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    Yes, some of us have a bumpier ride finding a decent level of restriction than others. I am in the same boat. I am just recently learning what continued restriction feels like (meaning able to feel it for more than a sporadic day or two). But, we do have to find a balance between "can" and "should" to avoid gaining while we find restriction. When I've got no restriction I face situations like I physically can eat this pizza but should I? It's a tough road to haul but just keep trying and hang in there!
  2. OK...how tall are you? Maybe 162 is a good weight for you to settle? I could only dream to be 162!! Secondly, plateaus are a real pain. When I hit one I selectively shake things up. I will stop my normal exercise routine and start doing something different. I will also up my calories for a day or two. I do believe our bodies become accustomed to what we're doing and starts becoming less efficient at losing weight. The same exercise routine over and over just trains our bodies to adapt. You probably notice that your 90 cross-country walk is no where near as challenging as it was when you started, right? Yes, that's success...better fitness. But it also means your body doesn't have to work as hard to do it. So, try some new exercises or even just try a new walking route. Using some fresh muscles in a new exercise will shock your body and it will wake up again. Also, I know some people might blast me for suggesting upping the calories but for me, at least, a day or two of eating more can also wake up my body again. Also, sometimes I switch Vitamin brands too. It probably has no scientific benefits but I feel like I get a little metabolism spark if I try a different multi-vitamin once in a while. This is just MY ideas for helping you. I feel badly that you've been stuck for 6 weeks...I'm ready to freak after two! So, I'm tossing out anything I can think of for you to consider!
  3. LapBandit

    I dont see the me that is in the mirror?

    Totally normal. The first time I saw myself looking "normal" was at work. Someone had taken some pics of a party we had and when I flipped through the stack and saw myself in one of the photos I had to choke back the tears, take the pics back to my office and had myself a little moment. I felt like I might need therapy for awhile because it plays with your mind when others keep telling you how great you look but you still see your old self in the mirror. But, once I had that moment at work and was able to comprehend that someone else took that photo spontaneously and that I wasn't posing or anything and still looked normal...then I let myself start seeing the new me. So, I think you had your "a-ha" moment and hopefully you'll start to see the real you coming through now. Congrats by the way...you might not believe me but you really do look like a different person!!! :girl_hug:
  4. LapBandit

    The most insulting compliment.

    An accountant who only visits work a few times a year came in after I had lost like 150 pounds. He walks in, sits down then looks over at me and said "I didn't recognize you. Jeez, now I feel like the biggest slob in the room." He didn't say it smart so I believe he was TRYING to give me a compliment but all I could think was...OK...so you considered me to be a slob before???
  5. LapBandit

    A "pb"

    I agree. Although I cannot control it. My body says you need to get this out and it just does it...I can't override the process. But, like thenume said...you feel it coming, it's painful and I usually make a brisk exit to the nearest bathroom! And she's right...it's not really like barfing...no stomach acid involved. Just the food plus a lot of saliva coming back up so it's not traumatic to me. (I hate puking for real and this doesn't creep me out like real puke.) Gross info, I know. But hey, that's the topic at hand!
  6. LapBandit

    What Type of Elliptical Do You Own???

    I just got an elliptical and I really like it so far. It's a Nordic Track AudioStrider 800 from Sears for $699. I read tons of reviews from a bunch of websites and this one seemed to have pretty good reviews. The biggest complaint I saw online is that the dumb power cord must be purchased separately. Online for around $20 but Sears had one there for $10. It had a lot of features I thought were important to me...rear flywheel, pedals on the arm and not hanging off the back, adjustable ramp, various programs plus you can plug your MP3 player into the machine because it has built in speakers. Any way...if you're still looking you might want to check it out. I use a Precor elliptical at the gym which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. But, didn't have thousands of dollars for a pro model like that. I feel safe on my Nordic Track but no, it doesn't feel like the one at the gym. Pro vs. home...never going to be the same.
  7. I agree with kacee. Your new definition of full will be totally different than before, and on top of it, it will be different from my definition or any one elses either. So, the first few weeks are when you need to just listen to those cues such as burping and sliming when you eat as your body saying "whoa Nelly...that's enough food right now." Then try to remember how much you just ate to give you those cues then next time try to stop just short of it. We are not really supposed to feel "full" because doing that repeatedly might stretch your pouch. We're supposed to try learning how to feel "satisfied". The next couple of weeks are trial and error but it starts to make more sense once you get the hang of things!
  8. LapBandit


    I eat salads but did have a problem the first time I tried. I didn't chew some lettuce well enough and it got stuck. So, just chew really well and you'll probably be fine.
  9. LapBandit


    Your insurance will pretty much make this decision for you. Or, your surgeon if he/she feels there's a reason you should stay.
  10. LapBandit

    Question about Arnica Montana

    OK, I thought maybe you were planning to use it like a Vitamin supplement or something. But, you're fine. My friend told me about arnica. She gets the kind that looks like tiny baby asprin and you stick a couple under your tongue until they dissolve. They don't really taste like anything. I've seen her little kids do bone-head stuff like knock their heads off a corner...if their head starts to knot up she'll give them some arnica right away and the knot starts going away within minutes. I do think that stuff helps. At least I can't see where it would hurt. She just goes to like GNC and gets arnica montana in tiny disolvable pill form.
  11. LapBandit

    Question about Arnica Montana

    I think they're the same but why are you going to take it? For immediate post-op healing??
  12. LapBandit

    Fellow bandster needs help in SLC, UT!!

