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    Hey everyone! I had my surgery on wednesday 9/16 and im feeling ok, just a little bit of pain from the incision area and from the gas.. i have some questions.. Right now im still on thin liquids, next week when i start regular liquids, can i make something like a banana smoothie with nonfat milk? what are some other things i can have? When i start the mushy stage..can i have bananas, and are scrambled eggs ok? has anyone tried baby food? I want to have an idea of what i should be having so i can buy it ahead of time...thanks in advance!!
  2. nanathin


    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you...how are you feeling?
  3. nanathin


    thanks a lot Cathy...i guess i'll just ask my doctor next week when i see him... have you tried peanut butter since you've been banded?
  4. nanathin


    I really am excited thanks!
  5. nanathin


    I've finally been approved! I started thinking this would never happen...I had my approval, endoscopy and a surgery date all within the last week. Surgery date will be Sept. 16...just a few days away! I'm excited but nervous at the same time.. can anyone offer some advice? how will i feel after surgery? i have so many questions but i cant think of them all now... thanks to everyone who's been encouraging me!
  6. nanathin

    Im on the right! First bikini ever!

    you look gorgeous! congratulations!
  7. nanathin

    Fingers crossed

    My file was sent for insurance approval on June 2nd.. I'm crossing my fingers and praying I get approved! I'm so anxious...:thumbup:
  8. nanathin

    Fingers crossed

    Thanks! Me too!
  9. nanathin

    first picture 215 second picture 180

    wow that is AMAZING!
  10. nanathin

    so so worried...

    sounds good to me :thumbup: we can be band buddies :tt2:
  11. nanathin

    so so worried...

    I am in the same boat as you are. May will be my last month talking with the nutritionist..he says i'll get approved too, but im also thinking negatively. We just have to think positive keep me updated..
  12. nanathin

    My scars!!

    wow you have no stretch marks! i have a lot in that area..
  13. nanathin


    good for you girl :thumbdown: you look amazing by the way!
  14. nanathin

    Size 4 jeans.

    wow! you look great!
  15. nanathin

    my fav

    wow, you look amazing!
  16. nanathin

    Almost 5 months post op...72lbs gone

    wow! how did you lose it so fast?
  17. nanathin

    Hi everyone, I'm new :)

    Honestly. I'm so ready to make changes. Thats why i think the band would be so beneficial, because it would force me to become disciplined.
  18. Hello Twenties! I've actually been reading the message boards for a while now but this is my first time posting. I'm 21 years old I'll be 22 in june, and I am considering having the lap band done. I've done so many diets, even had a personal trainer, and lost some weight but not a significant amount. I weigh 187 lbs, and my goal weight, according to the charts, is between 115-123. My dad had he surgery done on the 17th of december and has lost almost 30 pounds since then. I want to have it done, but at the same time I keep telling myself i could lose it on my own, yet ive tried so many times but just cant seem to discipline myself.i know that this is not the easy way out, i just feel it would force me to be disciplined. its hard..i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on whether or not i should do it, or things to expect..anything like that, i would really appreciate it. Thanks :tt2:
  19. nanathin

    Hi everyone, I'm new :)

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Right now I am in the process of getting insurance approval. I've already had a consultation and hopefully it works out. laurr925, i've also decided that i don't wanna spend anymore time being overweight. so i hope things go smoothly.. mrsebg its really cool that you have lost so much in such a short time! thanks again for your replies :w00t:

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