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    ShelleyB reacted to Deb R in Bye lap-band - it's been real, a real pain!   
    I agree--bye bye lap band, it's been real....a real pain!
    I was banded almost 7 years ago. As of two days ago, I am banded no more.I can feel the relief already. The pressure is gone, no more pain, I can swallow normally, even my breathing seems better. I am wondering if my bowel issues will improve--so far, so good, but it's only been two days.
    I have hated myself for the band's failure 6 of the 7 years. The first year, I lost a bit more than 100 pounds. My surgeon told me how wonderful I was doing, I got compliments galore, I looked pretty darn good, but I was in misery. I could hardly eat anything without being sick and vomiting and I had to travel back and forth to the surgeon (2 hrs each way) to get a fill, get some taken out, get some, get it all taken out, start again...and again. I had bad lower back pain the whole first year. The doctor determined that I indeed had gall stones--the probable cause of the back pain, so had my gall bladder removed--but after the surgery, I still had the same pain (gee, could it have been the band?). Then I developed very bad reflux--so bad I was vomiting in my sleep and aspirating it, and therefore, usually ended up on puffers. I then developed 'motility' issues where it felt like sometimes that food got stuck and I would have to vomit, in spite of eating slow and chew chew chewing. The motility issues even happened with Water. I was on Tecta for reflux, had nitro pills for the swallowing issues, puffers for my lungs, and then started meds for anxiety. I had no fill in my band for months at a time and still I could not eat a healthy meal without pain, difficulty swallowing, and vomiting. Then I discovered ways to "eat around" the band because I was hungry--this meant choosing foods that would go down more easily--fatty foods, foods with gravy, sauces, creamy things--and I started to gain weight. So I would go back and do the fill thing--and suffer again. The surgeon thought he should have a look at the band, even offered to replace it to see if that would help. So I went for that two years ago--a new band. That did not help. Same issues. I have not had a fill in about a year and have managed to keep off about 35 of the original 100 I lost.
    Seven years of hell for 35 pounds. Hmmmm.
    I know it works for lots of people. And for you lucky ones, hurray for you! Excellent. But please do not tell those for whom the band does not work that we do not try hard enough, that we do not follow the rules--it does NOT work for everyone and it is NOT our fault.
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    ShelleyB reacted to Patti703 in Bye lap-band - it's been real, a real pain!   
    Thanks for the well wishes. The band is gone, and I'm recovering from the surgery. I can tell this was the right decision because I can take deep breaths again, and no longer feel the foreign object in my chest.
    Best of luck to everyone on your journey. I'm going to take the holistic approach now, before considering surgery again.
    Take care,
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    ShelleyB got a reaction from JACKIEO85 in I had a complete unfill, awaiting an upper GI (EGD) and still having problems with food.   
    Update: I had an EGD (scope) today that revealed multiple problems with the esophagus and stomach. The band is going to have to be removed. I have esophagitis, gastropathy, tortuous esophagus (which means that it is twisted and causing painful swallowing) and lastly and more importantly, a mushroom type deformity in the stomach proximal to the band. Which I believe is also called dilation or slippage. At any rate, I decided against revision to a sleeve. With all of these gastro/esophagus problems, I think it's best to just go without. Now the waiting. I'm waiting to see if my insurance covers the removal. Prayers appreciated.
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    ShelleyB got a reaction from Laurajean030 in I had a complete unfill, awaiting an upper GI (EGD) and still having problems with food.   
    I sure hope it does resolve the prolapse. Another surgery won't be fun. I am trying hard to stay on liquids or at least mushy food when I can't stand it. I'm hoping that will give it a rest and a chance to go back in place, if indeed that is what is wrong. The waiting is the hardest part. Wish the you the best of luck!
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    ShelleyB reacted to Laurajean030 in I had a complete unfill, awaiting an upper GI (EGD) and still having problems with food.   
    I had those symptoms as well as pain in my chest. I called my surgeon on mon 7/22 and was told to go on liquids (stage 3) and had an upper gi the next day. I have a prolapse and I'm now on liquids until sept 4th to give it a chance to fix itself. I felt better in about 2 days. Anyway...it's probably safer to go on liquids for now and it will prob help you feel better as well. Good luck to you!
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    ShelleyB reacted to GoingforGoal in I had a complete unfill, awaiting an upper GI (EGD) and still having problems with food.   
    Does sound like a slip or dilation. Fluids can't hurt as long as you are getting adequate nutrition. However, depending on the severity of your condition, it may not be enough to resolve the issue in all. This will require an upper GI. Personally, I don't like the idea of you waiting a few weeks to get this test done. Anyway you can go through a PCP instead to get one sooner?