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  1. Hey there banders. Still new here and only 4 days post surgery (1/7). I have another newbie question. Following the diet dr k. recommends I find that I am only able to eat (read drink as I am liquid still) a cup or two at a time. however I get hungry very quickly, usually every hour or two. Is this normal? I don't even know what to feel or what it will feel like to be restricted. Good news is I am down 10lbs since my surgery and down 23 total since pre-op.
  2. Just checking in and I am two days past surgery and am feeling much better. The walking sure is making a difference. Can't wait until I am on some real liquids other than just clear.
  3. Dan here again.. it has been just over 24 hours since I was release and am having a few questions hoping someone on this forum can help with. It is hard for me to tell if the pain in my stomach is hungar pain (only eatting Jell-o and sorbet) or if it me about to puke. Is this normal??
  4. I was banded by Dr. K today about 8 hours ago. All went well and everyone at Dr. K's office and the hospital were outstanding. I am in little to no pain (more than likely to the pain meds!) I am able to get out and walk around. Looking forward to getting with the program and using the tool I now have.