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  1. I just wanted to say that i recommend Dr. Regan and his staff at Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee. They were to the point, got me approved within the 4 month period with Aetna. I thought the surgery went well, the nurses and staff were fine. I go for my first fill next week. So if anyone is looking for a decent lap band doctor in the South East Wisconsin area; i would recommend Dr. Regan and staff.:redface:
  2. laurieanns

    info. needed

    I am liking my band; i found out i was pregnant just after surgery so now after having the baby i am finally getting to try it out! It is definitely different but i am losing weight and that is great. My suggestion is to do your research; check amazon get a few books and read up... check online here as well; as there is alot of info, advice, tips and encouragement..all the best to you! :sad:)
  3. laurieanns

    Fills done by patient at home

    Interesting discussion.
  4. laurieanns

    How much weight did you gain?

    Hi there, congrats on your pregnancy!! I did not have an unfill [ i did find it harder to eat right at the very end of the pregnancy}. Found out i was pregnant right after being banded. I gained 34 pounds back and right up to the original weight i was before i started the process :thumbup:) Since the baby was born 4 months ago as of July 7th i have lost 56 lbs.! Most of it due to breast feeding i think... i also have had 3 adjustments since then .... i think i am up to 5 something in my band.
  5. laurieanns

    Weight Loss After the Baby

    So far at the baby being 4 months i have lost 56 lbs. Most of this i can attribute to breastfeeding; i just started working out about 2 weeks ago & have noticed that that is really working well too ..... along with adjustments. { i have had 3} and this seems to be the possible sweet spot for me as i now reaaalllyyy notice the restriction.
  6. laurieanns

    Lap band and Thyroid disease

    i have a lapband, was pregnant almost immediately after surgery, and now can finally get started losing... I am on a natural thyroid for hypo [slow] thyroid. They did have to raise my dosage during pregnancy to 2 grains 60mg i/o 1 grain 30mg. You will lose with the combo of medication, lapband, healthy eating, and exercise~ i walk and weightlift. I say go for it!!!
  7. laurieanns

    Fearful of weight gain.

    I was banded in May 2009 and found out i was pregnant in August; with a conception date 2 weeks after my surgery!! I gained 36 pounds; going all the way back up to what i weighed when i first started everything. I was very nervous needless to say. I kept my fill during the whole pregnancy i think i had about 3 something in my band. Anyway at three months since the baby was born on March 7th 2010, i am breastfeeding and down 50 lbs. I just started exercising a week ago. The band has made a difference and i have had 2 fills since i had the baby, very conservative fills ; in fact i am just now feeling a real restriction at 5. Also i did not go gonzo during pregnancy ,but i wasn't an angel either !!:thumbup:) The pregnancy was the best of 4 and i felt the healthiest ever; i think this can be attributed to not overeating and gaining 50+ i usually gain. My son was healthy at 10 lbs. 3 oz. and i am looking forward to this summer and how exercise will play into my weight loss.... So do not worry is my advice ;;instead~~ eat healthy, get plenty of rest, enjoy being pregnant, and breastfeed! :smile:)
  8. laurieanns

    Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

    i have done both & i think it depends on many factors.... Is it your first child? You have more time if it is, therefore more time to wash cloth. [When i had twins with my second pregnancy it was definitely disposable] Also what kind of washer do you have? I think a newer model with a sanitary cycle would be a must. Cloth is more of an first time investment, but disposables are very quick and convenient.
  9. laurieanns

