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  1. I think I would rather give the individual the benefit of doubt and assume that they are intelligent enough to know that no matter what the procedure.....it works out different for some than for others. I think we all already know this. So....why scare the poor thing going into her initial consultation with negative stuff.......we need to give her more credit than that. Carol
  2. RELAX....yes, you should get a contract but for heaven's sake.....you are embarking on an adventure that will bring you much happiness. You should be going into this appointment looking forward to what's ahead for you. Believe me, if you follow Dr's instructions and keep up with managing your fills and info from the nutritionist, this will be the best thing that you've ever done for yourself. So....forge on, go into this with excitement and happiness that there will be an end to your obesity. And shame on those who have their 'warnings' and make this a scary venture for you. Good Luck. Carol
  3. It definitely does work. You still have to work hard at it because there are ways to sabotage your efforts and you will either not lose or you'll gain. However.....if you manage your eating, your fills and all other instructions from the clinic the way they are intended, then it will work for you. I'm really sorry......but I've been doing this since June 06 and it makes me so angry when I read some posts at this site...not necessarily this thread, but at this site. I read excuse after excuse and I can tell that this will not work for that individual. Boy oh boy, when are they going to get their heads out of their butts and get serious about making this work. There is no magic wand or magic pill and I can tell that some are still in search of that. I am at goal, 100 lbs lighter. I am a whole new person, I look at life differently and I experience great quality of life because I work at it. I would do this again in the blink of an eye....it saved my life.....actually, it gave me my life back. Carol
  4. That is really too bad that some Drs don't consider a CD training...as such. Because, I watched the cd and there was very little involved in giving a good fill.....I wouldn't call it training, I would call it information. And as for support, I was never denied a quick email response or return telephone call.....all my questions got answered quickly and efficiently and with care and concern. I guess I just got lucky. Carol
  5. Hello: I was banded in June 2006 and reached my goal of 100 lbs off in the first year.....and I have maintained it nicely since. I was banded by Dr. Joffe and Dr. Yau at the TLBC. I live 2 hours north east of Toronto and because of my schedule through self employment I was not able to visit the clinic for my fills for the first 4 months due to my busy season. Dr. Joffe sent me home with an instructional DVD for my GP all about giving fills. I gave it my Dr. and he said that he would gladly help me out. All I had to pay was $3.00 for the bottle of saline. Contrary to what most people say here at this site and what others may think until they have actually had a fill....they really are not that big of a deal for most of us. Some have had legit problems with locating the port, but not all of us have the problem. The fills I experienced were painless and rather simple, hell.....I think I could have even done it myself if allowed. If my Dr. can do this then I really don't understand why other GPs won't, or can't. And what I really don't understand is how come all I had to do was mention the fact that I was from out of town and not able to travel for fills for the first four months and the DVD was handed to me.....I didn't even know that such a thing existed. And I'm not sure I understand your complaint Jorja78.....do you think that maybe their suggestion that you have your fills done in Sudbury was a courtesy response since it may save you some travelling time.....your fills would probably be covered in Sudbury under the TLCB contract, right? So how come you other out-of-town folks were not given the same courtesy...and if my GP can do this, then why can't your's? Confused.
  6. EVERYBODY CALLS ME: Carol MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: Hubby of 8 years, Al (Woody) Next to the band, the best thing I ever did was to marry him. MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: 85 lb shepherd/boxer cross.....5 years old, name is Biggles.....he is as daft as a post. I LIVE IN: Fenelon Falls, Ontario....2 hours n/e of Toronto. OCCUPATION(S): I own / operat a fine dining restaurant and a small ladies fitness centre AND away from the table! AVOCATION(S): Love to sew, watch movies, Coronation Street, and read
  7. Woodys

    Yo-Yo Dieters...

    Patty....I was a severe yo-yo dieter....I was banded in June of 96, reached goal approximately 1 year later.....to date I have lost 100 lbs and maintained it. I love my band.....if anything, it put my yo-yo dieting habits to bed. Carol
  8. I agree with Terri. Sometimes I find myself focusing too much on food....what to eat, how much, when.....but I quickly remind myself that I can only eat so much anyhow....so much focus is clearly wasted since I can only eat a small portion of anything. I enjoy what I like to eat.....no question about it. The only thing that causes me problems right now is fruits and veg with skin. Most of the time I am careful to eat what is nutritious....since I can't eat much I need to eat what is good for me. But, every once in a while I'll go for a "no no" item...not often...but just to get me over the hump of not being able to eat all the bad stuff I use to. Carol
  9. Woodys

    Rest In Peace, Tammy Faye

    I agree with Mark....even the blondest of blondes would know that solid gold taps/faucets in her spa type bathroom were not affordable on a Minister's salary....c'mon people.....Tammy knew everything! She was putting the hard sell on every week just like Jim for money....and it wasn't just to spread the word of God, it was to keep her in the lavish lifestyle she came to know and love....and she knew just how much that cost and just where the money was coming from....I don't doubt that for one second. Carol
  10. I was banded at TLBC June 8th 2006 and have already reached goal. The best advice I can offer is follow instructions.....Lapbandtalk can offer simple suggestions through experience, however.....when it comes to advice about fills, staying on liquid or other diets, etc...then talk to your Dr....they know best. I have never had an issue with TLBC...they treated me well and professional at all times, I had no complication pre or post surgery. My husband is a chef. I do not like cottage cheese so for the pre-op diet my husband was mixing 1/2 cup low fat yogurt with 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of ice cubes, 1 package of sweetner and liquified it through the blender...every day he would add different flavourings...such as 1 - 2 tablespoons of sugar free jam, or 1 tablespoon of plain cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of real vanilla, etc. It was like drinking liquid cheesecake! Don't say you can't take the pre-op for 14 days....it will be tough but think of your priorities.....1) not following instructions and compromising your surgery....or 2) weight loss from your surgery which will bring you better quality of a longer life that would otherwise be compromised from your obestiy. I took the second choice and am now enjoying life as I never knew it....I also wear a size 8.....from a 24/26. Good luck Carol
  11. Woodys

    No Painkillers????

    I was banded a year ago. My Dr. explained that painkillers such as tylenol and asperin *sp* have a tendancy to thin the blood and they don't want this happen just before surgery. I take extra strength tylenol for severe headaches....he said that would be okay as long as it wasn't a frequent happening....so, like everything else in life, the golden rule he passed onto me was "moderation". So, tell your Dr. about the Baby Asperin and see what he says, it may still be allowed. Never be afraid to contact your Dr's office to get clearification on items.....there is good advice on this board but you can see that it is also conflicting advice which for sure will confuse you....best go back to the source for further info. Carol
  12. Woodys

    How were you closed up?

    steritape, all but on incision were very small, the other was about an ince. They have healed very nicely Carol
  13. Woodys

    Food Cravings!

    I do sometimes even a year after being banded....but they got me into a lot of trouble in the past so the cravings can kiss my butt!.....my skinny little butt! Carol
  14. B- 3/4 C Cheerios 3/4 C light soy milk L- 2 slices Weight Watchers Bread toasted with 2 oz of sliced old cheddar cheese, small dill pickle, and a plain frozen yogurt in a cup as a treat D-steak tips with sauteed onions and peppers with mini roasted potatoes Sounds like a lot but only about 3/4 cup worth of food at a time. Carol
  15. Woodys

    Starbucks Question for Banders

    Go for it....afterall,it could be the blond down the street instead but isn't (right?) Carol

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