    Why does she want the band removed? Is she having a band problem that we might be able to help her with? Or, if she's depressed perhaps her troubles have nothing to do with her band. In that case there's only so much anyone can do without her taking the first step of talking to a professional. You seem like a good friend for being so concerned but it's just too difficult to suggest how to help if we don't know what the problem is. Do you have any more info to share?
  13. LapBandit

    Please put me straight on my diet...

    Yes, you are absolute right that balance is the key! But, the thing with Protein is like Crispy2 said it helps keep you satisfied longer so that you don't want to eat between meals...same goes for the complex carbs over just simple carbs. Plus, protein helps your body maintain/build muscle and muscle burns fat even when you are not exercising so we all could benefit from having more/healthy muscle. So, that's why we're all told to eat a lot of protein. Don't get frustrated...you're doing your best and you are trying to find answers. It's different for those who just don't care and eat a bunch of crap then complain because they aren't losing weight...you are learning and asking questions so that shows you're on the right track! I have no idea what Tee Total is so I don't know if its something you should consider or not. Just hang in there...keep asking questions and soon things will start to work out for you!!!!!
  14. LapBandit

    Help with Pre-Op Diet

    Fruit is OK in moderation. My doctor wants us to eat fruits occasionally but not every day. His suggestion is to stick with citrus fruits, apples, pears etc. but bananas and other overly sweet fruits should be consumed just occasionally.
  15. LapBandit


    Well, some might blast it because it was all over the news last year saying that it didn't really do anything for weight loss as advertised. However, as a vitamin there is nothing wrong with it and I take it too. My blood work has been just fine so I'm sticking with it!
  16. LapBandit

    Please put me straight on my diet...

    I don't think it's too much...it's just very heavy in calories. And, I agree with Candle...a lot of sugars, carbs, fat. (Although I don't know what half the stuff you put on there is!) We were not allowed to drink alcohol of any kind for the first year of banding as well. Where's your fresh veggies, lean meats, complex carbs like brown rice?? You asked for our opinion so mine is that you are just eating way too rich of foods and foods that are very calorie-dense.
  17. LapBandit

    Stretch pouch???

    You can always manage to stretch your pouch regardless of how much fill is in there. The looser you are probably does make it more difficult because food can continue to slip through at a faster rate, but the pouch is only so big regardless of the fill level since it sits above the band. Now, I don't know what it feels like but I know that if you eat to the point of feeling "full" on a regular basis that's a sure-fire way to do the stretching. It doesn't sound like that's what you are doing though. So, just continue to follow the rules and only eat until satisfied and you will most likely be fine!
  18. LapBandit

    i feel like i gained 20 pounds

    OK...it happens. One bad day is one bad day...just get back on track tomorrow. Whenever I "fall off the wagon" I usually feel like crap just like you do now and wonder to myself...what this REALLLY worth it?? Usually I say "No" then move on and try to do better next time!
  19. LapBandit

    Working out....

    Well, you need your surgeon's OK. But for me, I was given full physical clearance at one week. I was working out and lifting weights at one week post-op.
  20. LapBandit

    slowing down - working harder

    You've done a great job so far and as much as we all hate it...things do slow down from time to time. Hang in there though. Try switching things up...stop doing your same old exercise routine and try something new or change up your food choices...usually a "shake up" will spark renewed weight loss.
  21. LapBandit

    New forum

    Where? Where? Show Me! Show Me! :eyebrows: Just teasing!
  22. Wow, that's inspirational. I'm proud of you for taking on that challenge and for helping some little kids in trouble. I'm sure it's a lot of work but one day they'll remember that your family took them in and welcomed them into a safe home!
  23. Good job everyone...we're getting our plans together and putting them in action!! New Year = Fresh Start We can do this...we just need a little support!!
  24. LapBandit

    i am staying on plan today because ...

    I'm staying on plan today because I WANT TO. I've realized it's important to me and that I just plain feel better when I do. This is a great thread!
  25. My doctor moved too. I really enjoyed working with him and he was so motivating that it's really a loss. My new doctor is great too...it's just that I don't really know him yet. I met him in the throws of despair like you're in now and his first impression of me is balling like a baby over how I just can't seem to get myself straight. What I really needed that day was to see my old doctor...I show up...find out he quit and met a complete stranger who was taking over for him. So...lord only knows what that appointment looked like from his perspective!! I was totally thrown off and already upset by my weight loss problems then on top of it find out that my doctor had quit. He probably thinks I'm a total basket-case who needs psychiatric help! But, he remained calm and understanding and together we are working on finding a good fill level for me. I am already back on track and I hope he'll start to know the "real" me soon! Any way...point is...changing doctors is tough but not impossible. You seem like you've got a plan in place. Now, just dig deep and find out what motivates you. I selected a theme song for myself and a theme phrase. I seriously sing the song and say the phrase in my head whenever those thoughts of "I can't do this" start creeping in. You gotta dig deep inside yourself and find the strength...you've got it. You just have to find it!

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