    Strange Discovery

    ~DDDooonnnn'tttt PULL the StTTriinggg!. I did and it got infected; I am treating it to Hydrogen Peroxide 10 minutes /3X a day, this seems to be drying it up and healing it. I would call your doctor.
  10. Ditto. I have emotional eating/tv eating problems. One thing that has help tremendously is a gym membership at Bally's. I literally force myself to go when i am upset or sad or overconfident! It has been worth every penny and i have met some great friends there. Sometimes i feel self concious or bad because i know i have a long way to go but i just tell myself that i would rather workout here and now than wait till i have a heart attack or stroke and workout in a physical therapy setting. {The view is much better at Bally's anyhow! :thumbup:))} The second too i found helpful is My Plate for tracking calories in and out, [best thing about this is that it is free.]Thirdly, praying/spending time with God really helps {instead of eating to pray and get it all out with Him} I would like to try possibly to start a lap band support group at the hospital my surgery was at, they do not have a specific lap band group. I am currently doing "Lap Band Success" questions on my own but i guess that book has a group support feature. Anyway, the book says "Protein first" avoid sweets or totally cut them out, and exercise. Hope this has been a help to you, L.:bored:
  11. Hi, I was banded on the 18th of May, so i am just starting to walk again. I have been able to walk 45 minutes to an hour at about 2.3-2.5 mph. I was just wondering when the "Wow, that was grind" workout feeling will get less?? It really wears me out!! I feel really tired after doing just minimal activity, am i still healing?? I go to see my doctor tomorrow so .... Also i was wondering if anyone out there hit a plateau in the first weeks after the band, i seem to be hanging out at 9-11 weight loss?? Well, i will take it though, i am very happy that all my clothes are fitting again!!:grouphug: Thanks in advance, L.
  12. Now Whey protein isolate powder, it has no artifical sweetners, just whey protein, and a little soy lecithin. You can add Stevia powder, in most health food stores and even in the health food aisles now at the local supermarket. I like to mix frozen strawberries, frozen banannas, or frozen berry mix {from Sam's Club} & a little water and whirr it up on high in my blender. Very good. You can get the powder by Now online at the Vitamin Shoppe for a good deal, I have 5 lbs. of the unflavored, which tastes similar to malted milk powder.
  13. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    Just received the great news i was approved by Aetna PPO for lap band surgery on May 18th 2009! :thumbup: I did the three month program through Columbia/St. Mary's /Dr. Regan. I was afraid of my final weigh in since i had gained all the weight i had lost for the first two months back. But, i pressed in and did a protein diet/exercise for the last ten days and dropped all that weight plus another 3 pounds!!! The approval went through in 2 days!! I am very happy, since i was fearing that it would take a couple of weeks and i had heard conflicting stories about Aetna... The staff at St. Mary's/Columbia really know how to coordinate and get approval, i would recommend them to anyone in my area. They called and left a message right away to let me know as well. :tt2:
  14. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    Hi Jaredsdad, The people i worked with just asked for my primary doctor's name and location, they did the rest... I did have to go and see her for a preop physical [done after approval} though and have her fax over the results of it. Aetna actually wants, from what i understand, a history of obesity for 2 years previously, weights that would be recorded through your doctor's office, for any standard appt. during the past two years. I did the 3 month multidisciplinary program, so i do not know too much about the 6 month program. I did have to see the psychologist and the nutritionist, and a physical therapist {for the exercise component of the 3 month program} I hope this helps....
  15. Congrats! :thumbsup: I am right about where you were when you started, height and weight wise.... WoW!! that is wonderful, it would be a dream come true to be 170 again!!! Something to look forward too, my surgery is on May 18th.... :grouphug: Did you exercise and keep a food diary, What would you consider to be some of your main points in achieving your weight loss?? Thanks so much! :thumbup:
  16. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    I am drinking Optimum Nutrition[ON] Gold standard whey powder. It is what all the weight lifters drink. It tastes great too! I have tried lots of different whey powders and i like this one best for variety, quality, and taste. I mix it with frozen strawberries, blueberries, or banannas and water in my blender.... 24 gr of protein with 110 calories a scoop, the fruit is about 80 to 100 more calories. I like the chocolate mint, strawberry bananna, double chocolate, eggnog{believe it or not it's really excellent with frozen bananna} They have about 20 different flavors.... I am rotating this with Zone bars, they are really good too. I can't believe how much i am losing!! I am down seven pounds in just a few days!! :grouphug: [at that time of the month too] Well anyway....sounds like i am a salesperson for on or something!:thumbsup:
  17. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    Hello again, Thanks to everyone! Gonna Lose it... Yeah i was floored how fast they responded with the message that i was approved! Right now i am on the liquid diet, which is okay since i took in suggestions of what i wanted to use and they let me use it!! I am losing alot on this liquid diet, i can't believe it, like 2 lbs. every time i get on the scale! Well, today My surgery letter arrived: the 18th of May is my surgery date. Waynes 6, I would drive if i had to to save the task of appealing to the insurance company, exsp. in this economy....I would try and find someone who does all the organizing and submission work for you. I know people here in wisconsin have driven 2 hours just to get a physician who is specializing in bariatric surgery and staff that is experienced in it as well. I have also heard appeals can be a real pain so that is what i would recommend. My meetings were once a month for three months and 2 separate appts. with the physical therapist and psychologist. A total of 5 appts. Well No Matter what you choose, I wish you well!!
  18. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    Hi there, Ahb08, I would call your doctor's office and ask them what they think you should do, i would think they would not want you to go below 40 bmi though, possibly stay the same weight aka lose 8 lbs.; but not go below 40bmi before approval?? Ask them " Do you usually get approval from aetna ppo with this regime, Has anyone ever been denied? What about the weight gain, has anyone ever been denied for gaining or being at 40 bmi exactly? Waynes6, I just cut out almost all sweets, and most of the high cal foods, like potato chips, butter,corn chips, bagels, ect. I logged what i ate on "My Plate" and i would make sure i was exercising... walking an hour a night at the gym on the treadmill and doing crunches.... I lost 7 pounds. I actually gained back 3 and had to lose it again!! I got sick for 2 weeks with that flu i think and i actually gained??! I have read on here that you do not want to lose more than 10 pounds during the 3 months.... My nutritionist just had me bring in a few days printout of my online food diary ~~ "My Plate" and i brought in my workout routine printed out too. You should be working with a facility that puts the whole package together for you, all you do is schedule appts. with the physical therapist and psychologist and your primary care physician. To find a actual Bariatric Center within a hospital that does this {puts together the pre-req's for insurance} is A Must!! They should be putting it all together because they will know what it takes to get approved, and who to call ect.... I met with a nutritionist, nurse, & surgeon every time i visited. They guided me through the entire process, this is what you want to find first off; If i did not have that now where you are you might want to look at Obesity Help and read reviews on the centers and surgeons near your area. I personally went with what i knew was a top ranked hospital in the first place and then checked out their seminar, and decided that it was where i wanted to go. They had good reviews but they were not too over booked...
  19. laurieanns

