak. But, eventually we realized that time was marching on very quickly and we needed to move on with our lives. I have been married now for 7 years to a wonderful man....we are best friends, lovers, and the romantic element is definately a big part of our success. So....the moral of this story....I don't think marrying just because the person is your best friend always works....if you are going to be life partners romance has to be evident right from the beginning. Carol
  5. Woodys

    not losing weight HELP !!!!!

    I was banded in June 2006 also and have reached my goal weight after losing 93.5 lbs. It can be done. You have to stay on top of your fills...once you recognize that you are able to eat more than you should be then you need to adjust your fill....also, you must be careful not to indulge in foods that will otherwise sabotage your weight loss efforts...such as chips, ice cream, and whatever is high calorie that goes down way too easy. The band is our tool, we are master of the tool and we must use it properly. We still need to be smart with our food choices...this is so important. I hope you get the help you need because I for one know that the band works if you use it properly and exercise good eating habits. Carol
  6. Woodys

    Why are YOU Fat?

    I have a similar opinion to Idahl, when I was much younger I was in a very abusive relationship that lasted 5 years then I got smart and got the heck out of it......even though I wish I never had to experience the abuse, I am grateful for what it did teach me.....because now, for sure, I know what DON'T want when it comes to a man! Carol
  7. There are risks with everything we do in life.....including obesity. I lost almost 100 lbs and I have to say that I'm a very different person today, for the better. Go for it.....you have nothing to worry about. Carol
  8. Woodys

    Jerry Fallwell, Dead

    Benny Hinn's hair scares me! Carol
  9. Woodys

    Want Band Removed, Too.....

    Loreen: how unfortunate for you, I wish you could have experienced what I have but........if you think the band is not for you then you should have it removed...however, Alexandria had a great suggestion....maybe a different band would work. CHICKIE I AGREE WITH YOU WHOLE HEARTEDLY....I reached goal last week...93.5 lbs off in one year! I followed the rules, I stayed on top of my fills and I can tell everyone that I eat very healthy. I eat 5 - 6 small meals / day (don't have to puree anything) and they include choices from all the foods. I calculate that I eat approx 1000 - 1200 calories / day....less in the beginning because I was nervous and trying to get use to being banded....maybe that's why I dropped quickly in the beginning. I also exercise almost everyday...I'm not a fanatic but do at least 30 minutes if not more. And I also agree that this "two bite and I'm full" is crap....if you can only consume two bites at one sitting then you need to get an unfill because your body is not receiving the nutrition it needs to survive....common sense needs to play a part in this. Carol
  10. Woodys

    Chewing and spitting out food

    I'm not so sure I agree, I have mixed feelings on this one. Once I got a handle on what, how much, at what speed I could eat I pretty much still enjoyed some of my favourite foods. Balanced nutrition is key to helping the body stay healthy, I wouldn't want to see this jeopardized by such eating habits. For me it was definately in my own best interest to learn how to eat properly because this is not a temporary experience....this is it for the rest of my life. Carol
  11. Woodys

    Liquid diet ideas

    Hubby is a chef and this is something he invented for me for me pre/post op liquid phase. 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup low fat sugar free plain yogurt 1/2 - 1 cup ice cubes 1 - 2 packets artificial sweetner Puree in a blender until it has a smoothie consistency......use the following as a flavouring agents 1 - 2 teaspoons plain cocoa powder or 1 teaspoon pure vanilla or 1 - 2 tablespoons sugar free jam I loved these smoothies, tastes like liquid cheesecake. Hope the helps. Carol
  12. I just reached goal after being banded June 8/06. Am I happy......well lets put it this way....if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. Carol
  13. It will be my one year bandiversary June 8th.......yesterday I reached goal! Carol
  14. For me the worst came after I lost all the weight. I have almost reached goal and am enjoying the compliments and comments. I am short, have long blond/grey hair and now pretty tiny. Last month I was wearing a baret and I have to admit that from the rear with the hat and the long hair I may have looked like a little girl but believe me, from the front (at 55) I look my age. This person said to me......"Now I get it....you lost all that weight just to look 16 again.....do you really think that is such a good idea at your age?".....I couldn't believe my ears. I spouted back " I lost the weight to save my life......No matter how you think I look now, it sure is better than looking fat and sick". When I should have been enjoying my weight loss and the compliments I became very self conscious again and hacked my hair off....now its a mess, and I loved my long hair. I still can't believe that I allowed her to affect me in that way. Carol
  15. LOL.....LOL.....LOL....LOL.....Wheetsin....your response was so funny. I didn't worry about no panties because my inner thighs had such huge rolls that it didn't matter how far apart I spread them there was no way anyone would have been able to sneak a peek of my hootchie for the rolls of fat in the way. :embarassed: Carol

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