    Pre-op diets?

    I forgot to say that I blend the scoop of protein powder, frozen strawberries and about a cup/ cup and a half of water, buzz it up in my blender on high. it is a tasty shake. :tt2: Zone bars are also tasty and delicious with hot coffee. I did have to bring in the labels stating caloric value and protein value to my pre op appt. Calorie wise, the shakes are like 170 total[with the strawberries} with 24 gms of protein. The Zone bars are 190 with 12 gms of protein. I am not doing to bad with hunger but i do feel a little wired and spacey at times :ack2: I did not want to go with Slimfast since it makes my feet really sore for some reason:blink: plus the on whey powder is much better tasting :thumbup:
  20. laurieanns

    Pre-op diets?

    On Whey powder, either Choc. Mint / a cup of frozen strawberries or On Whey Cookies and Cream W/ a cup of frozen strawberries. I rotate this with a Zone bar, Dark Choc. and Dark Choc with Almonds. So it's like 3 shakes and 3 bars per day. Also, i drink my Starbucks coffee with cream, plenty of water & my Now Vitamins.....pretty boring! :thumbup:
  21. Hi there, I am scheduled to be banded on May 18th. Currently on my Liquid diet!
  22. Hi I am happy to report that at my last appt before submission of everything i was down a total of 7 pounds! Now hopefully they will submit tomorrow and get a quick and positive response from Aetna :drool: ! I am thankful to this thread because i was able to ask all the questions { like have they ever had any aetna lap band candidates denied with their particular 3 month program} and got the answers i wanted to hear. Thanks again!
  23. Thanks for your reply Linda! :crying: I am calling the office tomorrow....
  24. Hi again, I weighed myself at Bally's and it reports that i am up 2 pounds that i had lost!:biggrin: I weighed myself at home and am down 5 pounds total! :eek: WHAt! ugh.... Usually my digi scale is 2 pounds lighter than Bally's scale. Ugh! This is one bad word problem, anotherwords, my weight has stayed the same at the worst, and at the best i am down two pounds.:biggrin: My last weight check is the 28th. I am seriously considering doubling my walking to five miles a day, and doing a protien shake twice a day w/ a lean cuisine in the evening! Does anyone know the weight requirements as far as Aetna is concerned for the 3 months, the doctor and nutritionist never gave me a ballpark or anything.... Thanks!:crying:
  25. Hi I am doing the Aetna 3 month multi-disp approach w/ Aetna PPO too.... Thanks for the pointers you can bet that i will be asking if the exercise has to be documented and if anyone else has been "Aetna approved" on their particular hoop jumping plan. I see the Nutritionist and Physician/Surgeon every time, I have also seen a Physical Therapist and a Psychologist for a one time visit..... Hmmmm. Does this sound like you standard protocol to everyone else ?? They also have received the records from my primary physician for my weights....Their office submits all the paperwork. I have also given printouts of my "Daily Plate" to the Nutritionist for a general idea of what is going on with my exercise and eating. My final appointment is on April 28th, so hopefully that will go well and i will BE APPRoved!! ...:sad: